Chest Handles

Chest Handles

Carrying a heavily-loaded toolbox, DJ cases, and even some ordinary heavy loaded suitcases, has never been easy. This is mainly because of the poorly designed handles used on them. But with the heavy-duty chest handles, carrying these suitcases is easy and more convenient.

Chest handles are designed to rotate at 90 degrees within the backplate. Yours is to position your fingers within the handles for chest and carry it to wherever you want.

A chest handle should be strong while at the same time comfortable to hold-even when the trunk or suitcase is heavy. Although Stainless steel chest handle is the most preferred material type, at Rochehandle we manufacture Iron chest handles, industrial chest handles, brass chest handles, metal chest handles among others.

The smoothness of the steel material is quite comfortable to hold.

Apart from the material, there are different types of chest handle finishes. These are mainly used to enhance the outward appearance of these tool chest handles.

The most common finishes for chest handles include chrome, nickel, and zinc. You are also free to choose antique chest handles or buy modern chest handles. You can always polish these finishes to preserve their visual allure.

There is a wide variety of sizes and designs of chest handles to choose from here at Rochehandle. Whether you need black chest handles, industrial chest handles for drawers, or storage chest handle types, Rochehanle is a handle manufacturer that got your back. You can choose small or large hope chest handles for your use. When it comes to design and construction, you have an option of buying recessed chest handles

At Rochehandle, we are a one-stop chest handles manufacturer. We sell different types of chest handles at different prices. All you need is to contact you and we will send you a detailed quotation.

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Everything You Need to Know About Chest Handles

chest handles

Handles play a crucial role in our daily living. We use them to open house doors, pieces of furniture, appliances, vehicles, storage boxes, travel bags, and other accessories. It’s really hard to imagine our lives without handles. The convenience would probably turn into a mess and discomfort.

Handles have been used for centuries because of their great functionalities. Every person of different needs has been a fan of such accessories since then. It’s no wonder why the market has a range of styles to choose from and one of those is chest handles.

Of course, many people are certain about door knobs and folding handles. Now is the right time to unveil everything about chest handles. Are you ready? Keep reading for more information.

Defining Chest Handles

Tired of knobs? Or unsatisfied with the handles of your doors, furniture, or appliances? Then, you have come to the right place. Why don’t you give chest handles a try?

Chest handles are a certain type of handle that has been a favorite of homeowners for years. They get their name because their design was originally used on chests. But things have changed. They have been a part of toolboxes and kitchen cabinets to name a few.

As with other options, chest handles come in different styles, types, and materials. They are aesthetic, appealing, sturdy, and fashionable that is a perfect furniture addition. They are stylish and luxurious that everyone can boast.

Another feature that enthusiasts love about chest handles is that they are user-friendly. They are simple to utilize. They do not require complex operations. Designed to promote curb value, they provide convenience to users.

History of Chest Handles

As the name suggests, chest handles are used for chests. So, many people would believe that chest handles have come to life since the 15th century. It’s a fact. But their inception started in the latter part.

Before, chests are universally mounted on legs. They are heavy to carry at that time. After a few years, the creation of handles has begun. This does not only lessen the difficulty of carrying the furniture, but it also boosts security.

Where Do Chest Handles Originate?

Studies show that chest handles originally came from Eastern Europe. Before the early 16th century, they have migrated west and appeared in Italy. They also reached England towards the end of the Commonwealth. Metal handles on quality chests followed at some considerable time later.

Types of Chest Handles

Since you’re already aware of the history of chest handles, let’s take a glimpse about recessed and non-recessed chest handles.

Perhaps, many users are quite confused about the types. You probably consider them the same. But they are far different.

Recessed Chest Handles: Not Noticeable

Specially designed to reach user’s expectations, recessed chest handles fit into a compartment. They are significantly flush against the surface and viewed from a profile perspective. This means they are hidden. They are perfect for those who want to conceal such accessories.

Recessed chest handles are totally embedded in the door leaf, leading to a stunning finish. Their main advantage is that they cannot hit the wall. Plus, there are no clothes that can get caught on them. When it comes to opening or closing a door, they only require a stress-free operation.

