Antique Handles

Antique Handles

When it comes to choosing antique handles for your drawer, door, and cabinets, at Rochehnandles we have several antique styles handles to choose. What’s unusual about these antique furniture handles is they look like they got manufactured several centuries ago. They deliver that classical finishing on your furniture.

The most outstanding feature of the antique drawer handles, antique dresser handles and antique cabinet handles is their finishing. The most common finishings for these handles include matte, antique brass, antique copper sandblasting, oxidized black and many other antique-looking furniture finishes.

As a buyer, you are free to choose any finishing that you think will leave an enduring impression on your drawer, cabinet, and oven door handle.

Antique drawer pulls are made of different materials. The most common materials for these classical handles include zinc alloy and aluminum alloy. However, we also have antique copper handles, antique brass handles, among others. Note, the materials used in manufacturing antique handles are strong and durable. They are meant to last for long.

It is also essential to know that antique handles come in different shapes and designs. This means that you can choose the design that you want. You can also request for customized design and styles, and we at Rochehandle antique handle manufacturers will fulfill your wish.

When it comes to choosing antique handles for furniture, you should focus on buying from the best antique handle manufacturer and supplier.

At Rochehandle, we have a reputation for manufacturing a broad range of antique style handles. We sell our antique handles at reasonable prices that you will love.

As a reputable antique handle manufacturer in China, we offer customized antique handles that will meet your specific needs. In doing all these, we don’t compromise on our quality of antique handles.

All that you need is contact us, and we will be ready to meet your antique handle styles needs.

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Antique Handles To Give Your Home A Touch of Elegance

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Antique handles and locks are great additions to any home furniture. However, your furniture can also be damaged by an improper selection of handles, just as the right choice can provide an immediate boost to any home furniture. Whether you are opting for traditional or a contemporary look, an antique handle helps you define your elegance – and, if not properly selected, it creates a mismatch of the trends, causing an imbalance to that particular area.

When it comes to choosing an antique handle for furniture, the most common question is “should I choose handles or knobs?” While there is no single reason to choose from the two, both of them has pros and cons, yet most homeowners are using handles for home use. If you are going to consider antique handles for your desired furniture, you are making yourself a favor. Even when your hands are filled, you can still open the door by using your elbow. And aesthetically, antique handles offer an elegant look.

Finding the right antique handles for your home needs will be easy if you choose to search for antique handles online. There are a wide variety of antique handles that features good designs which will provide your home with a touch of elegance. Since there are many options available and shops that claim to offer the best quality of handles, it will be a difficult task for you to find the right one. Choose a durable antique handle and be sure that they are made of the highest quality of materials.

Antique handles are fine-looking and will add class to any home. These handles are also applicable to front door handles, cupboards, drawers, and wardrobe doors. There are also vintage and antique styles that will recreate that antique look at a fraction of the budget. Antique handles are unique and come in wide array of shapes, styles, and materials, such as wood, metal, porcelain or glass. These handles are highly popular due to their touch of elegance and beauty. Aside from that, they can also add a touch of romance by incorporating antique handles into your décor. The ultimate secret of making your home to look good is to pay close to details and so. Adding this beautiful antique handle will balance everything together.

Identifying Antique Handles

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Door handles may be a small design yet offers plenty of aesthetic sense. They make a huge appeal in the overall style and look of the furniture. Since the door hardware is an extension of your home’s individuality, selecting the right handle is the best way to give your home that vintage look.

Below are the different antique handle finishes:

