Modern Handles

Modern Handles

If you want to inject elements of modernity on your furniture, what should you do? The answer is simple: buy modern handles for sale.

Popularly known as contemporary handles, they are an ideal solution for someone who has a special liking for modern handle designs. They can create a perfect match with your modern furniture, modern lighting, modern paintings and anything else that has a sense of modernity in the room.

Whether you are buying modern cabinet handles, contemporary kitchen handles, modern closet handles or modern cupboard handles, one of the things that require your attention is the modern handles finishes.

The good news is there is a wide range of modern handles finishes. You have an option of choosing antique brass, antique copper, matte pewter, nickel, oxidized black, chrome, sandblasting and many other finishes for contemporary handles.

When it comes to the materials for modern door handles you are not limited in terms of the choice that you make. You can buy aluminum alloy modern handles or go for zinc alloy for your contemporary cabinet handles.

So, where can I buy the best modern handles?  The surest choice is from a modern door handles manufacturer. At Rochehandle, we have built our name in manufacturing quality modern handles. We also have reasonable prices for modern handles whether it is kitchen handles or wardrobe handles.

We manufacture customized modern door handles that will meet your specific needs. You only need to contact us and specify your requirements for the modern handles.

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Ultimate Guide to Selecting Modern Handles

Chapter 1: Introduction To Modern Handles

While you may not realize it, handles are everywhere. You touch it on a daily basis, and it plays a crucial role in maintaining your home and workspace fully functional.

Strangely, for a product that is widespread, there’s little-written information about its rich history. Unless you understand the past, you can’t expect to build for the future. There’s no motivation for imaginative thought. No heritage to prove, nor legacy to establish. That won’t do.

Thus, if you are looking for some inspiration, here is a brief history of cabinet handles, covering its evolution for the past centuries to the present day.

A Short History of Cabinet Handles

Architectural handles play a huge role in our day-to-day lives than one has ever thought. Handles, as you know began to take off during the industrial revolution. However, it has been providing your furniture more than functionality for many centuries. For more than 300 years, handles have been applied to furniture. Its distinct style can determine every era. All of which serves as a statement piece known by historians.

Pre-1800s Handles

In the early 1700’s, architectural handles were considered functional. With know-how passed through generations, local blacksmiths made handles, latches, and hinges from iron with methods and tools which weren’t developed from medieval periods.

It was following the industrial revolution which things started to evolve. Not just the technological aspect, but also the architectural style started to change. The impressive Gregorian homes of this era featured decorative brass hardware. It was a sign of traditional modification which remains like a British taste.

As the industrial revolution change, other national styles initially emerged in continental Europe. An independent America followed these along with the rise of the Regency Style. The period of architectural handles flourished.

Victorian Handles

The Victorian Era ranging from the 1860s to 1910s is the period believed as the golden era of architectural handles. They became much accessible. The cost becomes reasonable too. That’s because factories were able to mass produce cabinet knobs and handle. However, this mass production developed competition on a greater scale. Because of the recently competitive market, design played a crucial role. Designers have created new styles and new forms. That transformed knobs and handles into very decorative and detailed furniture accessories.

Spanish & Colonial Revival Handles

Towards the end of the century (the 1880s to 1910s), housing styles started to transform once more. As modernity signaled, many sought design motivations from the past. It was the origin of the Revival styles that simulated the conventional handle of times to be mass produced for the modern market.

A colonial revival emerged in America along with decorative blacksmithing motivated by the past to rejoice the centennial year. Europeans established Spanish Colonial & French Normal revival styles. On the other hand, English revival handles integrated with medieval motifs, hand hammered pulls, and traditional ironwork for the most romantic design era.

Arts & Crafts Handles

Progressive architects were shifting away from extravagant historical styles, and machine cut detail towards clean, practical, and simple designs in the 1900s and 1930s. The hardware of this era was made known to be used and considered to be beautiful. Thinkers such as William Morris influence this period.

Further, pre-industrial metals like copper, brass, bronze, and iron finished along with a rustic, aged effect are common for the handle of this era. From a design point of view, the emphasis was to carry out the natural beauty of the metal. It also allows every article to fulfill its purpose as directly and simply as possible.

Modern Handles

The following major period was the Modern Era. It lasted two decades around a focal point in the modern history. It took place between the 1930’s and the 1950’s. The Modern Era was impacted by the World War II that marked a substantial distinction in the function and form of the handle. The period brought a more linear, simpler, and functional design. Along with less focus on aesthetics, the details of the designs of the Victorian Era were left behind.

The modern era would not last. As soon as after the battle, designers and architects were encouraged to bring back the inspired designs of the Victorian period. They revolutionize them along with a contemporary twist.

Contemporary Handles

The contemporary period of architectural handles dawned in the 1970s with interior designers and architects shifting away from just being functional. The styles of the past have been reestablished once more, but more designers are experimenting with handles as an independent art.

From personalized cabinet handles to custom finishes, the possibilities with these handles are extremely endless. You need to understand where to search, and you’ll find something that suits any budget or style.

After more than 300 years of cabinet handles history, which brings us up to the present time? It’s the designers of today who hold the key to the future. Who knows what the future will bring? We are lucky to live in such a thrilling time. For today, you are living in an era where the architectural handles have the power to tell stories through its details and textures, providing more meaning to your furniture.

Chapter 2: Modern Handles For Wardrobes

One of the most important furniture every homeowner could have is the wardrobe. This is where clothes are kept, and it helps you organize your stuff. When you’re searching for your favorite pants, you will never have a hard time. A wardrobe can also bring up the value of your property. It is something you can boast to your friends and other relatives.

When you decide to purchase one, focus on durability and finish. Aside from that, there are other things to consider, including modern handles. With the number of options available in the market, you can find the best choice in no time. However, it is not going to be as simple as that. You will encounter trouble narrowing the items that suit your needs.

The good thing is that all the hassles can be avoided. You just have to be guided when you shop online or offline. For you to do that, this comprehensive guide will be of great help on your part. Keep reading for more information.

Different Materials

The first thing to focus on is the material. What is the material that is of high quality? Is your option made from metal that can last a decade? For you to become aware of the common materials of modern handles for wardrobes, take a closer look at the following:

  • Brass

Modern handles made of brass is highly durable. The material itself has a low friction surface, making brass handles for wardrobe ideal. They are a perfect option for furniture like wardrobe because of its sturdy feature.

Modern brass handles are also corrosion resistant. They provide durable performance even in high corrosion applications. Compared to others, they do not have iron. They are not prone to rust as well as tea stain. When you already spent thousands of dollars in handle replacement, now is the right time to consider those with integration of brass.

  • Bronze

Just like the brass handles for wardrobe, those made from bronze are also long-lasting. They have high hardness and strength that can withstand the test of time. They are likewise proven to fight against corrosion. Every time you open or close your furniture, you will love their smooth and cozy texture. You can say bye to corrosion and say hello to a clean room.

  • Copper

Another corrosion resistant and durable option is the modern copper handle. When your handle gives you issues, the pulls with bronze are a great choice you can ever have. They are anti-bacterial, naturally slowing down the growth of bacteria such as MRSA, Legionella, and E-coli.