Recessed chest handles also look innovative, modern, and luxurious. They are an ideal option for those who want an aesthetic and ergonomic design.

Non-Recessed Chest Handles

Non-recessed chest handles, on the other hand, hang loosely against the surface. Unlike the recessed one, they can be seen particularly from the side view. Although they perform the same function with recessed chest handles, both are mostly cosmetic.

Non-recessed chest handles work great for crates, storage chests, and other applications. They are maintained flush by taking advantage of an integrated spring. Equipped with a spring-loaded bail, they can keep against the chest. Plus, they can prevent any rattling noise.

Made from steel, they are zinc plated, boosting their longevity. They can withstand wear and tear, avoiding unnecessary replacement costs. They are also corrosion-resistant, especially in mildew-rich environment. While they can protect their structure from rust, they can maintain their luster over a long-term run.

But wait, there’s more! Non-recessed chest handles come with a rubber hand grip. This means they are comfortable to hold. Just wash your hands before opening a piece of furniture.

For tight space, experts suggest the use of recessed chest handles. They are also a perfect solution to trailer or RV.

Popular Materials Used in Chest Handles

chest handles

Many folks consider a seasoned handle manufacturer to have a quality investment. Another way to purchase a lasting and durable option is to weigh the materials in mind. Understanding each characteristic and benefits is a great start.

Stainless Steel: Resist Corrosion

Most chest handles are made from stainless steel. It consists of 10.5 or 11 % chromium, bringing corrosion resistance up to the maximum. Equipped with a thin layer of oxides, it protects the metal from strong chemicals and other harmful substances.

Stainless steel handles have excellent wear and abrasion resistance. They can also significantly resist fatigue and impact. Thanks to their unique self-healing property. Whether the surface is damaged or scratched, they can rebuild with the help of oxygen from water and air.

Despite the years of use, they can remain shiny and bright. Unlike other chest handles, they do not need extensive maintenance. With the use of a simple cleaner, you can keep your investment new and clean. Say bye to expensive maintenance solutions today.

Stainless steel chest handles are fire-resistant. They are tested for high-temperature oxidation capability. They are also reputed for an attractive appearance. They are usually polished to a mirror finish or satin.

Plastic: Sturdy and Lasting

Looking for a superb material for chest handles? Don’t look further than plastic handles. Developed to be durable and light, they are also chemically resistant and non-reactive to weather. They are easy to manufacture without compromising their quality features.

Plastic chest handles are also flexible and rigid. You can use them whatever your purpose. They are ideal for chests, storage boxes, and kitchen cabinets. As with other materials, they are worth the investment.

Aluminum: Affordable Investment

Just like stainless steel chest handles, the aluminum handles ones are lightweight. Although they are less strong than steel, they are a low-cost replacement. While they oxidize and create a white residue, they don’t rust. Have your existing investment with aluminum chest handles today.

Another feature that users love about aluminum products is their lasting luster. They look bright and shiny, which are ideal for your kitchen and other living spaces. They remain new and functional after a decade.

Brass: Say Bye to Extensive Maintenance

An alloy of zinc and copper, brass chest handles are quite yellowish and gold. As with stainless steel chest handles, brass ones have low maintenance though they have an upscale appearance. With the use of mild soap and water, you can keep them clean and free of dust.

However, brass chest handles are pricy. Despite that, they are worth the cost. They are functional and efficient that can save you thousands of dollars. For those budget-conscious costumers, look for a plated brass instead.

Other Excellent Materials to Consider

Stainless steel? Plastic? Aluminum? Brass? There are other top materials to weigh in mind. Here are a few of them:

Copper: Similar to bronze, copper chest handles are reddish-brown. They are highly rated because of their supreme heat conductivity. But they can lose their luster in mildew-rich spaces. Good news! You can avoid this from happening. Coat them with special finish for a lasting lacquer.

