Zinc Alloy Handles

Zinc Alloy Handles

Zinc alloy handles are strong and versatile. This high-quality elegance zinc alloy handles can be used in different pieces of furniture, and you will still get that perfect outlook.

One of the key properties of zinc alloy handles and pulls is their strength. Zinc is strong raw material, and that is why it is used to make fine durable furniture alloy handle types. These zinc handles can last for long despite the external conditions. The strength of zinc handle means that you maintaining them won’t be an issue.

Zinc alloy handles are quite versatile. This simply means that they can be used on a wide range of applications. We have zinc alloy door handle types, zinc cabinet handles, and many others. The versatility of zinc alloy is because they can be customized into different designs and styles.

When it comes to zinc alloy finishing, you are free to choose your favorite finishes. The most common finishes include antique brass, oxidized black, antique copper, chrome, sandblasting, nickel, matte, and pewter.

Your choice of finishing will depend on what you would like your zinc handle to achieve.

Where do you buy your zinc alloy handles? At Rochehandle we are both custom and zinc alloy simple pull manufacturers who can help you choose the right handles. We sell a wide array of zinc alloy handles. Note, we can customize any zinc handle as per your specific requirements.

If you are looking for the best zinc alloy handle manufacturers in China, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The Durability Promise Of Zinc Alloy Handles

Zinc Alloy Handles


Door handles are utilized in every commercial and home space. But, not all people notice them and value their uses. That is why many would go for those ornamental door handles that catches the attention of those passersby. With this, everyone will sure notice it. However, what is the use of handles which can be very lovely, but wears off when utilized for a month or so? That’s why it will be great to purchase the best door handles.

Doors have been utilized since time immemorial for dividing internal spaces in a house for convenience and privacy. Meanwhile, external doors played the purpose of offering security and safety to the people. With the advent of doors in households, raises the need for several types of door hardware. A door handle is a one piece of hardware which is connected to a door. It is used for closing and opening it. Door handles are made of several types of materials, and they are available in different designs, too. Zinc alloy door handles are known for their durability and stylish finish.

Similar with any other products you that you see in the market, you can notice that cabinet handles can be categorized into the handles which are of good quality or not so good quality. With that, you ought to find zinc alloy cabinet handles are very dependable. It is the initial step and the advisable way to guarantee you pay for the highest quality zinc alloy handles.

If you notice, there are hundreds and thousands of zinc alloy door handles available. That definitely lead you in a dilemma, you can’t even decide which option is ideal. Don’t worry as this eBook comes in handy. We will provide you with ideas that can be beneficial to you. You can be guaranteed that you get the right kind of zinc alloy handles perfect for your home.

Zinc Alloy Handles For Durability And Strength

In any big-scale construction activity, whether it’s a commercial high-rise or residential complex building, building contractors experience bigger issues. Just like with purchasing supplies, they already know the right one that they need. Unlike homeowners, they seemed confused on what supplies should they get for their homes. Well, there’s a lot of it, and an example of this is a door handle. To laymen, this is a small accessory that doesn’t need to be compared to the whole size of the project or even in the context of an apartment. But it is simply not as there’s more to it than being just a plain handle.

As an element, zinc acquires unique chemical properties which make it a perfect choice to use on the exterior of your home, like the handle of your main door. Zinc is one of those least reactive elements, and it’s easy to work into effective shapes. Compared to steel and iron, zinc alloy handles don’t degrade or rust in the presence of oxygen or water.

Acidic substances like sulfuric acids and hydrochloric acids can scrape the surface of the zinc. However, such substances aren’t normally present in strong enough concentrations in the rainfall in the majority of locations. However, over time, zinc does create a thin coating. Unlike rust, it safeguards the surface instead of damaging it. Patina is that thin layer accountable for remarkably deepens the color of zinc alloy handles as it ages.

No wonder building contractors choose this kind of handle. Thus, enough stress has to be provided to the quality of zinc alloy handles if you want to order for your home beautification project.

What are the Main Features of Zinc Alloy Door Handles?