For the aesthetic sense, they provide an attractive color. Typically, they have a golden finish depending upon the content level of the copper. Plus, they are resistant to tarnish and corrosion, making them last for years.

  • Chrome

Modern chrome handles have a polished surface that shines like a mirror. Brushed and satin chrome has a matte surface that can complement the style of your property. Similar to other materials, they do not rust. However, they look dull when partially or potentially damaged. Their metalcore can rust when they lose the chromium plating from natural wear or accidental damage.

  • Silver

Modern silver handles are more understated than polished chrome. They complement almost every color of wardrobe. They are a little softer than the polished nickel silver handles. They look good near to stainless steel. When it comes to the style, silver pulls are not too shiny. They are an excellent alternative to chrome plating and have an aesthetic value.

  • Steel

Modern steel handles provide a sharp and clean look to your cabinetry. They are extremely durable, and among the strongest options you can consider. When your dresser has dark colors, they can totally stand out, that’s why they are popular and practical to many homeowners out there.

  • Zinc alloy

Modern zinc handles have been known because of their effectiveness at warding off the oxidation that results in corrosion and rust. They battle against such issues, making your investment long-lasting. They are more effective compared to other products available in the market. They have a high-temperature tolerance and are flexible.


After knowing the material that best suits all your expectation, it’s time look into the shapes. These days, modern handles are available in a variety of shapes. With a lot of options, you may be quite confused what to choose. So, it is essential to know a little information about it.

  • Bow Handles

Bow handles

Bow handles have curved, slim-line design that might have originated in the 1930s. They are the perfect choice for those looking for usability and convenience. What makes them more interesting are their style and flair. They look amazing against modern designs in both gloss and matte. They can also make a statement and blend in with the overall design of your living space.

  • Bar Handles

Bar handles

Modern bar handles are perhaps one of the universal wardrobe designs available. They almost suit any room style such as traditional, modern, and minimalist. Depending on their length, they can help negate the need for a range of handles on long drawers. This is good news for homeowners who prefer a more streamlined and simplistic design.

  • D Handles

D handles

When you are a bit uncomfortable to use bar pulls, why don’t you give modern D handles a try. They are easy to use, boosting optimal convenience. Their design is specially tailored for simple opening and closing of your wardrobe as well.

  • Cup Handles

Cup handles

There is no better choice than modern cup handles for people who love vintage design. They are sturdy, easy to clean, and hard-wearing. Since the style is authentic, the design can make room furniture look antique. Their functionality is ideal for heavy drawers.

  • S Handles

S handles

Whether you want a unique or special option, S wardrobe handles will come to your rescue. With their design and style, your furniture will stand apart. They can bring up the value and aesthetic appeal of your investment. They are also stress-free to use, giving you a convenient experience.

Chapter 3: Modern Handles For Kitchen Cabinets

modern handles for kitchen cabinet

Since many kitchen cabinets are not sold with handles and other hardware, it’s up to you to decide which options to pair with your selection. This will not be the easiest decision because there are many unique finishes and styles to choose from. To help you search for the ideal product for your kitchen cabinets, below are a few tips to follow:

  • Stick with your Theme

The modern handles you choose speaks to your theme like your kitchen cabinets. Ask yourself which item works best with a range of themes? Do you need tubular or sleek pulls? Here at Rochehandle, our collection can complement the look in contemporary and modern kitchens. Traditional cabinets have more details, which can benefit from smooth or simple handles.

  • Keep Finishes Cohesive

You will find modern handles in an array of finishes such as brass and brushed nickel. While matching the handle around your kitchen is good, you should maintain the same finish. You also have to keep the colors as close as possible. Sometimes you may be forced to purchase handles from a number of retailers. When doing the process, always make sure to keep the finishes relevant.

  • Take the Color of your Kitchen Cabinets into Account

The color of your cabinets is as essential as the style when choosing handles. With painted or white cabinets, any finish will work except shades of brown. It is not a flexible choice.

  • Know the Fixtures and Appliances in your Space

Handles will not only be the hardware in your kitchen. Consider the finish of light fixtures, appliances, sink, and faucet. While mixing different finishes is trendy these days, overdoing it is not a brilliant idea. Once the colors clash, it can potentially affect the cohesiveness of your kitchen. Plus, you cannot maximize the real beauty of your new furniture.

  • Never Overlook Quality

Modern handles in your kitchen will experience traffic. Never focus on the appeal and forget about the quality. For sure you want an option that is strong, easy to hold onto, and durable. So don’t overlook the importance of a quality product. That will help you avoid any regrets.

  • Step Outside the Common

Your standard handles will come in various finishes, including brushed nickel, bronze, and gunmetal. But you can also consider something rare. You can think about mirrored or glass handles. They can work equally and add an imaginative or unique touch to your kitchen.

  • The Right Size

It is very imperative that the size of the handles fit your kitchen furniture. For instance, if you have a country style kitchen, it is much better to integrate more ornate or curved cabinetry handles. When your space is a bit modern, it looks great with rectangular or even slim handles.

Aside from that, you have to get the size right. Sometimes you may love the look of the handles, but they may look out of proportion in your space. This does not necessarily mean you cannot mix things up by incorporating contemporary handles to a traditional kitchen. It only needs to make sense based on the size and designs.

  • Different Types

Kitchen handles are very different from knobs or pulls. The difference may be inconsequential. Both have unique purposes and features that can greatly affect the overall look of your space. Round knobs are more welcoming and casual. They are also popular because of their home-style look. They work effectively in an older setting. To get the most out of them, take advantage of rustic décor and wood-based cabinets.

Contemporary and modern kitchen handles complement minimalism and steel kitchens. They likewise look sophisticated and eclectic.

  • Long-Lasting Quality

Another foremost criteria for choosing modern handles for kitchen cabinets is their quality. Good quality and well-designed option that will stand the test of time. Handles are often touched and pulled while opening or closing kitchen cabinets, that’s why they must be strong, functional, and stylish.

Before you make a purchase, test out the product of your pick. Also see whether they can be pulled properly or gripped easily. The grip is very essential considering those who suffer from joint problems and have bigger hands.

  • Position

It is vital to fix handles after cabinets have been installed in your space. Don’t forget to hold handles against the cabinet. When you choose vertical handles, place them on doors where they will never crash into each other. Placing handles horizontally on every cabinet door is not common, however, they look great in some kitchen themes.

  • Consider How the Materials Will Feel in the Kitchen

Kitchen cabinet handles are made from metal, crystal, and glass. With metal, you can choose handles in pewters, chrome, bronze, stainless steel, and nickel in different finishes such as oil-rubbed and satin. Nowadays, metal is the number one material for furniture though glass looks stunning in a traditional kitchen, and crystal gives the space a vintage vibe. 

  • Think About How They Contrast with Cabinet Doors

For example, a dark matte color can contrast perfectly with a light cabinet paint. Brushed nickel kitchen cabinet handles can set off a stained wood grain nicely. Lastly, silvery stainless steel solutions look fabulous with dark cabinets or contemporary kitchen as a whole.