Zinc:  Zinc alloy handles have been gaining in popularity. The fact that they offer ease of use and convenience, they are a leading solution for some folks without a doubt. They are lighter and more practical to utilize than plastic.

Known to be cost-effective, aluminum chest handles can cause a dent in your savings account. While they are money-saving, you can be sure of lasting durability and quality. Not only can they withstand strong elements, but they are also a fun home addition.

Wrought Iron. Wrought iron chest handles have delivered a look of grandeur and luxury to kitchen cabinets and other pieces of furniture for years. Widely regarded as heavy-duty, wrought iron chest handles offer a roughed up surface. They are also popular for classy appeal at a competitive rate.

There you have it! So, what’s the material of your option? Choose the one that saves money, lasts a decade, and boosts home appeal.

How to Make Chest Handles?

chest handles

There’s no standard process to make chest handles. In fact, it varies depending on your chosen company. But the most common method is listed below:

Design: Customized and Unique Looks

Selecting chest handles is based on cost, availability, and appearance. That’s why, designers consider the appearance, size, shape, and other important elements. Specially developed, they are user-friendly with ease.

Some manufacturers also customize chest handles according to the client’s expectations. Just tell a qualified company about your styles, designs, colors, and other necessary components.

Materials: Long-Lasting Quality

Most chest handles are packed with metal. The most common material is the brass. Equipped with a high amount of zinc and copper, it’s no surprise that many providers consider it a top option.

Usually, raw brass is a rod of suitable diameter. It is then machine cut to achieve the required length. Any raw material must reach the industry’s standards to achieve high-quality and lasting longevity.

Forging: Produce Hardware with Optimal Strength

There are different processes to make metal chest handles. The most common is forging. It is a method wherein any heated metal is forced into shaped dies with high pressure. This results in products with superior strength, paramount toughness, top quality, and great reliability. Compared to other techniques, it is more economical and efficient.

Surface Preparation

After forging, what’s next? It’s the surface preparation. Any chest handles go thru several finishing steps, including separate coining, drilling, tapping, and milling. These processes make the surface ready for polishing. Manufacturers also perform additional buffing steps for a brilliant and unique finish.

Coating Strengthens Chest Handles

Overwhelmed by extreme mildew? Tired of frequent replacement maintenance? Then, don’t lose hope! Chest handles undergo a coating process for further protection. Whatever the temperature in your area, these furniture accessories would give you peace of mind.

Metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, brass, and copper are of high-quality. However, their resistance to corrosion, wear and tear, and severe scratches has limitations. They would lose their structure and excellent features after years of use. This is where coating comes in. Designed to protect sensitive metals, it ensures longevity and promotes a style of luxury.

A coating procedure also intensifies the durability of chest handles. So, why would you use ineffective option? Pick the one that’s well-coated to enjoy sturdy features.

How to Install Chest Handles?

Installing chest handles, whether recessed or non-recessed, can be a D.I.Y task. While getting started may seem complex, it’s easier than you’ve ever thought. Although you don’t have prior knowledge and experience, you can get the job done right the first time.

Materials to Prepare Ahead

Have you been installing your own chest handles? Then, you have all the necessary materials for your next installation. These are drill, driver, screwdriver, utility knife, wood chisel, hammer, tape measure, sawhorses, saws, door lock, safety glasses, hearing protection, and work gloves.

If it’s your first time to get chest handles installed, don’t worry! Most of these materials are not that costly. They are available at an affordable rate. You can also look around your storage room to find any of these tools. Or you can borrow from close friends and neighbors.

Place the Template with the Use of Casing Insert. Then, rout the first sink.

Remove the Casing Insert Properly. Place in the façade insert. Route the façade recess.

Remove the Template’s Frame. Place the handle in the recess carefully. Outline its contour via a quality marking knife.

Clean the Recess with the Help of a Bench Chisel. Then, press the chest handle into the right place.

Install the Brass Screws. ENJOY!

Installation of chest handles does not need to be complicated. Following the steps can give you a clear picture on what to do. At first, it’s tough and time-consuming. But it would become convenient after some time.

