Industrial Handles

Industrial Handles

These industrial handles are widely used in different industrial equipment. These industrial style handles have various finishing designs to suit any kitchens Finishes such as chrome, nickel, sandblasting, matte, pewter, oxidized black are some of the famous once.

At Rochehandle, we take pride in the engineering and production of high-quality industrial handles and knobs. We have a great range of industrial handles available for you to customize your industrial case to your requirements.

From small industrial handles to large industrial handles, from steel plated chrome industrial handles, industrial metal handles, listing handles, to stainless steel industrial handles. We have handles that can help you achieve any style in your industrial filed.

Rochehandle is a professional industrial handles manufacturer in China. Ask us for any industrial handle or anything about handles. Our clients are proud of our industrial handle’s quality.

We are continually seeking new handle designs to fill needs that have not yet been met. At Rochehandle, we are industrial handles suppliers who value their clients, serve them with the right urgency, and are sincerely focused in meeting your requirements. We persist driven to satisfy, driven to deliver handles that exceed your expectations in price, quality, and delivery.

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How to Choose Your Industrial Handles?

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Handles play a big role in our daily living. We can see them in doors, cabinets, tool boxes, cupboards, drawers, dressers, freezers, and other machines. When you try to look around at home or even in the workplace, you can see such stuff anywhere. Without them in furniture or equipment, some routines at home will be overwhelming. Can you open your wardrobe without a handle? Can you get your tools in a box without it? Of course, it will be difficult on your part.

No wonder why handles create a buzz online or even offline. They are a necessity that people cannot overlook. And they are indeed a part of our lives without a doubt. Because of the high demand from the public, the market has countless options these days. Some are available with an aesthetic design but lacks functionality. Others are effective but do not have a style you can boast.

So, in this ultimate industrial handle buying guide, we are going to discuss the things you have to bear in mind when purchasing a handle. Or this piece of writing will help you know how to choose industrial handles with ease.

What are the Different Types of Material Used in Industrial Handle?

Along with the cost, focus on the material. Nowadays, industrial handles are made from different types of metal. You can choose stainless steel, steel plated chrome, or aluminum.

Many people in industries such as industrial equipment, medical equipment, outdoor power equipment, food equipment, automotive, farm machinery, and equipment controls are caught at a low price when purchasing handles. Though it appeals money-saving, you have a high risk to spend more in replacement.

Handles available at a low cost does not guarantee that they will last for years. After a few months, they get corroded and have some scratches. So, it is important to pick the options with a reasonable or high price.

How are they different from each other? What is the ideal choice for you? Take a look at the following:

1. Stainless Steel Handles Are Long Lasting and Durable

Stainless steel industrial handles are made from a metal alloy without a coating. Their configuration encompasses nickel and chromium, making them durable and long-lasting. They are resistant to tarnish, corrosion, and scratches. Even if these are not as soft as the others, they are more modern. They add great value to a property, whether residential or commercial.

Stainless steel industrial handles in doors, cabinets, and other furniture are produced from steel that allow a high presence of chromium contingent. There are wide arrays of grades that can withstand all extreme conditions. The higher the grade of the stainless steel used, the more resistant the grips become.

Here are the other features associated with stainless steel industrial handles:

  • High & Low-Temperature Resistance

Stainless steel industrial handles have high and low-temperature resistance. They will not only resist scaling but also maintain paramount strength even at a high temperature. They will also show toughness at a cryogenic temperature.

  • Curb Appeal that You Can Boast

Industrial handles made from stainless steel have a range of surface finishes. There are brushed steel and polished handles, providing a modern look for your unique needs. Another finish common in industrial handles is steel plated chrome.

Commonly known as chrome, chromium plating is a process of electroplating chromium onto grips and other metal objects. This finish is decorative that provide convenient cleaning procedures, boost surface hardness, and increase its stunning look.

Known for improved corrosion and wear resistance, it is difficult to beat industrial handles that come with steel plated chrome. Its hardness and sturdiness ensure that it will last longer. It also resists corrosion, making it responsive for use in a harsh environment.