  • Identify your Count Cabinets and Budget

In case your kitchen has many cabinets or drawers, the cost is no doubt can add up suddenly. Before you go shopping, count how many do you need. This is a good way for you to prepare enough budget and not be surprised with the final price in the future.

  • Combine Handles and Knobs

Sometimes handles are not enough. You need to take advantage of other alternatives such as knobs. You can use both on drawers, lower and upper cabinets. Be sure that they have the same color, finish, and material for your kitchen to look nice. They add visual interest to your space, and they will boost functionality too.

If you’re having a hard time picking the best modern handles for your kitchen, please be guided by the comprehensive steps given above.

Chapter 4: Modern Handles For Dressers

modern handles for dresser

These days, there is a growing number of modern handles for dressers because of the high demand from the public. At first, you may think that the rich selection can help. Of course, it is, you have a lot of options to consider. However, it is not going to be the case at all times. Sometimes, you will encounter some difficulties to find the one that best suits your furniture.

With this guide, you will be aware of how to choose the best and have a convenient shopping experience at the end of the day.

Corrosion Resistant

A common problem in modern handles is corrosion. It is very unhygienic, making you prone to diseases. Though it may be easy to remove, it’s still a hassle, especially when you have a hectic schedule. Why add more to your job by purchasing options that cannot withstand corrosion? If you try to search the net, you’ll find ideal choices.

Along with the corrosion resistant modern handles for dressers are brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, chrome, zinc alloy, aluminum, and a lot more. Whether you select an aluminum or chrome handle, you can finally say bye to corrosion and say hello to a clean, vibrant, and stylish investment.

Wear and Tear Resistant

Opening and closing a dresser over a long time can lead to wear and tear. But this depends on the material of your option. Direct your attention to those that can fight against wear and tear. Also, make sure that your pick is sturdy enough.

Identifying whether a handle is wear or tear resistant is difficult. But when you consider the finish and material, your chance will be higher than expected. Also, know how well it will hold up to frequent use. For example, those with intricate or delicate design may be tricky to clean and could get scratched quickly.

Any shiny finish, including brass or chrome, will show spills, scratches, and fingerprints. Matte-black or cast-iron handles are convenient to grab and clean. You will never spot a fingerprint on it. If you want to avoid catching your clothes and other stuff on handle ends, opt for those with flush ends that rest seamlessly against the dressers.


When shopping for hardware such as handles, style is the most common factor that many homeowners consider. Of course, you want to pick the best style or the one that works with your décor.

Here are some styles you can weigh in min:.

  • Traditional

Traditional dressers have a more classic or ornate look. They range from antique, rustic, to farmhouse. They are more detailed that they come with more embellishments. Whether you want to increase or enhance the aesthetic value of your dresser, traditional handles are what you need.

  • Contemporary

Aside from having clean lines, contemporary dresser handles have a sharp and minimalistic look. They are understated and simple. They are perfect to those who want simplicity in their dressers. Most of the products have stainless steel finish.

  • Modern

Modern dresser handles often have sleek, straight, or curved lines. They also have solid colors. Shades are soft neutrals with a touch of bold colors. Because of that, they are one of the current trends, reflecting the modern handle industry.

  • Transitional

The transitional style combines traditional and modern handles. They allow you to mix both elements for a personalized and appealing look. If you want unique pulls for your furniture, going transitional is an excellent idea.

  • Eclectic

Handles with eclectic designs are for those who seek a fun or informal look. They are unique solutions, allowing you to achieve excellent personalization.

Comfortable to Use

Most of the time, people get tempted to buy handles with a stunning look. If you feel the same, it’s normal. But don’t forget the importance of quality options. Is the handle durable? Is it comfortable to use? Then, grab it to avoid regrets on the days to come.

Good Grip

You want handles that feel good to the touch. No matter how costly modern handles are, they are worth it when they are easy to grasp. They should also be sturdy to open. For example, low-lying or pot dressers that hold heavier stuff may require a longer handle. Just place them in one way to avoid hitting each other. Another general rule of handle placement is that they should sit horizontally on dressers.

Consider the people who use the dressers too. A family relative with large hands will find opening the furniture difficult with a cup-hold pull. They need to use their fingertips to reach underneath as well as scoop it to open.

An elderly individual may also not grasp a knob and kids may not open a dresser. To avoid such issues, handles are great options. They are responsive, relevant, and convenient to install.

When there is a toddler in the family, choose fun handle in a colorful design that fits the theme of the room. Today, there are many design options including flower, sports, animals, etc. For other spaces at home, consider the materials and colors that coordinate well with the décor.

While metal handles are the most common, you may want to use unusual options such as clear acrylic or hand-painted ceramics. When planning to shop online, make sure to check the products’ measurements first. Seek help from others if the need arises. Besides, please be sure to check the price because handles vary in costs.

Other Tips on Choosing Modern Handles for Dressers

  • Take the surrounding finishes into account. Start with the light fixings, wall colors, to floor tiles. A match is not important at all. What matters the most is that how they complement each other to create a pleasant space.
  • You get a wide array of designs for dresser handles in the market. It depends on your option what kind of look you want to give to your dresser. For a vintage look, iron handles are ideal. For an elegant look, a classic bronze or an intricate designed handle is what you deserve. Any room hardware you opt must reflect your lifestyle or complement your room design.

Chapter 5: Modern Handles For Doors

modern handles for door

Door handles are an extension of the personality of your home. This is why selecting the right handle is a great way to give your home a new and attractive look.

Similar to those home improvement projects, executing a plan for upgrading door handles will yield better results. When the time comes that you need to make a choice, there are things to bear in mind. While decision making or shopping may seem overwhelming, it will not happen when you follow the steps below.

Security and Front Entrance

Modern handles provide better door security. They also offer stunning front entrance, making you confident with your home. During special occasions, they are something you can boast to your relatives and close friends.

Type of Interior Handle

Choosing door handles does not happen overnight. It takes enough time. It also depends on the use of every door in your home or the style that you prefer. Some homeowners want door knobs, and others opt door levers.

Door knobs are capable of adding a touch of style to your residential property. With enough amount of designs, finishes, or styles, they must fit the appearance of your door and other furniture. They can also become a decorative option when they have more standard designs.

In case you want to integrate more recent technology into your doors, levers are manufactured for you. Over the recent years, they have become more advanced and integrated with modern design. Apart from that, they become commonplace for front doors, patios, and more. They are available in a good range of finishes and designs.

Compared to door knobs, they can guarantee optimal dexterity and strength to you. By using your elbow, you can open your door with convenience. They are an excellent choice for glazed doors and can offer a number of black plate options.

Door Function

Once you know the type of door handles, now is the right time to identify the function. For bedrooms or bathrooms, you may select a privacy lever. For closer or hallway doors, you may prefer a non-lacking handle. For decorative door handles, buy non-turning options for higher security performance.

A door handle provides many functions such as a passage set, entry set, dummy set, and privacy.

Door Setup

More often than not, the type of door you have will identify the handle you have to install. Pay attention if you have super thick doors, make sure to get the necessary kit. When it comes to exterior hardware, you may come across an exterior door with one hole for hardware. Instead of doing the job yourself, hire a service provider to give you a hand.

