Dresser Handles

Dresser Handles

Dresser handles also called dresser drawer handles. These handles are widely used in different dressers. It all depends on you need, taste, and preference because at Rochehandle we manufacture both short and long dresser handles. You can purchase and use them on your new furniture or as replacement handles for dressers.

Secondly, these dresser handles have various styles and finish to suit any dressers. Whether you need antique dresser handles or modern dresser handles, we have different finishing styles such as chrome, nickel, sandblasting, matte, pewter, oxidized black, antique brass, antique copper and even more.

We take pride in engineering quality dresser handles. We have a broad range of dresser handles types to customize your dresser to your tastes. From from small dresser handles to large dresser handles, from zinc dresser handles, aluminum dresser handles, gold dresser handles, stainless steel dresser handles, to all metal dressers, we have many dresser handles and pulls types that can help you achieve any taste or style.

If you’re wondering where to buy dresser handles, Rochehandle is a professional dresser handles manufacturer in China. Our clients are proud of our handles for dresser quality. We are continually seeking new handle designs to fill needs that have not yet been met. Rochehandle valued clients, with urgency and sincere interest in meeting your requirements. We persist driven to satisfy, driven to deliver handles that exceed your expectations in price, quality, and delivery.

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How to Replace Your Dresser Handles?

Almost all homeowners want the best for their residential properties. Aside from kitchen renovation and room update, they do not ignore the quality of their furniture, like the cabinets. Apart from considering durability and finish, there are things that they focus and set their attention on. These are the cabinet or dresser handles. What these products do is that they complement the appealing look of the furniture while serving its purpose as a handle for convenient opening and closing.

Just like buying other stuff for home innovation, people make sure that the dresser handles of their preference are of exceptional quality. They look into the materials, finishes, manufacturers, and prices. So, their chance of having a beautiful and sturdy pull will be a reality. Plus, having an investment that lasts within a long span of time and managing unnecessary costs are possible.

If you do the same thing, you will have the luck to acquire huge savings. You can also avoid the hassles when repairing or replacing your knobs. But, despite the durability level of your option, time will come that it will need a replacement. Instead of hiring a service provider to do the job for you, do it yourself. Although it sounds difficult, you can replace your dresser knobs alone.

Doing the replacement of your dresser handles will help you avoid high expenses. It will also lead to a hassle-free experience. You do not need to compromise your schedule waiting for a company to fix your problem. You can do it any time of the day, maximizing convenience and comfort.

Materials Needed to Replace your Dresser handles

Replacing your dresser handles will not be hard when you know the process. The same thing goes when you have enough materials. Below are some of the tools you need.

  • Screws
  • Safety glasses
  • New dresser handles
  • Adhesive putty
  • Wood filler
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Template or level
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Hardware

Steps to Replace Dresser Handles

Once you prepare all the materials, now is the time to take a closer look at how you’ll do the dresser handle replacement. Are you ready? Below are the steps to follow.

1. Clean your Dresser

Before changing the handle of your dresser, clean the furniture. When was the last time you wiped it? Do you forget when you treated it with wood conditioner? Whatever the case may be, you should clean it before anything else. Your task will be much more organized, leading to a comfortable experience.

2. Remove the Original Dresser Handles

For you to remove the original hardware, all you have to do is to use a screwdriver. Here, you need to have a few skills on how to utilize the tool. Instead of using a drill, a screwdriver is much better. In case you do not know how to employ the material, practice using it in advance. Seek help from a relative or a close friend to avoid other dilemmas.

3. Drill a Hole for the New Dresser handles

Depending on your choice, you have to drill a hole in your drawer. Sometimes, you may pick a handle with a different width, so measure it ahead of time. When drilling a hole for the new knobs, make the process right. Ask assistance from someone who can give you a hand.

4. Choose the Right Hole

To prevent an overwhelming disaster by using the wrong hole, take advantage of using masking tape and poke thru the ones you need. Employ an awl to mark the holes. This is a great way for the drill bit not to skate off the mark though you’ll drill into a vinyl wrap finish.

5. Attach a Handle Temporarily

Realizing that a handle obstructs after you have drilled the holes is too late. So, stick on a handle to guarantee that it is well-positioned. Mark the right locations, determine the suitable holes and utilize a handle jig.

6. Employ a Handle Jig

Measuring and marking the location of all available holes are time-consuming and cumbersome. The process will be convenient when you have to replace one or two pulls. Plus, using a handle jig can speed up your job.

7. Align the Handles

If your dresser doors are timber-framed, utilize the top of the base rail as a guide for centering the handles. Make sure to align your new hardware with the centerline of the stile, creating a visual balance.

8. Keep the Screws Tight

The biggest downside of having one-screw handles is that they can come loose and begin unwinding themselves over a long period of time. But this can be avoided. Take advantage of a thread sealant on the screws before winding on the handles.

9. Prevent Breakout

When you’re experiencing issues with breakout, assemble a two-sided jig to help you slot onto the edge of the door once you drill. Remember that a tight fit is necessary. Furthermore, use another piece of timber that has the same thickness as your dresser.