If you’re uncertain about the process, it’s wise to let a qualified specialist handle the job for you. A professional has the experience, knowledge and a complete set of high-end equipment. Hiring such an expert is also perfect when you have a hectic schedule. While you can expect a quality result, you can save some cash, too.

How to Repair a Loose Chest Handle?

Loose chest handle on your kitchen cabinets, dressers, and other pieces of furniture can be a big challenge. Figuring out the problem can be harder. Worry no more! The problem can be the screw. It can no longer be secured in the handle.

Instead of calling an expert right away, fix it yourself. While there are many ways to repair loose hardware, the easiest method is by using toothpicks or glue. It is not only simple to implement, but it is also cheap.

Remove the Chest Handle. Unscrew the accessory from the furniture. Then, pull it off with care. Don’t Forget to Cover the Area Around the Holes. Use a masking tape.

Fill the Hole. Do not use a typical adhesive solution on the market. Take advantage of a specially tailored product.

Prepare Toothpicks and Other Useful Tools. Coat the bottom half of toothpicks with quality adhesives. Aside from that, utilize a sturdier tool to avoid other serious issues.

Place Them in the Hole. This can be a lot of work. So, you need to be patient while doing the process.

Let the Adhesive Dry. Drying the glue takes a few hours to get a better result. Don’t put the chest handles back when it’s still wet.

Attach the Chest Handles. That’s it! You can say bye to the hassles of opening your kitchen cabinets.

Loose chest handles do not mean they need to be replaced. A repair solution can be the best solution. Why don’t you spend a high sum of cash on unnecessary replacement? Follow the steps above and avoid other costs.

How to Make Old Chest Handles New Again?

Loose chest handles indicate a responsive repair. Apart from that, old accessories need proper maintenance. While some folks would purchase another brand, there are ways to bring back their luster.

An old kitchen cabinet can be a charming home addition. Removing the buildup of grime and tarnish, however, can seem burdensome. Luckily, the variety of products out there can return your furniture to their original curb appeal and sheen.

How to Clean Chest Handles?

chest handles

Removing the Accessories

Before cleaning chest handles, remove the accessories. Use a drill to remove the old screws. Pull the metal gently to avoid further damages. It might be hard, so apply enough pressure.

Identifying the Metal

A cleaning solution might be effective to aluminum but not to stainless steel. Determine whether your chest handles are brass-plated or real brass. You can hold a magnet up against the accessories. When it sticks, it is brass-plated. An ordinary kitchen magnet won’t stick to a solid brass chest handle.

Selecting an Effective Cleaner

The market of today has been crowded with several options. For some, it can be overwhelming to handle. For other costumers, however, it can be an opportunity to have a convenient purchase. You can take advantage of a solution for brass, brass-plated and other metals.

Sometimes, ready-made products are costly. It’s best to make your own version. You can mix enough amount of lemon with 1/4 cup of table salt. This is perfect for any of these materials.

Cleaning the Chest Handles

Wash the chest handles in hot and soapy water. This helps you get rid of the grime, dust, and dirt with ease. Rub the cleaner of your choice over the accessories with a rag. Scrub it into the finish as gently as possible. For stubborn tarnish, repeat the process. Before screwing the accessories back onto the kitchen cabinets, let them dry for a minute. That’s it! Your investment will look new and sturdy.

Best Cleaning Solutions and Materials to Maintain your Chest Handles

A buildup of dirt, grime and dust can make chest handles look old and dingy. It is always imperative to keep supplies on hand. Whenever it’s time to restore such accessories to their original luster, you can achieve it with ease. Alternative Cleaning Solution to Commercial Products

Commercial cleaning products are packed with strong chemicals that pose a potential hazard to your accessories. Not only do they affect the stylish value of your hardware, but they also lessen the structure of your handle. Good news! There are excellent alternatives you should try.

Here are the following:

Vinegar. Vinegar is the main ingredient for different dishes. Do you know it can be used as a cleaning solution for your chest handles? Yes, it’s true. In fact, most homeowners have been enjoying it for years.