Types of Material and Environment

There are many styles of handles as there are different doors to fit them. So, you have to be ready to make a research. Door handles in antique bronze or brass may be better in the warm colored home. While cooler schemes best fit stainless steel, chrome, or porcelain handles.

If you have plans to work with interior designers, they can help you throughout the process.

Do you live in tropical areas? Then, your door handles need to withstand weather elements, including salt and humidity. Give those salt-resistant materials a try to have a worthwhile investment such as stainless steel or satin chrome.


Screws play a vital role in door handles. Even though they are tiny hardware, they are the ones that hold the handle and the door together. But, many homeowners out there ignore their importance. When you buy pulls, be sure to check the quality of the screws. Don’t forget its value and benefit on the installation process.

Handles Should Match the Theme of Your Room

Do you have a classical period themed room? If that is the case, choose a traditional handle made of iron, brass, or porcelain. For those who prefer more modern or sleeker design, minimalistic door handle comes to your rescue. Satin or chrome looking handles are perfect solutions for contemporary look.

Always bear in mind that door handles do not have to be made of a single material or plain design. There are glass and wrought iron handles for you. With their decorative elements, you will certainly feel satisfied with your decision of getting them.

Whatever the kind of products you purchase, be sure that it is long lasting and that the spring is durable. A low-quality spring will wear out easily. As a result, they can cause dropping or stopping the handle from bringing back every time you close the door.

The Lockset

What level of security are you expecting from your door? This is a significant factor to consider before purchasing the right handle. A variety of locks has different functions and construct. There is a need to pick a mortise or a cylindrical lockset. Mortise locksets are popular because of their workings for a deadbolt. Cylindrical ones do not have that. Some doors, including double door handles, do not require locks at all. However, the handles are used to make a grip, to push or pull the doors to open.

Ease of Use

Door knobs do not pose many issues in terms of ease of use. However, there are still concerns that are worth considering. People with arthritis will struggle with having to turn a knob. Thus, going with handles will make life much easier.


While external door knobs provide security to your residential property, other internal door knobs will ensure privacy. Whether you are getting changed or in the bathroom, modern door handles can save you from discomfort or embarrassment of the unintended walk-in.


The budget comes last on this list because you will have to take the above information into account before you can come up with a decision of how much you are willing to spend. You need to allocate funds properly especially for the main door handle or knob to avoid additional unnecessary costs in the future.

At this stage, you have to think about how often you use door handles. Since you employ them every day, they have to be hard wearing. For most of your rooms, you will use them hundreds of times. Therefore, selecting cheaper products will not last a long-term run. At first, they are money-saving. But when they corrode, they will cost you more than you’ve ever thought.

Chapter 6: Modern Handles For Kitchen Cupboards

modern handles for kitchen cupboard

Kitchen makeovers have become popular in recent year. Avoiding the cost and interruption caused by installing a new kitchen, replacing worn cupboard doors and cupboard handles will transform your kitchen into a space that will catch the attention of your friends or visitors.

Needless to say, remodeling is for every homeowner. And when appliances and base units are shot, then a new kitchen is the best solution. But if improvement or repair is possible, the following tips will help you make hassle-free decisions.

You cannot get the most out of ultra-modern kitchen units without the use of contemporary kitchen cupboard handles, designer kitchen cupboard handles, and T-bar bow. With their brushed and polished chrome finish, your kitchen will look more innovative and superb,

Traditional as well as European style kitchen cupboards look best with old cupboard door handles. Although there are a good number of options in the market, not all of them are a good choice. Always consider the style of your space to avoid a wrong option at the end of the day. Aside from the traditional handles, you can also think about cup handles, glass knobs, and brass pulls.

From light fixings, appliances, floor tiles, to theme and colors, consider the surrounding finishes. A perfect match will become possible when finishes complement each other, creating a stunning and comfortable space. When you have enough budget for new handles, it is not enough. There are factors to take into account, making the process overwhelming. But knowing all these stuff, you can allow you to expect stress-free shopping along the way.

All kitchen handle styles will suit wooden or painted cupboard doors. Apart from stainless steel, you can try polished chrome. You can also include brass options into your shopping list. Whatever your decision is, make sure that you will use a product that will perfectly match your kitchen’s overall look.

For best results, coordinate kitchen cupboard handles with the finishes of your appliance. An exact match will be possible when the finishes are closer. Seek help from a service provider when you don’t know what to do. There are companies that are willing or ready to help you from start to finish until you are happy with the result.

In case the hinges are visible from the side of the cupboard, match the handle finish for a cohesive hardware finish. It sounds easy, but it is difficult to make. Ask pieces of advice from a close friend or someone who has an idea.

When the time comes that you need to select remodeling handle and other hardware for your space, select items that will suit or work with your appliances, styles, and fixtures. With this, you will spend your money on something worthy and long-lasting. Plus, you will have the peace of mind with your option.

Contemporary kitchens look attractive with flat panel high gloss laminated doors. It is available in a rich selection of vibrant colors, but be sure to check if the color is relevant or cohesive with the other elements of your kitchen and home décor as well.


Modern handles for kitchen cupboards range in cost. Those that are available with a competitive price are made from nice materials, but most customers are likely to opt for something cheap. If you are hoping to find a handle that will work for all your needs without spending too much money, you do not have a lot of problems because there are a variety of options out there. But if you want something known to have high quality or right style, you should be ready to pay more. Handles with a reasonable or fair price are what you should give attention and interest.

Ease of installation

Kitchen cupboard handles are fairly simple and quick to install. Most customers with basic Do-It-Yourself skills will likely have no issue with the installation process. Nevertheless, if you are a neophyte handyman, don’t make the job harder for yourself. Let other companies handle and do the project for you.

Online reviews are quick ways for you to know how hard an installation is, and how good the instructions that come with kitchen cupboard handle. In case you are a bit concerned about your ability to install a specific option, check out what others have to say before making a purchase.

Think About the Weight of the Door

When choosing kitchen cupboard handles, think about the weight of the cupboard. A wide and deep drawer with lots of stuff can be difficult to pull, especially with a single knob or a push catch. An excellent solution can be an easy to grip handle. Using this will make opening and closing of the cupboard easier.

Easy to Grip

Appliances such as dishwashers and fridge require easy to grip handles. Aside from that, cupboard also needs the same option. By spending your money on this kind of item, it will allow you to get a firm and convenient hold of the door.

Sturdy and Decorative Handles

Durable handles are not enough to acquire more savings, they should also be aesthetically beautiful. Aside from sturdy feature, always look into the creative appeal of a product of your choice. No matter how drabbest your cupboard is, decorative handles can transform it into a new one.

Rely on a Reliable Company

When buying handles for cupboard, you really have to be careful. You have to consider many factors. What your option is made of? What is its finish? It is stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, or brass? So, shopping is complicated without a doubt.

But you can avoid all hassles. Just count on a service provider that has the reputation of providing the best services. Here at Rochehandle, we come to your rescue. From a rich selection of handles to different furniture, years of experience, competitive price, to a flexible team, you came to the right place. Contact us for more information or send us a message. Our people are committed and ready to serve you!


modern handles for drawer

Beauty and functionality combined are good reasons to love modern handles. We all know that rooms get messy on a regular basis, and preventing it from happening on your drawer surface is necessary for its longevity. Handles help to protect your drawer finish because you will not transfer the oils on your fingers to the fronts.