  • Antique Brass Handles. This antique handle offers a classy style and a stunning character to your property. The style is a popular choice when looking for a beautiful and sturdy handle at the same time. Antique brass handles are made from materials that are durable so that they can last for many years.
  • Glass Antique Handles. Take your furniture’s handle to the next level with this type of antique handle. Glass antique handles from the 20th century are made to last. Their enduring design and craftsmanship – their ability to work with most of the doors have earned the preference of many traditional and modern houses.
  • Porcelain Antique Handles. Today, furniture with an antique look starts to appear. These handles look precisely like metallic or wooden, but they are made up of porcelain. The benefit of using this type of handle is that they are easy to maintain and durable. If you are considering installation of an antique porcelain handle, it is, therefore, essential to choose the one that will match your door.
  • Crystal Antique Handles. Timeless and elegant, these handles will showcase your home’s door with a stunning crystal glass door handles. You can take a pick from our excellent range of crystal glass at Rochehandle with a matching backplate to transform the look of your home.
  • Antique Metal Handles. Metal handles are popular with many homeowners as they are incredibly robust and secure. They can also handle a lot of wear and tear, and they have become easier and cheaper to produce as well. If you want to install new ones for your outside doors, metal handles are great options.
  • Ceramic Antique Handles. Ceramic handles are suitable for any chest of drawers, wardrobe or cabinet. If you have kitchen furniture, set of cupboards and bedroom furniture – these handles are also a great addition in making that antique look more awesome.
  • Marble Antique Door Handles. Marble handles can also be an ideal addition to any door in your property. Typically, you can use them in drawers, cabinets, cupboards, and wardrobes. This attractive and durable material can handle any level of moisture and can withstand water.
  • Copper Antique Handles. Copper handles with a soft copper finish feature gives an attractive finish that is often described as rose gold. A combination of taste with the traditional antique design, copper handles strike the perfect balance between the two resulting in an enduring and elegant style.

Setting Home Apart With Distinctive Knobs, Pulls, And Locks

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A quick home upgrade is a way to set your house apart without spending a huge amount of investment. With the best quality of knobs, locks, and pulls, you can welcome your guests into your home with a unique antique doorknob from Rochehandle.

Today, there are plenty of materials used in many antique handles. These fine masterpieces of hardware are antique and bring out the best in your traditional living. Today, they can be found online which makes it even more accessible. They are simple yet offer a great aesthetic appeal to your home. Different types of antique cabinet hardware come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. However, they can be broken into several basic categories.

Here are the different types of Antique Cabinet Hardware:

  • Antique Knobs. These are the most basic and simple type of hardware to install. It is attached to the drawer or door using a single screw. Antique knobs can be made in a wide variety of materials. Stainless steel antique handles and knobs are commonly found in the kitchen, and other materials such as bronze are some of the options. Vintage knobs are the perfect addition to your home and create an elegant look to the overall beauty of your property. You can also opt for an antique knob that you’d like and give your interior a boost of classic elegance and style.
  • Antique Handles and Pulls. Unlike knobs, which have a single screw attachment, this handle is attached to a cabinet drawer or door using two or more screws. There are also different sizes and styles available for this antique hardware. They also offer a contemporary touch which is perfect for traditional homes and antique enthusiasts. The impact of using this decorative handles should not be underestimated. It improves the furniture quality, appearance and the overall beauty of your home.
  • Antique Locks. Replacing the non-working locks with antique handles and locks can all be found from the known place – going through an antique handle shop. But, there is a better way to find those handles. All made of solid steel or brass, these locks will incredibly secure your drawers and cabinets, still with style and functionality. Rochehandle have the right selection for you from styles, designs, to competitive prices. Rochehandle is a premier manufacturer of handles.

Your home is the reflection of your life. With these genius items, you can take the beauty of your place into an elegant looking one. To discover some of the best handles for your furniture, we can help you with our extensive array of furniture handles. Installing these handles will revitalize the overall look of your home.

Antique Handle Applications For A Sophisticated-Looking Home

Antique Handles

Antique handles are available in a wide array of styles. Whatever you want for your home need, you can always find the best antique handles that will match your taste and style. These vintage handles also comes an in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

They are made to last because they are made from durable materials like crystal, porcelain, solid brass, copper, and hardwoods. If you are looking for quality antique handles, then it would be better to take a closer look at its distinctive applications.

Antique handles for Furniture

When it comes to your furniture, it is imperative to choose high-quality handles as it enhances the value and looks of your home. The use of high-quality antique handles does improve not only the value of your home but also enhances its elegance. These products have been proven to be the leading option for many homeowners across the world.

