Whether you just move to a new house or have been living in it for a while, there will be instances where a repair is necessary. Remodeling your home can be both an exciting and daunting endeavor. However, did you know that just giving your kitchen a makeover can tremendously impact your overall interior?

The kitchen space is one of the busiest areas in your house. It’s no wonder that it can easily degrade and look tired. Not only that, the most essential element—your kitchen cabinets—takes the brunt. Any kitchen will not be intact without cabinets. Cabinets are crucial for storing, they also act as a backbone to your kitchen.

Now, don’t be misled, kitchen cabinets are not only meant for storing. Stylish and functional cabinets have a huge impact on the overall look of your kitchen— if not, your entire house. So, it’s important to choose wisely when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Plus, you can opt for any type, especially with the wide selection available today. And don’t forget, that any home makeover is always a good idea!

In this post, you’ll find out why shaker style cabinets are popular. But first, let’s understand what it looks like, it’s basic characteristics and how to remodel with shaker cabinets.

Shaker-style Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets have a simple yet attractive form. Typically, this cabinet design has recessed panel doors, features basic or minimal hardware, and light finishes. It often appears plain as it’s rectangular, but this is due to its frame and panel profile (aka rail and stile construction).

Shaker cabinets originally reflect the furniture designed by the Shakers. The Shakers were a religious group of people that were also highly-skilled craftsmen and carpenters. Simplicity, utility, and honestly are their key guiding principles, including attention to form and proportion. These design principles are perfectly echoed in the shaker cabinets.

The shaker-style cabinetry characteristics then are often referred to as being a simple yet flexible style. Often these are built using hardwood, while others may use veneer panels in the door profile. Shaker cabinets are usually complemented with natural or light finishes. Painting it with a distressed finish will also result in an enhanced appearance. Understated hardware will also suit this style such as brass, a simple wooden knob or pull.

Shaker-style Cabinets VS other Styles

If you will be buying new cabinets or considering cabinet repair for your home, you should start by choosing the style of your cabinetry. While there is indeed a wide array of cabinet styles, only a handful remains timeless and durable. These are:

Glass-front cabinetsan elegant and great storage space to display your prized items. The downside is that glass cabinets require regular and thorough cleaning, it’s expensive too.

Beadboard cabinets are detailed and textured. However, beadboard entails careful cleaning.

Flat-front cabinets or slab doorsfeatures no panels or framing and offers a minimalist look. This cabinet style can look stark so it is best mixed with other designs like the Shaker-style.

Plywood cabinetspure plywood, making it a durable style with organic appeal. Although, with this style, you need to make sure to get good quality and sturdy plywood.

Shaker-style cabinetsoffer a simple, minimalist yet unique look. It’s also very versatile and can be easily mixed with other styles such as glass-front and flat-front cabinets. Shakers can also be reasonably priced and are widely available. The only common problem with this style is that it needs constant cleaning to prevent dirt from accumulating in the inset area.

Does the Shaker-style Cabinet Fit into Your Kitchen?

A mighty yes! Shaker cabinets work well in any space, especially the kitchen. So if you are contemplating having a complete kitchen remodel, don’t be afraid to opt for this style. Shaker-style cabinets are really always a good idea: the interior looks luxurious and cozy at the same time. Almost all brands now use that style of cabinets in their interior design planning.

Designers and homeowners alike love the shaker-style as it allows many possibilities. It can result in a very strong design that is distinct yet practical. Shakers can make the kitchen interior look classic and chic while at the same time providing good storage. Shaker cabinets’ flexibility allows designers and homeowners to experiment and be creative. You can also complete your overall kitchen design with some home interior accessories.

With shaker-style, you have the freedom to choose any colors you’d like without it resulting in a disaster. Moreover, with these cabinets, you have the liberty to opt for a mixed-style. Complement shaker cabinets with another style, or let your kitchen flow from traditional to contemporary—the sky’s the limit! So if you are thinking over remodeling your house, or only the kitchen, don’t forget about the shakers. There are plenty of colors and a good amount of material to have the shaker cabinets.

Transitional Shaker Kitchens

Again, the shaker-style is flexible making it a great choice if you want to have a transitional kitchen design. Shaker cabinets help create the smooth transition needed in connecting traditional and modern elements. Transitional kitchen design is a traditional design mixed with good contemporary or modern elements.

A good transitional shaker kitchen should utilize shaker-style cabinets in a way that it easily blends both with the old and new kitchen elements. Choosing this kind of transitional kitchen will help you create a timeless look without the need for constant refresh.

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