If you have a full-overlay or frameless drawer, you need to open it since your fingers may not fit in the reveals of the drawers for operation. At present, they are available in countless styles as well as finishes, enhancing the design of your living space.

So, how do you make a good selection?

Whether you are building or remodeling, choose a product that lasts over a decade or more. After being aware of the materials that you prefer, use these effective tips to guide you toward the perfect hardware for your drawer.

There are no strict rules to follow when picking a modern handle. One preference is to use it for different kinds of drawers. Every time you close or open it, there will be no hassles. In fact, it is going to be comfortable. You can grab it with your whole hand, instead of your fingertips. Since drawers can get heavy with stuff like pots, modern handles are extremely helpful.

Before you renovate your room, try out the use of modern handles as soon as possible. Touch it, feel it, and fit your hand inside it. Does it feel nice? Does it fit? Or is it uncomfortable? When it suits your hands comfortably, it is the best option you can ever have.

When you grab it, does it have ridges or pointy edges? If so, that can get annoying when you use them a hundred times every day. Always select those that have optimal comfort.

Lifetime Warranty

The warranty is the first thing to ask about any product, including modern handles for drawers. Today, many products are made from stainless steel that stands tough conditions. But it is not about the material of the option. It is about how it is made and finished. Even stainless steel could get stained, and brass could be tarnished.

If the final coating process has been completed to the right standard, the product will be able to stand and remain durable. This is the test along with the warranty. Brands that provide a lifetime warranty can do so because of their intricattte and high-quality processes in preparing, grinding, polishing, and coating the modern handle.

Modern handles for drawers with a lifetime warranty might cost more. But the good thing is that you get a higher investment that you deserve in the first place.

Micronized Polish

One of the highest quality of smoothing or polishing that can be carried out on a piece of metal is a micronized finish. It is a process that is used as a method on best quality handles. It is a longer polishing process because it make use of different stages using finer grit grades.

The advantages are that the product is stunningly finished, much smoother, and corrosion resistant. With most handles in the market, they are prone to corrosion because of porosity that naked eyes cannot see. Porosity allows the moisture to enter and because of a high level of acid, handles will corrode. Micronisation can prevent this from happening.

Electroplated Finish

Most modern handles for drawers are painted to look like they have undergone electroplating. That is why the warranties for such options will only last up to a maximum of seven years. If a particular handle has a lifetime warranty, it is because it has been properly electroplated.

Anti-sag Mechanism

Modern handles depend on the latch spring to hold their weight, preventing sagging. For this reason, these products wear out over a long span of time and end up sagging. At first, they may sound like it is not a big problem. But they are annoying, and that makes your door untidy. Top quality products have a fully reinforced spring which makes them ideal for heavy duty. Plus, they will never sag.

Uniqueness in Design and Style

Modern drawer handles are sold in big box stores under well-known brands. But they are mass produced with a limited selection of styles. When it comes to high-quality handles, they are not sold in big box stores because of the following:

  • Drawer handle is a technical product in which the big box stores are not capable of providing advice to consumers.
  • Excellent brands sell their products thru designated hardware specialists.
  • Big box stores have low prices. Thus they do not have quality products that last a lifetime.

Matching Drawer and Handles

When selecting new handles, options are key. From brand to brand, variation in finish is inevitable. A brushed nickel in a company is different from another product from other providers. It is vital that consumers and specifiers know this when choosing a product.

This causes a problem in matching the handle with the drawer. More often there is no coordination of handle and drawer selection. But with good quality brands, there will be cabinet handles with relevant finishes. Thus, be aware of this to ensure that your handle and drawer is a perfect match.

Architectural Style That Aligns with Your Architecture

In case you want to obtain an architectural style that matches the personality of your house, direct your attention to topnotch handles. Here at Rochehandle, we will never disappoint you. We are dedicated to providing drawer handles that go beyond the industry standards. For more information, feel free to give us a call!

A Good Level of Corrosion Resistance

Like in cabinets, doors, dressers, handles for drawers should be resistant to corrosion. They should not deteriorate over many years. They should last despite the changing or severe conditions. With a product from a leading manufacturer, you will feel assured to have one for your drawers. At Rochehandle, we are the company that you can count on. Be one of our valuable clients today and see what we can do to make you happy with your investment!

Chapter 8: Modern Handles For Oak Cabinets

modern handles for oak cabinet

Since most cabinets aren’t sold with hardware, it depends on the homeowner to decide which handles to pair with their selection. That isn’t always the simplest decision since there are lots of unique finishes and styles to choose from.

Oak is a traditional hardwood utilized in log furniture fabrication. Oak has an excellent rustic look, and your furniture can show off its beautiful grain. There are lots of advantages to utilizing oak in the log furniture plans.  Oak is a conventional material and contributes to a rustic theme in rooms. It’s durable too so you can utilize it in heavily used furniture pieces like cabinets. It is not expensive as well.

How to Choose Modern Handles for Oak Cabinets?

Buying new modern oak cabinet requires special attention in choosing modern handles. Here are some crucial information you need to consider when picking modern handles for oak cabinets:

Functionality and Quality is Number 1

When picking modern handles for oak cabinets, it is essential to ensure that they are of good quality and are well-made. Consider how many times you open and close the cabinet drawers and doors in your kitchen. You’ll like your modern handles to be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Make sure that you test out the handles that you wish to purchase. Clench one against the cabinet doors and see how simple they are to hold. You need to feel it in your hand as well. Assure that your handles have the proper grip for those people utilizing the kitchen. These include older people who have arthritis in their fingers or those with bigger hands. You can ask your manufacturer what material the handles are made from and the type of warranty they carry with it.

The Style is as Crucial as Functionality and Quality

Consider the overall feel and style you would like to accomplish in your kitchen. The modern handles for oak cabinets you choose have a huge influence on the overall feel of the kitchen. It can tip the style in one way or another.

Using a very easy, streamlined modern handles on minimalist-style oak cabinets with flat-fronted doors invokes a very sleek and modern look. You can consider softly curved barrel handles or rectangular bar handles. Further, search for handles that are even ended as opposed to those with ends that stick out. These can catch your knees or clothes as you walk around the kitchen.

Great Finish to Enhance the Look of Your Oak Cabinet

After you have picked the style of modern handles that you want, identifying the finish will be much simpler. Modern handles are available in a wide array of finishes. It varies from modern brass handles, modern bronze handles, and a lot more. Here is the list of each of them:

  1. Modern Brass Handles: There are three types of brass handles. Bright brass is highly reflective with warm golden sheen for a vintage look. Satin brass is bold without being over the top. The brushed gold hue has the ideal amount of understated style. Lastly, the antique brass. It has golden undertones and brown hues in a warm look, perfect for traditional settings.
  2. Modern Bronze Handles: From bronze to black stones, you will find lots of options of modern bronze handles. One of them is the aged bronze. It has warm copper tones that breakthrough an aged exterior for classy and elegant sophistication.
  3. Modern Chrome Handles: The subtle luster of this modern handle is very alluring and edgy, but never magnificent.
  4. Modern Silver Handles: Silver handles are historical, while brushed cabinet handles are full of allure.
  5. Modern Zinc Alloy Handles: The versatile finish of modern zine alloy handles complements and flatters any décor style.
  6. Modern Steel Handles: Its adaptability enables it to blend into almost any décor without being overlooked

Size Always Matters

Some modern handles for oak cabinets are accessible in different lengths. It is a personal option and a matter of taste if you want to combine handle lengths in your kitchen. However, utilizing the same handle, irrespective of the length will make a less busy and consistent look in your kitchen.

