Ceramic Handles

Ceramic Handles

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you see ceramic material? Most of us admit that ceramic material is irresistibly beautiful. Now imagine having that beauty in the form of ceramic cabinet handles.

Ceramic handles are quite popular among people who are keen on the appearance and impression that the ceramic handle can create. They can transform an ordinary piece of furniture into a creative piece of art.

The good thing about ceramic handles is flexibility. They can be designed into different shapes. You can also buy painted ceramic knobs that have different colors. You can choose the colors of the ceramic kitchen handles that will create a perfect match with the interior design of the room.

Apart from being visually appealing, ceramic handles are strong and durable. They don’t corrode or lose their quality easily.  Despite the strength of quality ceramic handles, they are still smooth hence comfortable to hold.

You can buy and install ceramic handles on different pieces of furniture. The most ideal places include on ceramic handles for cabinet, ceramic cupboard handle,  ceramic wardrobe handles ceramic doors handles among others.

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Tips to Show Timeless Beauty in Your Home by Using Ceramic Handles

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Achieving timeless beauty for your home is a tough goal. You might think of putting too many decorations such as furniture. You can come up with creative designs, too. Do you ever think of the benefits ceramic handles can provide your living space? The Ceramic art began a few centuries back. The early creations were pots and vessels. Also, figurines came to the industrial and domestic areas.

Today, ceramics continue to develop in the form of ceramic handles.  You can see these on cabinets, drawers and many more. The interior part of the home benefits from the attraction from these ceramic knobs or handles. There are different colors of these handles in the market.  From these, you can make an excellent choice in turning your home into a masterpiece. Ceramic handles can make a big difference not only inside the house. It can also change your life for the better.

Choosing The Right Ceramic Handles

Ceramic Handles

Ceramic handles offer you a smooth texture and assorted colors. During the 19th century, ceramic artists created it not only for making a franchise. People at that time use it for a domestic purpose such as adding beauty to their homes. Today, there are many kinds of ceramic handles you can choose. But, what is the appropriate handle for your house?

You don’t purchase or use a handle due to its price or value. You need to align it with the furniture in your house such as drawers, cups or cabinets. Homeowners are delighted in seeing the benefits of ceramic handles to their homes. First, you need to pick which handle is best for you. The beauty of your home also pertains to the handles you would select for your furniture.

Knowing the Types of Ceramic Handles

Colored Ceramic Handles

Combining art and skill offers you different colors for ceramics. You have cute and stylish colors to choose from. But, you need to make sure it fits the color of your furniture. For example, you have dark oak cabinets. You can’t use a white handle for it. A black metal handle would be a nice choice. Then, you can make it consistent with the design for your cabinet.

Color also adds beauty to the ambiance of your home. Let’s say you want to make your kitchen drawers attractive. You select ceramics that has plain color. You can choose from silver, white or brass. It offers a simple but elegant look on the kitchen space. For brown cabinets, it would be great to select a gold handle. It complements with the color of the furniture.

You can make it look stylish if your home has an elegant decoration. For simple house interior, it would be good to pick small handles. But, you need to make sure it fits the size of the cabinet or drawer. Homeowners have different color options they can choose. The secret is to match the handle with the design of your home and the kind of furniture you have.

Metal Ceramic Handles

If you aim to achieve sophistication, you can select metal handles.  Since ceramics come from metals, it provides you with style. Ceramics has the qualities of smoothness and hardness. So, there’s a chance of having a perfect handle. But don’t forget that quality is your top priority. First, you need to observe the color, size and the shape.

Does the handle’s color perfect match your furniture? As you have read above, you align or match the color or the handle with the design. Metal ceramics come in different colors, too. Thus, pick the best color that provides an attractive look. Then, you need to look at the components of the furniture you would place the handle.

Metal furniture is on the market, and you can have a wide selection. It would be best to have a metal handle for it. For ceramic furniture, pure ceramics would be the right handles to purchase. You take the decision and give your home an inviting look it deserves.