Other things that make it popular is its excellent adherence. So, you can avoid flake and delamination throughout its use. For irregular and complex geometries, it is suitable and relevant as well.

  • Fire-rated Mockups

Stainless steel industrial handles become a topnotch option in the industry because of their fire-resistant mockups. This means that they can endure fire condition within a long span of time.

  • Non-porous Surface

People also love their hygienic and non-porous surface. They are equipped with easy cleaning facility, making them perfect for kitchens, food processing plants, hospitals, and a lot more. Also, they are easy to clean. You only need a mild cleansing agent and warm water to bring back their appeal.

2. Aluminum Handles for Easy Grip

Industrial aluminum handles are perhaps the most common product that individuals use in their daily living. The material is available everywhere. You can use an aluminum integration in door handles, cabinet handles, and other grips used for carrying industrial equipment of electronic devices.

Like the handles made from stainless steel, aluminum grips provide ease of use and convenience. They have a creative style that best suits your personality and personality as well. They are lighter and more practical to use. They are of high quality and durable that can resist the same exposure to other elements.

3. Brass Handles for Functionality

Compared to stainless steel and aluminum, industrial brass handles have long-lasting durability. Throughout years of use, they remain sturdy and functional. They can fight against extreme condition and the test of time. For that reason, you can avoid high repair and replacement costs, helping you save money and effort.

Industrial brass handles are also convenient. Whatever the finish used, it can adhere to the material for a long time before corrosion. During manufacturing, brass is extruded to produce a subtle grain pattern on the surface, boosting better adhesion. They are beautiful and have a warm or even classical look. Plus, they can produce a traditional appeal.

4.Copper Handles Are Economical

In the history of the industrial handles, copper has been one of the different materials used by companies. Being economical, lightweight, safe, dependable, and long-lasting, there’s no doubt why industrial copper handles have a special place in the market. They are known for their fungicidal or algicidal properties that can beat the bacteria that cause Legionnaires disease. Naturally speaking, they can inhibit the growth of harmful microorganisms and are resistant to external pollutants and insecticides.

5.Plastic Handles Are Cheaper

Industrial plastic handles have been in the market for years. Despite the detrimental effect of the material on us, they made our living cheaper, brighter, and more convenient than before. Just like the others, they are strong and pliable. They are made up of ingredients that can double their flexibility and strength.

Plastic knobs have likewise enriched the way people live in their homes. Houses are a huge expenditure and would be costlier without the integration of plastic. Apart from eliminating high costs, they last a lifetime. Therefore, replacement expenses will no longer be a dilemma.

What are the Common Application for Industrial Handles?

Are you already familiar with the material of your choice? Or perhaps hesitant where to use industrial handles? There is nothing to worry about as in this comprehensive buying guide; you’ll become aware where to use grips.

Below are the common applications.

1.Medical Equipment

Industrial handles can be used as medical knobs, including IV pump roles clams, hospital bed adjustment, and a lot more. Because of their availability, organizations that use medical equipment with the help of handles experience optimal convenience, maximum comfort, and holistic safety.

2.Farm and Construction Machinery

Nothing threatens the productivity as well as the safety of a work site like unreliable and cheap equipment. Luckily, there is still farm and construction equipment that withstand harsh applications and austere conditions. Rest assured that the construction machinery handles of your option will not fail in the field.

3.Equipment Controls

Aside from the application of handles in farm and construction machinery, such tools are integrated into equipment controls. Equipment knobs, valve handles, and mechanical controls provide the design and durability required to manage mechanical controls and machine operation dependably and safely. Regardless of the application, industrial handles or knobs ensure that the process and machine operation continue to run efficiently, safely, and smoothly. When it is about time to shop online, choose the fluid system components such as isolation, regulating valves, shut-off valves, hydraulic equipment, etc.

4.Outdoor Power Equipment

When it comes to outdoor power equipment, industrial handles can withstand the rigors of different seasons. With the growing number of ball knobs, garden knobs, equipment handles, or all-purpose handles help you find the right size, grip and fit, keeping your power equipment functional all season long.