You can try to go for an “in-between” length modern handle which won’t appear too short or long drawers. If you are not certain how much length is perfect, you can ask your oak cabinet designer or a supplier. They will recommend a size according to to the size of the oak cabinets in your kitchen.

Position for Formality

Ask your oak cabinet installer not to put the modern handles on till all your cabinetry has been set up. Doing this will offer you a chance to stand in your kitchen and hold your modern handles against the oak cabinet drawers and doors. You can try out various heights and positions. The rule here is that modern handles are installed vertically on doors and horizontally on those pull-out drawers.

If you prefer establishing a modern, efficient look in your kitchen, then you can consider putting the modern handles horizontally on the doors. However, you need to feel this first. It does not feel natural opening a door along with a modern vertical handle.

Consider the Shape

Cabinet handles are often referred to as the jewelry of the kitchen. Similar to any outfit, it can change the total appearance of your space.

  • Modern Bow Handles:A modern style kitchen with a modern bow handles gets a contemporary touch with a stainless or nickel steel pulls. It can be dramatic and long, or classic and short.
  • Modern Bar Handles: These modern bar handles add a more decorative element.
  • Modern D Handles: Modern D handles come in different finishes and lengths. It varies from hand-forged white bronze to stainless steel.

Modern handles for oak cabinets are the jewelry of your kitchen. Thus, just like in a wardrobe, it should coordinate, enhance the design of the outfit, and be comfortable. Before you purchase, check the mentioned factors above with your kitchen materials to get the ideal fit. 

Chapter 9: Modern Handles For Bedroom Furniture


While the term modern handle is a reference to a specific type of design, the term is often used interchangeably with knobs and pulls. Customarily, a handle will be a piece of material or bar broad enough for fingers to hold it. The handles of your bedroom furniture play a crucial role because they are essential to drawer or door operation while offering whole aesthetic for the room.

You need to open your bedroom furniture if you have a full overlay or frameless cabinet since your fingers won’t fit in the reveals for operation. You will find lots of finishes and styles which can improve the design of your bedroom. So, how do you choose?

If you plan to install new bedroom furniture in your room, it is crucial that you choose the right modern handles. In this chapter, we will discuss the tips you need to consider when picking modern handles for bedroom cabinets.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Modern Handles for Bedroom Furniture

  • Which is Better: Pull or Knob?

There aren’t strict rules to follow when picking whether to choose a pull or knob or both. One preference is to utilize knobs for all doors and pulls for drawers. For any pull-out door, you can utilize a pull. It’s much more convenient to open a drawer using a modern pull handle. It enables your whole hand to grab, rather than to use only your fingertips. It’s very helpful since bedroom drawers can get so heavy with all of your stuff.

You can also stick only to pull handles or knob handles. The use of each knob is a fad apparent in older bedroom furniture before there was a diversity of hardware to choose. We do not suggest it today because it can look generic and unconventional. The use of all pull handles is a more modern look. It is also observed in more traditional rooms along with a more traditional pull style.

When considering using all pulls, you should consider how they will be installed. All modern handles are usually (horizontal) for drawers and vertical for doors. If you prefer the latter, you need to find a modern pull handle which isn’t heavy. That’s because it tends to add more weight to your bedroom furniture.

  • Which is Better: Curved or Square?

Bear in mind your lighting fixtures, bedroom furniture edge, cabinet style, and other essential elements when taking a pick. Do they have curved or square lines?

Pick handle, which is consistent with the kind of lines in your design. Examples of square cabinet styles are:

  • Squared look
  • Modified shaker door with a flattering look
  • Flat panel
  • Shaker

Square style hardware can be round, with square contours. They are much modern. A few examples of these are:

  • Pillow-top doors
  • Recessed panel doors with beads or ogee edges on the outside or inside profiles

Curved style modern handles for bedroom furniture has more detail and soft edges. These are more transitional or conventional.

  • Finish for the Ultimate Look

While the majority of homeowners will prefer modern silver handles or modern chrome handles, there are many other finishes accessible to add interest to your bedroom.

You do not need to compliment to your lamp, as long as the finish matches other finishes in the design. Finishes which go well with a brushed stainless or brushed copper lamp: bronze (light to dark), antique pewter, satin brass, black matte, aluminum, rust, and bronze. Finishes who go well with a chrome lamp are more limited than these. It includes clear glass, pewter, dark bronze, black, and white.

  • Don’t Forget Comfort

Try out the pull or knob handle before you buy the entire bedroom furniture. Feel it, touch it, and fit your hand inside the modern handle. Does it feel good? Does it fit? Or does it ram your fingers and feel sharp on the edges? You must be able to fit four of your fingers comfortably.

If you grab the modern handle, does it have ridges or pointy edges which press on your precious fingers? It can get pretty bothersome if you use them hundreds of times every day.

A lot of companies provide a sample program where they’ll send you the modern handle you’re interested in and only pay the shipping fee. You can try them out. It’ll be worth the additional research.

  • Stay on Budget with the Price

You’re aware that you get what you pay. There are many companies out there with cheap brands, and their finishes are also looking inexpensive and sub-par.

As an alternative to going to those big-box stores, search for handles through RocheHandle. We have a wide array and diverse variety of modern handles and salespeople to help you.

A good price ranges for pulls $3 to $6 and above. Typically, the price is based on the design and finish. Bronze or solid stainless steel are going to be much more than one’s range. The longer modern handles for your bedroom furniture will also run more in price. That’s because there are more materials utilized.

No matter what you pick, you need to order a few additions just in case the finish, or the screw breaks starts rubbing off.

Your Modern Handles is the Jewelry of Your Bedroom

Bedroom furniture handles are the jewelry of your bedroom. It must harmonize, be convenient, and expand the overall design of your room. Therefore, before you plan on buying, make sure that you do your research. There’s nothing wrong with ordering samples. That allows you to check the finishes and the modern handle itself carefully.

Chapter 10: Modern Handles For Closet Doors


The position of your closet and the amount of space you currently have in your room will determine the ideal modern handle for your closet door. Whatever style, you want a modern handle that offers you easy access, and convenient operation. It also needs to look good because it mirrors the look of your room and home as a whole.

People spend a lot of time looking into their closets. However, closet door handles themselves are often a bit of a consideration. You’ve spent all the money to create the interior of your closet door and spent all the time filling it with your favorite stuff. Now, you need to access it in a way which makes the most sense for you.

The modern handle for closet doors can be constructed of solid materials like zinc alloy, silver, chrome, bronze, brass and a lot more.