As the name tells, the material utilized is an alloy of Zinc. It is sturdy and is capable of giving the clean and smooth finish. It is also made in various sizes and shapes desired that are either as plain metal or with further designs to make the handle look attractive.

The qualities any interested buyer will search for in zinc alloy door handles are:

  • Rust Proof. Cabinet handles can come in contact with water. However, it should endure and will not corrode in the long run. Zinc alloy handles are always corrosion resistant.
  • Since the cabinet or doors are opened and closed regularly, the handles should be tough to remain attached to particular furniture.
  • Durability. Door handles need to last long as well as be firm and strong.
  • Easy to Maintain. Handles must be easy to maintain, too. Some require oiling so that the friction is lessened to prevent wear and tear. Plus, the moving parts of your door handle must be made with the help of materials which won’t need regular friction reduction to prevent frustrations.

Zinc alloy kitchen handles has also a smooth finish. Thus, the aesthetic part also needs to come into consideration. After you are guaranteed of both: appearance and functionality, your needs will surely be rewarded.

Building with Zinc Alloys Handles

Zinc alloy alone is too soft to be utilized on your door handles. However, once combined with another metal like copper, aluminum, or titanium, the properties of the two metals combine. That is to create a weatherproof and durable zinc alloy cabinet and door handles. Zinc can also be utilized as a strong, protective coating on other types of cabinet handles or door handles.

Apart from that, the cost of zinc alloy handles is cost-efficient. That is true particularly if compared to lesser-quality metal handles which will need regular maintenance and replacement over the life of a home. Zinc alloy handles are eco-friendly as well. It helps your drawers and doors lessen energy use in all kinds of weather. Zinc alloys are recyclable at the end of its useful life.

Make Your Kitchen Look Embellished With Zinc Alloy Pull Handles

Zinc Alloy Pull Handles for kitchen

Door handles is an open-ended term. It includes mainly of door latches, bars, and door knobs. Picking handles for your kitchen drawers is a crucial decision as there are lots of handles accessible for use in kitchen drawers.

Nowadays, the design varieties of zinc alloy kitchen handles are accessible. They offer a modern look to your kitchen cabinets; the zinc alloy handles are in excellent demand. That’s because they’re designed exclusively per the area of function. Pull handles are designed elegantly with the help of top-grade zinc alloy.

The Benefits of Zinc Alloy Handles

Such handles are free from any impurities as they’re produced with the help of modern machinery. The major benefit of using such handles is that it improves the appearance of the doors and the cabinets it is made use for. It is also designed under the observation of experienced and skilled professionals.

The price of such handles isn’t very costly, too. Homeowners can purchase them for their doors and cabinets. The pull handles are sturdy products with long life. They look attractive and are simple to maintain as well.

Zinc alloy handles accomplish the necessities of the ever-changing demands of consumers and offer a contemporary look. A different selection of unparalleled quality of zinc aluminum pull handles is produced these days. They all have extraordinary features and give quite a decorative look. They are accessible easily in different perfect designs and a series of patterns and sizes.

Pull handles made of steel and zinc are also in huge demand on the market, and they are offered in extensive selections. Those handles offer a sophisticated look and are hassle-free to keep. The décor of your house can be improved with the use of these embellished pull handles.

Why Use Zinc Alloy Pull Handles?

Zinc alloy pull handles are in huge demand as they look classy and elegant. They are chosen because of their dimensional accurateness. Such handles are corrosion resistant too and are made with fine finishing in a guaranteed range at affordable costs. The most crucial benefit of utilizing a pull handle made of zinc alloy is that they’re consistent.

Zinc alloys are useful engineering materials. No other alloy offers the combination of economic cast ability, bearing performance, rigidity, toughness, and strength. A repeat performance, quality, and precision are unique zinc alloy advantages.

  • Toughness

Zinc alloys offer high impact resistant significantly than that of grey cast iron, plastic and aluminum cabinet handles.

  • Strength

Zinc alloys provide extreme strengths (at least 60,000 p.s.i.) as well as superior elongation for durable designs and formability for riveting, crimping and bending operations.