Just dissolve a teaspoon of salt, enough flour, and a half cup of vinegar. Mix them well until you make a good paste. Rub it onto the chest handles and leave for a minute. Rinse and let them dry.

Lemon. Another effective solution is lemon. Squeeze half of a lemon onto a clean sponge. Then, sprinkle some salt on top. Rub it over the surface. Then, rinse the handles off well. You will probably be surprised with the results.

Don’t Overlook the Basics. You don’t need a complex solution to clean your chest handles. The typical method is the simplest technique to try. Just make a warm bath for the hardware in a container. Mix in some tablespoons of soap. Soak the accessories for a minute. Then, utilize a microfiber cloth. A clean toothbrush is perfect to get rid of any stubborn stains. Although the water and soap will do all the work, it still causes a pain in your elbow. But once the buildup of grime is gone, remove the piece from the water. Rinse and wipe them dry with a comfy cloth.

Try to Use a Toothpaste. Toothpaste keeps your teeth white. The chest handles are no exception. You don’t need fancy flavors. A plain and white toothpaste is helpful. Apply a small amount to the cabinet hardware. Let it sit for a minute or two and don’t forget to polish the hardware with a cloth.

For stubborn spots of dirt, exert more force. You can also apply extra amount of toothpaste for tough areas. Once the metal chest handles are polished according to your needs, rinse them with water. Plus, dry them with a cloth.

How Much Do Chest Handle Cost?

chest handles

Chest handles have been getting a high demand for years. Having a multitude of features, we cannot blame most homeowners. However, manufacturers increase the price tag. Fortunately, there are still products that come in a competitive rate. If your biggest concern is the cost, affordable hardware is what you shouldn’t miss.

Chest handles are of high quality. They are available in a range of styles, designs, and materials. The same thing goes with the price. The rate depends on many factors, including the company’s reputation, materials, labor costs, and process to name a few.

Over the years, people have a negative misconception about the hardware. They believe that affordable chest handles are of less quality. The expensive piece means paramount features. It’s not true. There are feature-packed brands that are available at a competitive rate. So, why would you invest an extra sum of dollars on expensive options? Take advantage of those solutions with a cost-effective price tag.

Top Manufacturers of Chest Handles in the World

You probably have a precise idea on how to purchase quality chest handles. Perhaps, you’re certain about the style and size of your option. Maybe, you already have the budget to buy new hardware.

But where to buy chest handles and how to choose the right manufacturer? In this chapter, you’d know how to get started.

Where to Buy Chest Handles?

Buying chest handles has never been easier with online shopping. Instead of wasting your time to visit a home depot, why don’t you try to shop online? With just a click of a mouse, you can buy a quality and affordable brand.

However, it’s not as easy as that. It requires extensive homework and research. Just direct your attention to the company that has the reputation. Pick the one who has the experience and knowledge in the industry, too.

How to Choose the Right Manufacturer of Chest Handles?

We understand how it feels to get stuck online while buying chest handles and other stuff. As the market increases customer demand, the number of manufacturers has been growing.

It’s no surprise to feel confused about how to pick the right provider. Don’t panic! Your worries would finally end. Follow the pointers below:

Years of Experience

Which is better between a seasoned handle manufacturer and a novice? Definitely, it’s the one that has the expertise and experience. A skilled professional has quality options, competitive rates, quick response time, responsive customer support, and other amazing deals.

A Complete Set of High-End Tools

State-of-the-art equipment plays an essential role in manufacturing chest handles and other accessories. Only a qualified expert can guarantee cutting-edge tools. They stand behind a smooth process and top-notch pieces of handles.

Customized Designs

Every homeowner wants unique styles in chest handles. A certified expert can offer personalized kitchen cabinet hardware according to your requirements. Whether you need a fashionable, luxurious or stylish piece in your space, a seasoned manufacturer is ready to help.

A Great Collection of Hardware

Limited numbers of chest handles can be a headache for homeowners. The lack of options is common to inexperienced manufacturer. A specialist, on the other hand, is packed with a wide collection of chest accessories. While there are different pieces to choose from, you can be sure of the quality and affordability.