  1. Determine the Modern Handle Which Complements Your Closet Door

By the time you’re at the point of choosing your closet handle, more than not, you’ve determined your closet design style. In identifying what kind of handle you like, ensure it will compliment your overall design theme.

Following are some of the typical modern handles you can pick:

  • Streamline Modern Handles: They’re natural for modern cabinetry and come in stainless steel. It means it is a great option to go with dark stained or wooden closet or door. You’ll often see this handle in nautical-themed rooms too.
  • Bar Handles: They are durable, classy pulls which complement different styles of cabinetry. The linear and flat bar pulls underscore the modern feel of the closet door. Oversized pull handles eradicate the need for two pull handles on a wider drawer. You must utilize two pulls on drawers which are 18 inches or wider. Bar handles are also partly utilitarian options for those flat-pen closets. These normally come in stainless steel.
  • Window Sash Handles: These handles are based on window sash fittings. These are made to lift huge windows in the early 90s during the transitional era. Black handles are more likely to look perfect against subway tiles and white wood. These types of handles are very easy to grip and very nostalgic.
  • Oversized Handles: Oversized handles are art objects. They catch a lot of attention, so pick the right style. Bear in mind that this look could be overdone. Oversized handles are perfect for putting your stamp on the décor. They will add an element of panache and surprise to your closet doors. These work great with Tuscan, Mediterranean, county, eclectic, vintage, and modern closet styles.
  1. Types of Modern Handle Doors for Closet Doors: Pulls, Knobs or Both?

Every option has its advantages and will offer you a unique look:

  • FOR KNOBS: The benefit of closet door knobs is that they’re normally less costly than T-pulls and bars. They only need one hole to be installed in your closet. A single knob can be drilled on closet doors. However, you may like to consider putting two knobs on bigger closets.

Cabinet closets are weightier than doors. Thus you might need that additional knob for convenience. The contemporary style of utilizing knobs for your cabinetry can offer you a very attractive look to your room.

  • FOR PULLS: On the other hand, closets which only feature pulls are more likely to offer a modern look. Stainless steel modern handles are more likely to be more efficient on heavy drawers. These are perfect for aging hands which have limited strength and flexibility.
  • FOR KNOBS AND PULLS: It is most typical to have both knobs and pulls featured in the closet doors. Knobs are normally installed on doors, and pulls are installed on drawers. Every closet door is unique to the owner. You must mix and match to meet your preference and style.
  1. Select a Handle Finish Which Will Add Contrast to your Closet Doors

For light or white closet doors, you can utilize a darker modern handle finish with less luster, such as brushed stainless steel. For darker closet doors, you can consider a lighter handle finish like mirror stainless steel. Remember that it’s typical for the closet door handle to complement or match other furniture in the design space.

  1. Selecting the Right Handle Size for your Closet Door

Closet door handle size can vary depending on your personal design preferences. However, you will like to select a size which is both functional and stylish.

The “center-to-center” measurement normally distinguishes bar pull sizes. It is the distance in the middle of the two screw holes. However, if you have a pre-drilled closet door, you will need to purchase handle which fits the current center-to-center measurement of the door. Or else, you are left to your devices in picking the size of the closet door handle.

  1. Identifying Your Budget

At this point, you’ll have narrowed down your modern handle for closet doors to a specific finish, size, type, and style. The next thing you need to consider is your budget for the handle. A good starting point is to count how many handles you’ll require for the door. You need to decide a price range which is comfortable for you.

A lot of modern handle manufacturers have numerous lines of varying price and quality, so be certain to find one which uses quality materials. Buying a cheap handle for your closet doors can seem like a good idea. However, cheaper materials will only degrade in the long run. It will face a high risk of bending or breaking. For instance, stainless steel hardware must be solid and not hollow. It is durable and has even finished.

Even though the options are many and might be overwhelming at first, it is important to have a bit of planning or organization. That will help you find the ideal handle.  You will surely match your closet door and personal style. By following such guidelines for choosing the ideal modern handle, your dream closet is that much closer to becoming a reality.

Chapter 11: Modern Handles For Kitchens

Your kitchen is the major hub of your home. Most people consider it as the most vital room of the house. You probably start your day in the kitchen with a hot cup of coffee or a short breakfast with the whole family. Everybody gathers in the kitchen to mingle. It is where you cook your food and eat together. The kitchen is the main bonding place of the home. When you, your guests and your family are attracted to your kitchen and wish to spend time in it, then your kitchen is a huge success.

An aesthetically pleasing and highly functioning kitchen is an investment in the happiness and health of the family. It also includes all the small details that matter. Whenever designing your kitchen, you normally begin with the appliances and cabinets. From there, you can customize it with knobs, pulls, aprons or corbels. There are numerous hardware details you need to consider. The smallest pieces sometimes make a huge impact.

What is the Significance of Modern Handles for your Kitchen?

One of the smallest details inside your kitchen is the handles on your drawers and cabinets. The handle you choose must not be a consideration in the stage of updating or remodeling. Cabinet handles aren’t always given the afterthought that they deserve. But the style you select can massively affect the general feel of your kitchen area. The handle is equally as essential as the cabinet and drawers themselves.

As you start to shop around for modern handles, you will quickly figure out a dizzying variety of styles, shapes, and finishes. For instance, modern-style handles pair perfectly with cabinets in a modern kitchen. It casts a sleek essence of luxury upon the space. If you are searching for an old-world look and feel, you can go for antique-style handles. Approaching the subject of pulls vs. knobs can be overpowering too. But it is a choice which deserves your consideration and time.

Common Strategies for Selecting Kitchen Cabinet Handles

It is vital to select handle which will match the rest of your kitchen décor and emphasize its worthy features. Most people like their drawer and cabinet hardware to compliment with the handles of their kitchen appliances. The colors must work together, and the finishes must not clash.

Different shapes can also make the kitchen look and feel cluttered. You must utilize your personal preference and functionality to approach selecting handles. Here are some strategies to follow which correlate the style of cabinets.

  • Flat-Panel Cabinets: These are mostly seen in modern kitchens. Flat panel embraces minimal designs to concentrate on natural materials. Subtle handle options are best like stainless steel bar handles. You often notice long, extended versions installed on the drawer or door. If you want square edges, you can prefer a flat bar handle.
  • Beadboard Cabinets: Such cabinets provide a chic cottage look that pairs well with cup handles and knobs. There is more detail to view in these cabinets. Adding elaborate handle might be too disturbing and could take away the charm of the beadboard.
  • Distressed Cabinets: Rustic handle pairs well with distressed cabinets. You can consider placing black plates for that Mediterranean style, antique or rustic knobs, or sand-cast bronze handles.
  • Inset Cabinets: Inset cabinets provide flush with an edge detail which supports fine craftsmanship. A lot of insets have exposed hinges, offering you something else to consider, as the majority of people want handles that could match their inset cabinets.
  • Louvered Cabinets: Modern handles work nicely with louvered kitchen cabinets. However, knobs are the most typical. Bear in mind that louvered cabinets offer more detail than a solid, plain cabinet. That is why a lot of people prefer classic or simple handles to match louvered cabinets.

