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Where To Buy Cabinet Handles?

Whether you’re replacing hardware or building a new home, do not forget cabinet handles. Cabinet handles not only make your furniture functional but can also improve its design.


There are countless cabinet handles designs available at online stores and brick-and-mortar retail stores, and it can be confusing what to choose. Although there is no generic […]

By Roche Manufacturer

Industrial Pull Handles: The Complete Buying Guide

About industrial handles you should to know: what is an Industrial Handle?

An industrial handle is a vital part of any industrial equipment such as medical equipment, food equipment, farm machinery, and automotive. Industrial handles nowadays are made with different kinds of metals ranging from steel-plated chrome, stainless steel, to aluminium.


Industrial door handles provide easy […]

By Roche Manufacturer

Where To Buy Furniture Handles?

Furniture handle is a vital part or attachment of furniture that can be moved by hand and can be used with different types of furniture. This can include but not limited to kitchen drawer and cupboard. This is used to open and close furniture at home. Handles are available in different types and finish […]

By Roche Manufacturer