An inefficient chest handle from an unreliable supplier is a waste of money. A quality investment from a seasoned company is worth it. Work with the manufacturer that has a trusted reputation today.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Chest Handle

Chest handles are the final touch to cabinets, dressers, and furniture. They come in a variety of materials and finishes. With the attractive luster, they establish the mood of your living space. Whether they are installed in your kitchen or bedroom, it’s a perfect home addition.

But how to know which chest handles suit your needs? Common pointers are listed below:

Finish. For years, homeowners have been matching chest handles with the finish of appliances. For stainless steel appliances, matte black accessory is great. For white home equipment, gold hardware is good to go.

Aside from that, you can think outside the box. You should try ornate accents and crystal handles. Not only are they a meaningful investment, but they can also add a personalized touch.

Most popular finishes are brushed nickel or chrome. Some stunning finishes include antique pewter, satin brass, aluminum, black matter, and oil rubbed bronze.

Style. What is the style of your cabinets? Is it traditional? Or is it modern? For traditional pieces of furniture, ornate chest handles are good to try. For modern fronts, stainless steel and matter black chest accessories are worth the cost. Remember to choose a product with a simple and sleek design.

The Cost. Chest handle prices can vary. As a rule, you get what you really pay for. Be ready to spend a high sum of dollars for chest hardware. Of course, there are cheap brands you can add to cart. Unfortunately, the quality and appeal are sub-par. Plus, they are more likely to look a cheap investment.

One of the best solutions is to visit a local handle showroom. While you can expect a large selection, you can experience better quality and a team of friendly customer representatives.

Size. Imagine you use big chest handles on a small cabinet. It’s probably an eyesore, isn’t it? For a small dresser or kitchen cabinet, install the hardware with good size. Long cabinet doors, on the other hand, require a longer accessory to achieve a dramatic statement.

Function. When selecting chest handles, focus on aesthetics and function. Although it’s tempting to buy the accessory based on the appeal alone, test your option beforehand. Of course, you can order samples. You can also get different sizes and styles so that you’d know what works best for your kitchen cabinet.

Does your hand keep sliding on the chest handle grip? Do you encounter some trouble pulling or getting a grasp on the hardware? Does it get greasy every day? Whatever the case may be, these questions will increase your chance of having a quality investment.

Buying Guide on Chest Handles

Many kitchen cabinets are not sold with handles. It’s all up to you to decide which chest handles to pair with your selection. Since there are unique finishes and styles, this is not the easiest decision to make. To help you find the right piece for your furniture, here is a buying guide:

Always Stick With your Theme. Just like your cabinets, chest handles speak to your theme. Which accessory that suits best to a variety of themes? For French country detail, chest handles with an antique look is great. For traditional cabinets, simple and smooth hardware is awesome.

Keep Finishes Relevant and Responsive. Today, you’ll find chest handles in a range of finishes such as brass and brushed nickel. While it’s good to think outside the basics, maintain the same finish. Then, keep the colors close. Although it’s convenient to work with different retailers, choose a seasoned manufacturer instead.

Think About the Color of your Cabinets. As the style of the chest handles, the color of your furniture is salient. For painted or plain cabinets, any finish is a wise idea. But the shades of brown are not versatile. Select other solutions.

Don’t Forget the Appliances and Fixtures. Chest handles are not the only accessories in your space. Consider the finish of light fixtures, sink, faucet, and appliances.

While metal finishes are a trend today, don’t overdo it. Once the colors clash, the cohesiveness of your space and the beauty of your furniture won’t be maximized.


Indeed, chest handles are a quality investment. Aside from unique styles, they are made from sturdy materials that last for decades. They also come with special curb value you’d enjoy.

Work with a trusted manufacturer for a reliable option. Most importantly, don’t be deceived to purchase the cheapest brands. Spend your money on brands at a reasonable rate.

So, what are you waiting for such impressive furniture hardware? Contact RocheHandle Now!