Figurine Handles

The earliest forms of ceramics come from pottery such as vessels and pots.  Figurine handles were also part of the ceramic business. It usually comes from clay. If you have cabinets that are on the top of your bed, you can resort in selecting figurine handles. If you are worried about having it damaged because it might reach by your child, don’t be. Ceramic handles are ceramic, but they are strongly built to match with your handle needs.

Vases often come from clay same as with ceramics. So, you can select the handles that are part of this category.  For figurine cupboards, the best handles to choose are smooth and will reflect the design of the cup. You can customize the handle size if you want. Remember, it doesn’t need to be over stylish and elegant. You only need to look at what would be best for the interior of your home.

You Focus On The Size, Shape, And Design Handle Size Adds Beauty

The ceramic handle size varies depending on the shape or size of the vessel. For example, if the object is big, you need a big handle but quite smaller in a few inches from the object. You also need to weigh the capacity of the object so that the handle would fit.

Handle Shape for Support and Excellent Use

The shape matters if you’re particular with the ceramic handles and knobs. The shape doesn’t need to be elegant. It’s good to choose a form that relates to ceramic beauty. The knob is an excellent example of this if you have cups or pots at home. For drawers and cabinets, the traditional handle would suffice. It gives a comfortable grip and a smooth surface for your hands.

Don’t Forget the Handle Design

Furniture designs also count for you to choose the right ceramic handle. For example, if the cabinet has a stylish design, you should not select an elegant handle. It’s better to have a simple knob or handle. It balances the ambiance the look of the cabinet or drawer. You would have satisfaction as it adds to the beauty of your home.

Remember: You need to focus on the ceramic handle that adds both beauty and comfort. From here, you would be sure to have a timeless beauty for your home.

Designing Your Home With Ceramic Handles And Knobs

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Most homeowners focus on furniture and decorations to beautify their homes. Yes, it looks attractive and beautiful. But, you wouldn’t achieve the timeless home beauty you dream to have.  Ceramic handles can also add to the loveliness of a home if you know how to handle it.  If you focus on home decorations, you won’t get the goal you want.

What’s the best thing you can do to make your home more attractive using ceramics?  Homeowners can design their homes using the right knobs.  People often ignore the style and elegance that ceramic art provides. Now, you would have the chance to witness it in reading this chapter. You can achieve great success by making your ceramic handle purchase worth it.

Make it Look Stylish Using the Latest Trends

If you’re familiar with the latest trends today, you’re lucky.  Ceramic art is also a part of the developing trends in the market. Homeowners pay attention to the importance of knobs and handles. A furniture set will not be complete without the right ceramic knobs in it.  One of the trending colors you can use is the brass or black.

Black handles are a perfect contrast to the white and clean kitchen. It creates elegance and elegant look in your kitchen. You also experience the modern look it gives to your home. For example, the ceramic handles for a chest of drawers add for a simple and lovely appeal. You can be proud of the result it gives to your entire living space.

Go for a Beautiful Change

Since you already know the trend, you might be thinking of creating a change. Your furniture purchase option changes. So, it would be good to select the right handles for it. You can pattern the design or the color of the handle with the cabinet or drawer. But, you also have to take note of the artistic appeal it has if you have ceramic handles.

The ceramic handles for cabinets, for instance, are a good example you can try. First, you need to measure your cabinet’s dimensions. An accurate measurement is essential to give support to the object. Then, you can apply the design or color that you want. It will be a good start to try light colors if you have a simple kitchen or living room. Last, you can try alternative designs. You can create an appealing ambiance to the interior of the house.

Contrast and Consistency Makes a Difference

Homeowners or buyers like to purchase the colors they want. It’s good, but sometimes it’s wrong to always rely on your judgment. If you love to purchase black handles for your kitchen drawers, now is the time for a change. You can also try alternative colors of ceramic handles for drawers. Yes, putting a little contrast in your living space could change everything.