10. Stop the Spin

Thread sealant will keep a handle from unwinding from its screws. However, it can turn slightly with time and use. Luckily, this is not a big problem. Keep the handles stationary by adding glue.

11. Protect the Inside of your Furniture

After that, you have to shield the holes inside of your dresser with duct tape to keep the wood filler from leaking into it. Also, cover them when painting. Be careful when doing this.

12. Fill Old Screw Holes with Wood Filler

Next, choose a perfect wood filler and fill the old screw holes with it. To achieve your desired result, repeat the process at least two or three times. Always bear in mind that when the wood filler hardens, it shrinks. Fill the hole properly to guarantee whether the hole is level or above the surface of the furniture.

13. Sand the Wood Filler

After filling the screw holes with wood filler, remember to sand it until it’s flush. Use enough and superb sandpaper to achieve the result in no time. It is a bit exhausting, so prepare yourself.

14. Paint

Whether your drawer looks dull or unpleasant, replacement is not a brilliant idea. Buying a new dresser is expensive that can break your bank. The best solution you can do is to paint it. Choose a color that will represent your personality and complement to the style of your home. Be creative to come up with an unexpected outcome. Moreover, search the net for more information.

15. Add the New Dresser handles

The last part is going to be easy. You just need to add a new dresser handle. Screw it onto your freshly painted furniture and finish dresser handle replacement in no time.

Replacing the handles of your furniture does not need to be stressful. You don’t have to wait when a company goes straight to your doorstep. You can indeed do the process. Follow the steps above to have a guided and hassle-free replacement at the end of the day.

What to Look for in a Cabinet Hardware?

It is said that no matter how quality your dresser handle is, it needs to be replaced for the years to come. So, despite your hard work to purchase an excellent item, time will come that you need to buy another one. The good thing is that all your efforts will not be useless. The thought of replacing your handle will cross your mind after a long time.

When the need to replace cabinet hardware arises, below are what you should look for in a product:

1: Finish

The number one rule is to match a handle with the finish of your furniture. Today, matte black hardware fits in any furniture and other equipment. Gold hardware paired with white dressers is one of the trends today. You can think outside of the basics as well. You can consider crystal knobs, leather pulls, and more ornate accents to add a personalized touch to your room.

2: Style

Before you decide on dresser handles, it is vital to select the doors for your furniture. Whatever your selection is, it will greatly influence the overall style of your home. The trendiest styles for a dresser door are traditional and modern. Traditional dresser fronts have some appealing personality. You can expect raised panels, intricate inlays, and archways. They likewise convey a sophisticated and stunning look in your room.

When it comes to modern dresser doors, they are devoid of design details and are one solid panel. When you yearn for a more minimalistic approach to your room design, they are going to be your best option.

But how do you know that a handle suits to each dresser door? With modern fonts, pick hardware with a simple and sleek design. Think about stainless steel or matte black handles. Do not be afraid to overlook hardware altogether and have a personalized groove. For the traditional one, look for more ornate pulls.

3: Size

The size of your dresser will influence the size of your handles. If your dresser is smaller in scale, you’ll want to choose the same hardware, including minimal-scale circular handles. When you have extra-long dresser doors, longer hardware is the one to take into consideration.

Standard hardware is easy to install. Just use a screwdriver, then replace them into the holes. Whether you want to pre-drill the holes or place a single hole, simply measure the distance between the holes and the center. In case your furniture does not have the hardware, identifying where to place the knobs is tricky. Seek assistance from those who can help you.

4: Function

When selecting dresser handles, you have to focus on function and aesthetics. Even though it is tempting to purchase a hardware based on its style and design, you should test it before making a decision. Order samples and remember to get different sizes to decide what will work best for your dresser.

It is very useful to shop with a sample of your door. It is also better to ask these questions: does your hand keep sliding on the grip? Is it tough to pull or even get a grasp on it? Does it easily get greasy from your fingertips? You will utilize this item every day. And you want to feel comfortable and happy with your choice. There is nothing worse than an aesthetic handle that is complicated to pull at all times.

Basic dresser Handles Maintenance

Over time, houses shrink and swell. There are incremental changes in the shape caused by severe atmospheric conditions. It is arduous to prevent this from happening. The good thing is that it is possible to handle such issues. You need to maintain all the items on your property, including your dresser handle.

It is easy to keep your dresser pulls in great working order. If you start to include the best practices into your cleaning regime, your handles will work well for the lifespan of your residential property.

Keep it Clean

Although you purchase a superb handle for your furniture, it does not necessarily mean that you don’t have to clean it. Dresser handles are exposed to dirt, dust, scratches, and other potential issues. For you to protect your investment from high repair and replacement costs, clean it on a regular basis.

Metal Dresser Handles

There is no doubt that metal dresser handles are expensive and effective in adding a touch of glitz and shine to your spaces. Because of that, they are a popular option across the globe. One of their downsides is that they accumulate dirt. This is why soaking it in a soapy solution for hours can loosen up the dirt.

Rusting is a common problem with metal dresser pulls. Soak it in vinegar or a solution with lemon juice and borax. With that, your pulls will be as good as new.