5.Food Equipment

Not only that, industrial handles can be used on food equipment. If you try to search the internet, you will find industrial handles for cupboard, fridge, freezer or refrigerator. But not all product manufacturers can offer impressive items for everyone. Instead of experiencing all the hassles of online shopping, there is no need to look further than Rochehandle.

We deliver knobs and handles in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, attachment methods, and colors to meet or even exceed the diverse needs of the food industry. With a range of grips, effective treatment for heat or chemical resistance, and ergonomic designs, we guarantee that all our products can defeat environmental rigors and improve usability.

6.Industrial Equipment

With more than a decade of experience in the industry, Rochehandle has perfected the industrial handle manufacturing process to serve a countless number of industrial applications. Whether you configure our off-the-shelf handles or require a customized solution, you will feel confident that Rochehandle has what you need. Our industrial handles can be found in various industries where equipment, machines, and components need to be tightened, pushed, pulled, gripped and adjusted.

7.Furniture Equipment

Industrial handles are also utilized as furniture equipment in both residential or even commercial properties. They are incorporated in cabinet, drawer, dresser, wardrobe, and kitchen. In case the knobs of your furniture at home or in the office do not work well, switch now to other products and consider Rochehandle. Our industrial grips can do better. They make our products personalized for you!

8.Lifting, Pulling and Carrying Applications

Apart from that, industrial applications have lifting, pulling and carrying applications. Whether the nature of your business includes one of these applications, handles are the things you should not miss. To ensure 100% safety and protection in your workplace, change your industrial knobs with new and effective ones.

9.Door Applications Automotive

Over the past few years, we have seen developments in vehicle knobs. Before, the handles in doors of automobiles are cumbersome to employ. But now grips are different. Aside from the aesthetic value, they have a high performance. They are simple to use and safe, boosting maximum security.

Industrial handles in door applications have numerous types such as the unpainted and the painted. Normally, the former is UV-stabilized as well as glass-fiber reinforced grades of Akulon. On the other hand, the latter has a paramount surface coating, either paint or chrome. It has great adhesion capability and low surface roughness.

10.Infrastructure Maintenance, Marine and Defense Applications

Industrial handles are constructed of heavy duty and effective materials for infrastructure maintenance, marine and defense applications. Because of them, everyone who engages in the industries will be safe and protected from potential accidents.

Here are Other Suitable Applications:

  • Server rack handles. A server rack is used to store network or telecommunications equipment. Although it can be a rolling server rack, it is also important to lift it by using a handle. Since the stuff that is being stored in it are expensive, industrial handles are applied.
  • Electronics enclosures. Industrial handles have also been utilized in electronic enclosures. For that reason, workers do not encounter a hard time lifting it up, so production and operation run smoothly and quickly.
  • Telecommunications equipment. Along with the machines, telecommunications equipment requires the use of industrial knobs.
  • Packaging machinery. We all know that the packing sector involves carrying, pulling, or lifting. Industrial handles play a significant role in daily packing or production.
  • Vending machines, industrial enclosures, and catering equipment. Other applications of industrial handles are in vending machines, catering tools, and industrial enclosures. Whatever the sector you engage in, the inclusion of handles in your equipment is indispensable.

What are the Common Shapes of Industrial Handles?

Knobs also come in various shapes, so you have a lot of options. But it does not necessarily mean you can choose the shape you prefer. You have to consider the furniture, door, or appliance you want it to utilize.

Here are some of the common shapes in industrial handles.

1.Industrial Bridge Handles

industrial bridge handles

Industrial bridge handles are strong and durable with a modern design. They are made of different materials, which come with an array of finishes. Most of them enable to withstand harsh environments. Plus, they are a lightweight handle for your convenience.