You can choose black and white knobs if you have two sets of drawers. It can level up the elegant look of the kitchen. Once you see the result, you would say to yourself that you have made an excellent decision. You also embrace the method on consistency in the designing process.

If you have a white room, you pick the plain color for the kitchen furniture. Also, this also applies to the ceramic handles for kitchen units. If you have brown cupboards, you can have the same color as the handles. It reflects uniformity in your home, and it’s neat to observe.

Put Your Craftsmanship to the Next Level

You have more chances of making your indoor space more beautiful. All you need to do is to give a little space for everything. For example, if you have a large wardrobe, you can place it in the right or left corner of the room. Your free space by removing cabinets and drawers you no longer need. Then, you can select the appropriate ceramic handles for wardrobe.

It’s easy as long as you have the right idea to select the best handle. If the wardrobe is brown, then, you’re free to have a gold or black handle. It also suits your space if you pay attention to adding decorations in your room. Don’t put too many decors. It’s better to put small ones to make the room have a lively ambiance.

As you read above, the dimension of the ceramic handles for furniture also matters. So, you make accurate estimates of the measurements of the length of the furniture. For instance, you have a small cabinet on the side of the room. It would be perfect to measure the holes of its handle to ensure the right ceramic handle for it.

Even though the ceramic handle is small, it can give a significant effect on your home. The ceramic toilet handles can create a big difference in the bathroom. You have the luxury of using it in the best way you can. Your home would never be the same again if you have the best ceramic handles.

Selection of Attractive Ceramic Colors

As you have learned from the first chapter, a handle color is important in making a beautiful home. It offers a first impression of the style you have in your home. Guests would be glad about visiting you and take a look in the kitchen or the living room. Since you know how to put the right installation of the handle; we now proceed in the color selection.

What colors do you like to have? Do you want to have an elegant touch or a simple ambiance? Some customers purchase ceramic handles due to the attractive color it has. An attractive color makes your room more attractive. But, you have to consider the right colors for the furniture you have. It serves you a great way to achieve the timeless beauty of your home.

You can choose colors depending on the color of the furniture you have. You can also pick one depending on the theme of your home. Yes, you have a chance to have an attractive home with ceramic knobs. All you need to make is the right decision when it comes to the selection.

Light or Dark Colors: Which is the Best?

Ceramic handles have black or white colors. But, which of these are excellent for you? The answer depends on the color of the furniture. For example, you have a white drawer. The best color to choose is the plain or white color. It provides you with the consistency you would have in your home. If you want a neat ambiance, selecting a white color is right for you. Meanwhile, black colors provide a stylish effect on the furniture. You have brown drawers or cabinets. A black handle suits the furniture. You can even combine this with a gold color to add an elegant effect.

Some buyers tend to ignore the style of the home in choosing a color. For example, your house has a small area; you choose colors that don’t make your home small.  The color white is perfect for homes that have small space than the other colors. Those living in a simple residence could have the combination of gold or black.  You have to remember that this would depend on the kitchen utensils.

Color Themes Builds a Big Effect on Your Home

You have a diverse selection of colors. So, you can pattern the theme of your home after this. How will it be possible? If you want a simple theme, you can select gray colors for the handle of your drawers. Some homeowners use this due to its elegance. In fact, you can add colors that would perfect go well with gray. You can have this is if you have a light cabinet or drawer.

Also, you can apply the theme in a specific part of your home. For example, in the study room, you can have blue ceramic colors. You can match these with white color. The combination creates a refreshing effect in that particular room.

Uniformity and Contrast Creates a Beautiful interior

The timeless beauty of your home is also from the unique style it has. You think about consistency, and you get the idea. Selecting a single color for the ceramic handle gives your residence a unique approach. You can have the consistency of the colors in the handles of drawers and cabinets. You can also apply it in the kitchen. The best part of this is you can customize any part of the house.