If the knobs of your cabinets are in poor condition, it’s about time to try purchasing a new one. Rochehandle has a wide array of antique handles that will match your style and individuality. These accessories, when attached to everything, can make up an essential part in your home’s profile. It is, therefore, it is recommended to buy the antique furniture handles and knobs that are durable and classy.

Antique Handles for Chest of Drawers

When looking for a chest drawer, it is always important to think about its quality. Have a look at its linings and find out if they are made with durable materials such as mahogany or oak. Another thing to consider is the chest handles. Handles are often modified to make every piece of furniture to look more elegant and fashionable. Original handles will leave a bruise mark on the drawer which can last for many years. Choosing antique handles for a chest of drawers enhances the style and the overall value of your drawers.

Antique Handles for Doors

When the item is antique, one way to add some style to your home is installing a door handle. Antique handles for doors are small and affordable, but they contribute a significant impact to your home. They are also very convenient and bring out the best to any door in your home. With a wide selection of themes to choose from, you will find the best handle for your home.

Antique handles can make a big impression most especially on the doors of your front doors. It is the place where you will say hello to your guests, and through having a fashionable antique handle, your guests will notice the functionality and style of your door handle. You can also opt to have a similar door handle on your front door to those doors inside your house. By doing this, it will allow you to balance the design, and at the same time add something different to the entrances.

Antique Handles for Dresser

It is said that drawer handles are meant for a dresser, especially for the antique ones. People often underestimate the effect of a fashionable door knob to achieve an elegant and modern appeal to your home. This part of your home will provide an impression which can be a lasting one.

At Rochehandle, we have a wide range of antique handles for dressers. Our stylish drawer handles will provide your dresser that elegant-looking style. Drawer handles are made of wood, and these handles can get stained. If you want, you can also choose a glass, or porcelain dresser handles with a variety of colors to choose from to transform your dresser into an awesome item.

Antique Handles for Cupboards

Sophistication goes hand in hand. If you want your home to have the same reflection, consider a contemporary design which brings modern textures into your home. Cupboard door handles were designed to match every home with a contemporary style, clean lines, and finishes. Aluminum, chrome, and nickel – take a pick.

These antique cupboard handles are work of art and a must-have item for most contemporary and traditional homeowner. No matter what style you love, you can always find the cupboard handles you are after. We offer modern design for all types of cupboards in your property.

Antique Wardrobe Handles

One of the easiest ways to update your wardrobe is to replace the knobs. For the closet, there is a wide range of ornamental antique tone that will transform the look of your wardrobe. Whether you are decorating an upscale environment or simply looking for quality wardrobe handles, there are perfect solutions for you. This range of handles incorporates an antique look with inexpensive functionality and convenience.

Antique Window Handles

Antique handles for your window offer a perfect blend of function and beauty. Whether you are planning to restore your vintage building or home, getting the right hardware is very important. There is a wide range of window handle styles and classic finishes that makes every antique home a sophisticated one. An antique window handle works with antique and modern finishes in any residential and commercial building. You can choose from a selection of brass, ceramic, bronze and cast iron as the specific material for your window hardware requirement.

Antique Wooden Handles

Antique wooden handles have a timeless quality that fits every home style needs. Most of these wooden handles vary in sizes. If your property needs an update, one of the best ways is to invest in a good quality of wooden door handles. Not only does it look vintage, but it also increases the value and elegance of your home, not to mention the security. A lot of people see safety and privacy as their top priorities. If you incorporate this wooden handles to your furniture, it will be a great investment. If you are in need of high-quality door hardware, give our team at Rochehandle a call.

Benefits Of Antique Handles To Your Home

Antique handles

There are times that people tend to forget the past. However, it should not be as it can light the way to the future. What is beautiful before needs to remain beautiful today? If you are one of those traditional homeowners who always love a touch of vintage elegance, you are one of those who takes into account the value of their home.

Antique style is focused on the familiarity and rooted in the past with romanticism and comfort. This type of style is often luxurious and sophisticated which features fringe, tassels and floral patterns. If this sounds like your style, you need to look for the perfect antique handles you should consider for your traditional home.