2.Industrial Chest Handles

For chests, crates, and storage boxes, these handles are the items you should invest your money. Direct your attention to healthy steel knobs for a comfortable and stress-free use. These are utilized regularly for wooden or tax box applications. There are chest handles which has ball. It stops at 90 degrees when lifting and integrates 2 return springs to guarantee the ball returns to the settled location. There are also chest handles available without spring.

At Rochehandle, we have a remarkable position in the industry by providing a range of chest handles. We utilize quality raw materials to ensure 100% satisfaction.

3.Industrial Recessed Handles

Another shape you need to weigh in mind is the recessed handle. Industrial recessed handles do not alter the shape of furniture. They help the smooth surface gain more functionality and elegance. They have magnetic models with a patented system and a cutting-edge production strategy. Besides, they can be applied as glass shutters, sliding shutters, and sliding doors.

4.Industrial T Handles

T handles

Industrial T Handles are made to durable, strong and comfortable. The welded blade joint and handle ensures a permanent connection. Further, it has a form-fitting handle that fits the curve of the user’s hand.

5.Industrial D Handles

D handles

Last but not the least are the industrial D handles. They are not only found in the kitchens but also used in cabinets of commercial projects in hospitals and schools. They are available in different materials to choose from. Some are stainless steel, and others have steel plated chrome. For further details, feel free to give Rochehandle a call!

Rochehandle: The Home Of High-quality Handles

Whether you are looking for an excellent material at a competitive rate, Rochehandle is the place that can pass your requirements. Serving the industry for years now, we are proud to say that we have innovative engineering hardware for industrial pulls. This has been possible because of our extensive service to our valuable clients throughout the country.

Unlike others, we have a wide selection of options for you, helping you to achieve your dreams. Whether you need small, large, steel plated chrome or stainless steel handle, there is no need to look further than Rochehandle. We are a one-stop company that can guarantee maximum fulfillment and happiness.

We do not only focus on quality but also style. This is why our solution can help you achieve amazing style in your workplace. We have the unmatched commitment to give you holistic experience. We want you to realize that you can still work in a reliable company.

At Rochehandle, we have the reputation of being a professional manufacturer of industrial pulls in China. Since our establishment, all our clients are proud and happy with the quality of our products. Because of the changing demands and needs of the people, we seek new designs, we value and care for our customers.

The great thing that gives us a special place in the heart of our market is that we respond with urgency and sincere interest as well. We are well-driven to deliver items that exceed the industry standards. We likewise take pride in our competitive prices. Our pulls are available at a price you can afford. With us, you will never break your bank. In fact, big savings await you along the way.

Leading Provider of Industrial Handles

Rochehandle is the number one company of industrial handles throughout China. We remain the leading option for a lot of sectors despite the growing number of our competitors. This is why we are eager to offer quality, consistency, fair price, and 100% customer satisfaction. And we will never stop developing our products.

We are Equipped with Experienced & Reliable Professionals

Over a decade of experience in this business, we are lucky to have a team of trained workforce. Like what we did during our early years, we assign versatile staff in every phase of manufacturing. Our people also have attention to details, reducing mistakes and achieving great success.

We Offer Timely and Prompt Delivery at all Times!

Another thing that people enjoy from us is the quick delivery. No matter how far you are in China, we will ship your order as soon as possible. We will deliver it right to your doorsteps. A requirement for you: be sure to provide us with an accurate location to avoid hassles.

Unparalleled Passion towards Quality is Our #1 Priority

As a certified and registered manufacturer of knobs, Rochehandle has production or inventory management processes that guarantee the highest quality. While increased commodities and ultra-competitive markets threaten industrial companies, we remain dedicated to providing more than a superb product at a competitive price.

We have invested in state of the art tools and developed processes that integrate flexibility into our services. Rest assured you can get outstanding pulls in every purchase you make. Moreover, we are the place where you can encounter peace of mind.

Whether you have something to verify or inquire, feel free to give us a call at +86 0769-89366747. Or to get a chance to know about our latest products, you can send us a message at We are much dedicated, friendly, and prepared to give you a hand. Work with us now and see how we are different from our competitors. Be one of our valuable clients today and expect excellence and passion from us!