The combination of colors plays a significant role in beautifying your home. It refers to the contrast in the color selection. The ceramic handle knob gives you a perfect choice to achieve your goals. You also learn how to paint ceramic handles. It’s easy, and you can choose any color you want. The important part is you have the chance to achieve the timeless beauty of the house.

Purchase Quality Ceramic Handles

Ceramic Handles supplier

The beauty of your house not only relies on the color, the design concept or the handle color. You need to make the right purchase. Here, you make sure that the ceramic handle is best for your home. You have a chance to maximize the beauty of the residence. Buyers could turn to credible companies such as Roche.  Here, they can purchase affordable and quality ceramic handles.

Using the best quality of knobs, you have the assurance of maximizing the grandeur of your home. There’s an exciting way to make it look even better. The first thing you need to consider is the brand.  Many companies offer many brands of ceramics. But, only a few matches the trust and preferences of the clients. You can count on Roche to give you the best brand of handles you need.  There are various colors that you choose from. Clients are welcome to purchase the right ceramic handles they need.  You can be sure to have the satisfaction you dream to have.

Customers who buy the best products are sure to have the following:

Quality Service that Meets Your Demands

Ceramic handles are smooth and hard. These are some of the things that best explains why you need it for your home. A lifetime home beauty reflects not only color and design. It also involves the service the product offers. With the best companies out there, there’s no doubt you have an excellent result. The ceramic quality is yours to keep.

Colors that Suit Your Taste

Your home is your treasure, so you want to do the best for it.  Having different color selection is one of the best ways of adding grandeur to the home. You can make your residence simple and unique. Customers can customize a home’s beauty. It can be in the form of the right color selection and combination. There’s a reason to have a great time at home.

A Lifetime Guarantee Awaits You

True beauty doesn’t fade and lasts for a lifetime.  Customers have the assurance that the ceramic handles are the best for them. When it comes to the quality and price, you have the right choice in ceramic handles.

For years, Roche proves to be the best provider of ceramic knobs and handles. It gives them full service and a guarantee of lifetime use. The guarantee also gives a better life for your family. They would see and live by the beauty that their house provides. When you have ceramic handles, you are sure to have made the right decision. It’s all here in Roche, and you would be happy to have it.

Ceramic Art Matches the Elegance of Your Home

Finding the appropriate source for ceramic products is easy. You are sure to have the comfort of making the right purchase. It gives clients the chance to enjoy the elegance of their home. It’s best to have a ceramic handle due to its lasting quality. You are sure to have a beautiful result in buying ceramic handles.

Also, elegance is also on the right placement of the handles. If you want to fill the luxury of your home, you need ceramic handles. You can combine the colors then make your theme. It adds to a new perspective in living in your home. Clients deserve the satisfaction they aim to have. It is here in ceramic handles.

Buying quality ceramic handles is one of the important things you need to do. In doing so, you not only improve the beauty of your home. You also have a discovery to make it more stylish and elegant. Here, there’s a chance to have a great life. You have a guarantee of having an enjoyable life looking at the beauty your home deserves. For sure, a great future awaits you.

Installing Ceramic Handles In The Right Place

Now, you know the right handles to pick and to design your home with it. But, it’s enough to give full beauty to your home. For some, the designing process is tough. But, you are sure to handle it. The next part is to place or install the ceramic handles. Perhaps it’s your first time to do it. Don’t worry. With the easy steps you would read, it would be fast and easy for you.

Some customers don’t pay attention to the installation process of the knobs. They think that this is less important. But, in reality, you have to consider the right installation process. You need to make sure that there’s success in beautifying your home.  Ceramic handles are delicate, so you must follow the right procedures.

Installing Ceramic Handles for Cabinets and Drawers

Before you start your installing, you need to have the right and complete tools for the project. You have to remember that this is for the beauty of your home.  The tools you would need are measuring tools, pencil, cardboard, a drill and more.  Then, you take note of the drawers or cabinets you have in your home. Be sure that you have all the needed tools to finish the project fast.