Finally, you must select your handle according to your preferences, and goals for functionality and kitchen style. If you are conscious about resale value, understand that the most famous handle finishes are bronze, nickel, and satin. You won’t find hard-set rules to follow when we talk about adding the details to your kitchen. Most people prefer a combination of pulls and knobs. If you are not certain which one to select for your kitchen drawers and cabinets, it is smart to assess the pros and cons of both.

Pulls or Knobs?

The decision between cabinet knobs or pulls is not simple. Both come with pros and cons. Bear in mind that you will be utilizing these handles every day. No matter what you select must feel natural in your hand and flow along with the décor of your kitchen. You should consider the style and décor of the kitchen, the look you wish to accomplish, your budget, ease of use, cleaning and maintenance, as well as the weight of your cabinets.

What You Need to Know About Knobs

Did you know that knobs are the most typical kitchen hardware? They are simple to swap out by yourself. Normally, they are installed using a single screw. They come in different shapes and sizes. They are made from different materials like stone, brass, crystal, marble, ceramic and glass.

Some of the pros and cons of kitchen knobs are the following

  • Knobs are less expensive
  • You enjoy a lot of options
  • They can be difficult to clean
  • Some drawers knobs on those lower cabinets can catch clothing

What You Need to Know About Pulls

Pulls are so simple to install. Still, they normally include more than a single screw. The majority of pulls need two screws. The same with knobs, there are different options to consider. The common types are:

  • Birdcage
  • Ring pulls
  • Drop handle
  • Bar Pulls
  • Arch pulls

It is clear that it is a matter of personal preference and thinking about the other elements in your kitchen area. You must give further consideration to the function you like for your handle to serve. Then, after that, you can make the best option for your needs.

Many homeowners find that a mix of pulls and knobs work best for their needs. There is no lack of options and variety from which to select. You can always find stylish and useful modern handles for kitchens.

Chapter 12: Modern Handles For Chest Of Drawers

It is simple to ignore the chest of drawer handles when you are remodeling your kitchen or constructing a new home. After all, they are relatively small, easy to set up and do not cost much. However, modern handles for a chest of drawers, also called pulls or knobs, can make a huge difference in the utility and look of your room.

You use your drawer handles dozens of times every day. While hardware such as cabinet hinges aren’t highly noticeable, chest of drawers handles are high profile. These can add to or lessen from the look of your room, depending on how cautious you are to your cabinet knobs and handles.

This chapter will provide you information on how to choose modern handles for a chest of drawers which will offer your room the look that you desire.

Take Time for Searching

You will find many different styles of modern handles as there are doors, drawers, and cabinets to fit them. So, be ready to spend some time searching. Handles for a chest of drawers in antique or brass bronze may look better in that warm-colored room, while color schemes suit with chrome, porcelain or stainless steel handle. If you are utilizing an interior designer, they might be able to help you with this decision.

If you live in tropical regions or near the sea, your drawer handle has to endure the weather elements like salt and humidity. In these environments, go for a Micronized finish satin chrome that is resistant to corrosion compared to brushed nickel.

Wherever you are situated, your drawer handle needs to be durable and long-lasting. It must remain strong and durable for as long as you need it.

It’s All About Considering the Style

Approach handles for a chest of drawers in the same way which you would approach any other design task. You can consider what your general theme is in the house when you are picking the handles. Then you can consider the design of your room where it will be utilized. Finally, the type of drawer design which your handles will be installed.

For instance, you’ve taken a conventional design approach within your home. Picking advanced angular drawer handle may not play as a contrast. That may appear out of place.

You will also need to take into considerations the types of drawer design you have utilized. Several people make use of different drawer designs on different floors of their homes. A few want the same drawer design throughout, and some enjoy being different on each. They prefer having a variety of drawer designs throughout their property.

Whenever considering your drawer handles, you need to take your drawer selection decisions into account. For instance, if you have all the same drawer designs all over your house, would you like matching chrome drawer handles for consistency?

Or, maybe you like to make a difference in your rooms or floors with different drawer handle designs to add some design edge?

Do you wish your drawer handles to have the same finish and color but with a new design or the same design with different finishes or colors?

If you have already decided to be bold in your drawer design, do you like a handle which reflects that bravery or do you prefer a more classic handle to showcase the individuality of your drawer designs?

Choosing Modern Handles for Chest of Drawers

  • Pick Between Drawer Handles or Drawer Knobs or Pulls

The option between drawer nobs, drawer handles, or drawer pulls may seem not important. However, handles and knobs have distinct features which can change the overall look of your room. Because chest of drawers knobs are round, they offer a room a home-style and welcoming look. That works well in country-themed rooms.

On the other hand, chest of drawers modern handles and drawer pulls can offer a kitchen a more elegant and sophisticated look. These variations are loose though, and you can find a different rustic chest of drawers handles and sophisticated drawer knobs if that is what you like.

  • Pick a Drawer Handle Style

Between your drawers and your cabinets, you may have 20 or more chest of drawers handles in your house that has a huge effect on the look of your room. Thus, you will like to choose handles and knobs which compliment or match your home décor.

If your room has a contemporary or modern look, consider picking a drawer handle which has angles and a simple design. Bear in mind that you can find pulls or knobs in some various designs. Thus, if you have a Tuscan-themed room, for example, you can find drawer knobs stamped with grapes. If you have a rustic room, you can find handles for a chest of drawers made from spiraled wrought iron.

  • Choose A Drawer Handle Finish and Material

After knowing whether you wish drawer handles or knobs and which kind of design you prefer, it is time to pick a finish and material. Generally, stainless or nickel drawer handles normally offer a more sophisticated and modern look to a room. Brass and bronze handle often feature a rustic or antique look.

The majority of materials come in various finishes. It can range from dark antique finishes to glossy polishes. Thus, you are certain to find something, which suits your home or home décor.

Consider the Installation Process

You also need to consider whether you are utilizing a professional drawer handle installer or you prefer doing it yourself. If you want to hire an installer, it might affect your budget.

Warranty of the Handle for Chest of Drawers

Be very cautious when choosing your modern handle as not all handles are the same. You will find some hardware which has limited warranties. Roche Handle provides the best warranties in the market. Most of our products come with a lifetime warranty as well.

After considering all these guidelines, perhaps you are now ready to choose the best modern handles for a chest of drawers. Make sure that you consider all of them before making a final pick.


The entire process of designing or choosing a room can be a lengthy and drawn out process. So, by the time you reach choosing cabinet handles and knobs, their significance can often be ignored. In between picking the style, the layout of your room and paint colors, you can underestimate the difference which right hardware could make a big difference.

Sometimes, you think that each fixing requires proper matching. Then your wall for something which is a different style or a contrasting metallic finish to the fittings presently installed in your house. Most people have specific characteristics, desires, and quirks.

Some of us prefer a sleek, clean, and modern space to act as a counterpoint to the fast-paced lives they lead. Some will prefer a more conventional room space with similar fittings that establish a flow from the main door. This can then lead to the same handle to the kitchen drawers and cabinets, while a few will prefer to mix and match different styles to make something unique.

We hope, this eBook provided you useful information you need to fully understand the different components and applications of choosing modern handles that can create extra design and functionality to your home.