Here are some of the reasons to choose antique handles for your home furniture:

  • A Touch of Elegance

Even the very basic door knob can turn a simple property into a stylish one. With the sheer number of styles, design, and finish available, it is easy to choose the one that fits the appearance and style of your furniture. More standard designs also mean more decorative options like reeded designs and cut-glass handles.

Antique handles provide a unique and elegant look due to their innate beauty. They are not expensive, and they are fire-proof which only means that they are safe from fire and damaging the door from any sudden tear. If you are going to choose an antique brass handle, you will be hitting two birds with one stone. For it provides an elegant-looking home and promotes security.

  • Practicality

When it comes to the practicality, handles provide easy access. You can also opt for spindles which can be used on cupboards or any door handles. Antique handles are perfect options for old period houses as these door knobs have been around when compared to lever handles.

  • Low Cost and Ease of Changing

Finding quality antique handles for your cabinets and other furniture does matter. The right knobs for your antique drawers and dressers can make a huge impact in your home’s appeal. It also increases your home’s functionality and security. One of the impressive features of door handles is its expense. The cost is very low, and you don’t need a handyman to swap it out. If you are familiar with changing door hardware, you can do the job with ease.

  • Promotes a pleasing Aesthetic Home

Since your kitchen is the central heart of your home, most people consider it as most important part of the house. You probably begin your day with a cup of coffee and a bountiful breakfast with your family. The handles you choose for your kitchen furniture should impact the overall feel of your kitchen area. An antique style knob is just what you need to complement with your interior design.

It is important to choose an antique handle that will complement the rest of your home décor and reap the benefits of its worthy features. Generally, most homeowners want their dressers, drawers, and cabinets to coordinate with the type of handles on their furniture. The style, shape, and size should all work together to achieve that classy finish. Antique handles provide you with numerous benefits for your home improvement and renovation needs.

Tips In Buying Antique Handles

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Antique handles are stylish and add a classy look to any home. There is a wide selection of antique interior handles, and front door handles for cupboard and wardrobe. You can also opt for a vintage and antique style to recreate the traditional look of your home.

These handles are unique and come in different shapes, materials, and styles. If you are looking for the best item to buy online, you need to consider several things before investing. This antique handle buying guide will help you purchase the right knob for your specific home furniture. Below is the information you need when buying that appropriate door hardware for your home needs.


There is a varied range of handle styles from contemporary to traditional. Since you are an avid antique homeowner, it will be easy for you to determine the style that you want. However, you also need to think about the style of your house to decide which knobs will match it the best. You can consider choosing a round shape or a classic oval shape and a wooden design as your handle. You may also want to change the style of your door handle throughout the property or have different styles downstairs and upstairs.

Antique Handle Size

For an average size of the door, the standard size of a knob is about 50mm in diameter. For larger front doors, you might need as much as 75mm handle. To get what you need, it would be better to consider how many features you want for your knob and be aware of its size.


With so many materials offer on antique handles such as wooden, brass, copper, glass and more, your choice needs to match the theme of your house. If you want to maintain that traditional theme of your home, choose the right antique handles for your doors and furniture.


While small, these handles can be a huge impact on your home. Today, there are loads of options when it comes to handles that commonly makes people overwhelmed. Consider the overall look of your home and its theme. If your home is modern, a vintage handle will not fit the overall look that you are trying to have.

Another element that affects the look of your property is the feature of the doors. If you have similar doors throughout your home, you may probably want to use the same handles in creating a uniform look. In case you want to recreate the traditional look of your home, opt for antique handles.


Antique handles vary from sizes, shapes, and materials used. Therefore, the feel of the handle into your hands is also an important thing to consider when buying one. Since you will be using this handle all the time, make sure to that it will feel good to your hand. Don’t buy an antique handle that causes you uneasiness or finds it very tricky to use. Consider as well the people who will be using the handle.


One of the common issues that run into homeowners’ mind when updating or replacing their furniture and doors is the cost of the item. Latches, hinges, and handles are not always sold together, so it is possible to buy them separately. If you want your home to have the touch of elegance, don’t purchase a cheap and low-quality handle. Opt for the best quality that can provide you with the style and safety you want.