To avoid damaging your furniture or your ceramic handle itself, you can ask an expert to place the handles for you. The first thing you need is to create a template. It serves as your guide in making a perfect drill for the holes you would make. Use the cardboard and a pencil to draw lines reflecting the center of the drawer. Then, draw the holes on the cardboard. The process is the same in placing ceramic door handles and finger plates.

Next, you need to punch the holes on the board. You would use a nail to make this successful. Make sure that the holes are inches from the exact holes you would place the handles. These holes only serve as guides to ensure there is accuracy in the installation. Now, you put the board in the center of the drawer or cabinet. You mark the sides of the cabinet to position the board.

Then, you check your work to ensure you complete the first steps. It enables you to make adjustments if you have a big drawer or cabinet. You can estimate the length you would need to make the work perfect.

You place a piece of wood on the back of the drawer or cabinet. It would ensure you that the other parts of the cabinet would be safe. The process could be quite messy, but it’s worth it. Once the holes are secure, you’re ready now to make a drill. You should be careful in placing the drill to avoid accidents. You take a firm grip on the drill to give you a successful output.

Lastly, you’re now ready to place the ceramic lever tap handles. You keep in mind that you need to be careful to achieve a secure placement of the handles.

Installing Ceramic Handles for Wardrobe

Your wardrobe is a delicate piece of furniture. So you need to put extra effort into installing the handle.  The first step to do is measure your furniture’s dimension. Do you want to place a black ceramic or a plain one? In assuring the right measurements, you’re now ready to make a graph. Here, you draw the holes on a board.

The holes serve as a guide to ensure you’re on the right track. You fold the cardboard into two and draw a big hole in the center. Then, you punch the holes with a pencil. You secure the placement of the cardboard in the center of the wardrobe.

You do a fast check of each process to ensure success. Then, you proceed to the next step, and you need a piece of wood. Using supporting tools, you secure the wood on the back; then you make s drill.  You make sure that the placement is secure. You could ask the help of an expert to ensure the process would be fast.

Installing Ceramic Toilet Knobs

Sure, some of you focus on the interior part of the toilet so you can add designs. But, you may be missing an essential piece. It would be great if you will be giving importance to handles or knobs in your comfort room especially the door. It would really be a total disappointment if you would get locked inside. Or you would be locked out, unable to use the room especially during the crucial call of nature. That is why it would be helpful if you will install reliable ceramic handles.

Here are the following steps you can do in installing:

Prepare a Guide for the Installation

Since it’s a delicate job, you need to make a guide or template for it. It also serves for you to have an accurate measurement of the holes. From the past chapters, you have read of the importance of the dimension of the furniture. It also applies here if you want to make the installation complete. It would be good to take the right measurements and write it on the template.

Also, the guide serves an excellent way for you to do the necessary changes. The accurate measurements assure that the process would be great. The completion of the project takes time. There’s an assurance that you would have a great result in the end.

Punch the Holes and Check

The process is like placing ceramic door handles with the backplate. You need to punch the cardboard with a nail.  Then, you need to put the guide at the center of the wardrobe. After the process, you aim for the holes and make the precise drill. You need to observe your movements so that you would not cause damage to the other parts of the wardrobe.

Beautifying your home through the right installation process is great.  So, you have every chance to make it stylish at the same time comfortable in every way.


Your home would have a beautiful look because of ceramic handles. You can choose the best ceramic handle for your home. Depending on your preference; you can optimize the grandeur of your residence.  When you are designing your home, you might also want to have new and beautiful ceramic handles. You can customize a theme by choosing the best colors. In fact, you can use it to enhance the inner beauty of a house. The ceramic handle is perfect for drawers, cabinets, and toilets. From the different colors, you can have an elegant and stylish home.

The full beauty of a house meets success through the right purchase. You assure the quality of the product. You have a guarantee of excellent service. The best part comes from the appealing attraction it gives to every home. Rochehandle is the best company you can rely on to provide you with the best quality ceramic product. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best ceramic handles only from Rochehandle!