But, for tougher stains, metal variants require specific care.

  • For copper, you should rub a mixture of salt and vinegar. If you always have lemon at home, it is a good alternative.
  • For chrome and steel dresser handle, it can be cleaned with a vinegar-soaked cloth. For rusts, employ an aluminum foil soaked in water and scrub it properly. Never use a rough cloth or steel wool on stainless steel to protect the surface.
  • For brass handles, they are beautiful without question. But they tarnish easily, which can be treated with a mixture of vinegar, salt, and flour. You can also consider a chemical cleaner to bring back the beauty of your pulls.

Other Handy tips to Make Cleaning Easier than Before

  • Dismantle your dresser so that you can clean the handles, hinges, and other parts thoroughly.
  • When soaking handles in a cleaning solution, make sure they are submerged for good results.
  • To finish up, wipe off water or residual soap and buff with a cloth for shine.
  • Toothbrushes are helpful for cleaning nooks or corners that you cannot reach. This is true when your handles have intricate details on them.
  • When cleaning, keep screws, handles and other parts in a jar. This is a good way for you not to lose anything.
  • To avoid streaking, use cloth, the old newspaper is not a good choice.
  • Sometimes, oil from skin might leave fingerprints and dirt. Thus, avoid direct contact.
  • Before mounting your dresser again, make sure all the parts are dry.
  • For you to get back the original luster, use polish with a soft and clean cloth. You can also think about the liquid coat and other products from the market.

Common Mistakes to Avoid during Dresser Handle Replacement

Replacing the handles on your dresser is not complicated. It is something you can do on your own. Typically, the job only lasts a few minutes that will not affect your routine at home or at your workplace. Of course, it does not mean that there’s no room for mistakes. There are blunders you can commit when you replace your handle.

Here are some of the mistakes you have to avoid:

Not counting beforehand

Obviously, you’ve set a budget for a project like a dresser handle replacement. However, are you aware how far it has to stretch? It is very essential to count the number of replacement pieces you need before shopping.

Piece Tracking

Technically, you could pile the tools you need close to you. What are you going to do with the old parts once you removed them all? Even though you are careful enough, screws and other important pieces can go missing, which is a problematic situation on your part. It can also be life-threatening because your children may eat such stuff.

When you decide to replace your dresser handles, set up two containers. One container will hold the new parts, and the other will collect the old parts. Be organized to avoid other issues you cannot afford to encounter.

Style Over Substance

Aesthetic look is a good reason for replacing dresser handles. Still, selecting a product because it is appealing is not a brilliant idea. Be reminded that you need an option that can handle being pulled and bumped against. If you’re tall, you also want easy to use and easy to reach cabinetry.

No matter how tempting to buy stylish pulls for your drawer, check whether it is of good quality or not. Ask about the material to know that your choice is sturdy and long-lasting. If the things you look for are not available, consider other alternatives.

Odd Placement

Installing your handles at the right height is important. Many homeowners put them at a height that looks pretty. Instead of doing that, it is better to align the handle with the lower rail of your cabinet, creating a uniform look. In other cabinetries, measure from the outside of the top and the bottom to guarantee that handles are centered properly.

Poke and Never Draw

Most installers of new handles use a pencil to mark the right placement of the holes to be drilled. What they do not know is that it is better to utilize an awl to make a proper indentation. When a drilling tool hits graphite marking, it will skate off. As a result, the hole will be placed off-center. At first, it may not be a big problem. But it can wreak havoc to an aesthetic or uniform appearance. You will be quite amazed at how you can spot millimeters of difference in your room.

Rochehandle: Manufacturer of Dresser Handles

When looking for a replacement dresser handle, there is no need to look further than Rochehandle. Our products are available in a variety of styles and finish that best suit any dressers. We have chrome, nickel, matte, pewter, oxidized black, antique copper, antique brass, and a lot more. We are the company that you deserve, ensuring 100% satisfaction.

Serving the industry for years now, we are proud to say that we have quality engineering hardware for dresser handles. We have a rich selection of products for you. Whether you want antique dresser handles, modern dresser handles, small dresser handles, large dresser handles, zinc alloy dresser handles, or aluminum alloy dresser handles, you came to the right place. All our products can help you achieve the style and performance that you desire. All your efforts and budget will be worthwhile and meaningful.

Rochehandle is a reputable and professional manufacturer of dresser handles in China. All our clients feel happy and satisfied with the quality of our products. We are committed to creating new designs, reaching or exceeding your goals. We will never compromise quality as we are here to help.

Unlike our competitors, we value our clients. We have the passion and enthusiasm to make you smile. Since our establishment, we focus on competitive price, consistent quality, and fast delivery. Be one of our valued customers today and find out how we are different from others.

Whether you have inquiries or concerns, feel free to contact us at +86 0769-89366747. Or send us a message at handlesupplier@gmail.com. Our people are amicable, dedicated and ready to serve you. In case you don’t know the type of dresser handle that you need, worry no more because our team of talented and approachable staffs are very reliable. You can count on them from start to finish. Give us a try and see why we are known in the industry for over a decade!