Reputable Supplier

Antique furniture is a beautiful addition to your property and choosing the best handle to help to maintain its vintage touch. So, to achieve that vintage style, you need to trust an expert antique handle supplier. When choosing for a supplier, you can check their online store and review the team’s customer service background. An ideal supplier provides you the best range of antique handles that will increase the visual charm of your home and ensure that you can always get what you want.

Now that you have the idea about the options and the elements needed when buying a new handle, you can have the confidence in making a future investment for your home improvement needs. When you’re ready to replace your furniture handles, let us help you with our quality furniture handles.

Tips To Furniture Handle Care And Maintenance

You have taken the time to find the best finish, layout, and fashion for your new antique handles, installed them, and they seem fanciful. Now you need to keep them functional and in good condition all the time, but what is the best way to take care of them?

Check out the tips below in antique handle care and maintenance:

  • Apply Mixture

Keeping your antique handles looking new is an easy task. You can clean them by applying a mixture of salt and white vinegar. Put the mixture on the handles and with the use of a scrubbing pad, carefully apply it on your handles. Use a cloth and wipe off the mixture from your antique handles. Repeat this method until your antique handles are clean.

  • Clean your Handle Regularly

Regular maintenance of your antique handles is required to prevent it from future corrosion and other issues. To clean a wooden handle, such as knobs on your drawers, spray it with a solution of vinegar and water. To clean ceramic handles, wipe them with a damp rag and remove all the dirt and dust. To remove the rust from your metal handle, soak or dip the hardware in lemon juice and vinegar solution.

Keep your antique handle shiny and clean all the time with the above maintenance tips. By following these tips, you can keep your antique handles to be looking new and shiny all the time.

Where To Buy Antique Handles

Hardware is an important accessory that can change the overall look of your home both the interior and exterior part. When referring to hardware; knobs, handles, pulls and brackets are some of the items that can go in your home. If you are unsure about where to buy a high-quality antique handle, a reputable manufacturer is an answer to your problem.

With the numerous manufacturers available today in the market, it will be a very daunting task for you to choose the right one. Along with the thousand manufacturers are thousands of available antique handle styles. From antique furniture to modern furniture, it is always important to find a trusted manufacturer of quality furniture handles.

Here are the things you need to look for in an Antique Furniture Handle manufacturer:

  • Professional Handle Manufacturer

You should not trust just anyone to provide you with antique handles. You need to partner up with a professional manufacturer. An ideal furniture handle manufacturer provides engineering quality hardware of antique handles and offers customized antique handles designs you need.

  • Experience

Do you want to partner up with an amateur manufacturer? No, but it is still up to you. An experienced antique handle supplier has the knowledge and proper engineering technology to better provide you with top-rated antique furniture handles. A team of experts can create great designs because of their top class surface treatment and polishing technology. It is therefore recommended to buy your furniture handle from an experienced manufacturer with over decades of excellent customer service.

  • Antique Handle Collections

When looking for the perfect manufacturer, you need to check if the team has a wide range of antique handle collections. Opt for the designs that enhance the beauty of your exterior and interior home.

  • Top Quality Customer Service

Enjoy talking to a friendly professional who will provide you with clear answers, provide tips on product requirements and ensure that your antique handles are properly inspected before shipping.

To ensure that every set of handles are of high-quality, the experts here at Rochehandle are inspecting all the items before shipping them to our customers. We have exported 20 million sets of handles across the globe – with fast delivery!


If you are looking for the best way to upgrade the appearance of your home, it is worth considering the benefits of antique handles. By installing these handles for your furniture, you’ll easily give your home a real sense of elegance. Antique handle transforms your home and improves its overall look and value. If you are tired with your old handles, it’s probably the right time to have them replaced.

Rochehandle is your professional Industrial, and Furniture handles manufacturer. For the past 12 years, our main goal is to produce high-quality handles. If you need antique handles for your home renovation, you are in the right place! Get in touch with our team and be one of our happy customers! Contact us now at +86-0769-89366747.