  • Flexibility

Virtually, any portion of configuration can be molded with the help of zinc. High casting fluidity, irrespective of part configuration, enables thinner wall parts to be cast in zinc than other metals.

  • Simple Finishing

In case you didn’t know yet, zinc alloys are polished, plated or anodized for functional or decorative service.

  • Recyclable & Clean

Zinc is considered among the cleanest melting materials accessible. They offer extreme fluidity and excellent strength for thin walls and ready finish.

Moreover, they are created using metals of the highest grade and best quality raw materials. Such pull handles are perfect products which are manufactured utilizing extremely classy machines. They look beautiful and can be ordered online easily.

Zinc Alloy Kitchen Cabinet Handle Ideas For Flat-Panel Kitchen Cabinets

A slab-door or flat panel style of cabinet is often observed in contemporary or modern kitchens. The essence of this style is about minimal design and allowing the natural materials to speak for themselves.

A wood grain might be the statement, or it can be a basic linear pull on the high-gloss white cabinet. Irrespective of your style, the look gains its strength from understatement. Thus, subtle zinc allows handle choices to make a huge impact on your kitchen with flat-panel cabinets.

Hidden Touch Latches for Exotic Veneer Cabinets

Not for those people who utilize their kitchens regularly for cooking items that are heavy on the butter or oil. Fingerprints on the front of your handles are at times frustrating. However, it isn’t cool and sleek looking not to have a stick of zinc alloy handle in sight.

These latches provide the ultimate minimalist option. There is no accessorizing or hardware statement at all. They work well along with exotic veneer cabinets for which you do not want anything to compete with your beautiful doors. It also features full-height stone backsplashes which complement your countertops for a restrained palette.

Wire Pulls for Industrial Appliances

Utilitarian, classic and simple, these are excellent for those who don’t like their zinc alloy handles just to be the one to get noticed. These wire pulls allow your kitchen to keep a simple and humble look. It adds a bit of a no-nonsense and commercial feel. These work well with stainless steel countertops, industrial appliances, and industrial lighting.

Cutout Flat Bar Pulls Adds Charm

Did you know that cutout bar pulls are simple and decorative at the same time? It has almost a 1970’s feeling in antique brass. If you love a zinc alloy pull which adds a bit of furniture detail and charm to your modern flat-panel door style, it’s the right option for you. They add an appealing and decorative element to an otherwise simple contemporary kitchen. Also, a flat cutout bar pulls works well with high-gloss and rift-cut travertine finishes.

Tab Pulls for a “Non-Kitchen-y” Feel

These zinc alloy kitchen handle ideas are perfect for the minimalist who loves a bit more. They are discreet but functional at the same time. They can be made small on every cabinet or longer, which runs the entire length of the drawer or cabinet door. Tab pulls add a “non-kitchen-y” feel to your kitchen. They also work well with painted high-gloss, and wood veneers finish.

No matter if they are longer tabs in black or smaller tabs in silver; their look transforms the kitchen completely. The strong black lines on the tops of the drawer in a kitchen establish a cool-vintage contemporary contrast.

C-Channel Integrated Wood Pulls for a Flawless Look Kitchen

These zinc alloy kitchen pulls are ideal for the purist who does not love to combine too many materials in their kitchen. They are not the most pragmatic option for high-use kitchens, too. These kitchen handles establish a flawless look in which zinc alloy cabinet handle does not interrupt the wood face of the cabinet doors. C-channel integrated wood pulls work well with minimalist kitchens with open shelves, no wall cabinets, and lovely wood veneers.

J or C-Channel Zinc Alloy Rail Pulls for Sleekness

These pulls provide another excellent option for those who do not wish their kitchen pulls to stick out into the traffic flow. These are sleek, but you need to be aware of spills and dust getting caught within the channels. They can emphasize linear design by running the constant, full length of your drawers and doors. They work well with stained or painted wood for flat-panel doors, waterfall countertops, and minimalist backsplash elements.

Recessed Pulls for a Commercial and Utilitarian Feel

These are brilliantly utilitarian and functional pulls. They are a perfect option for a high-use, high-traffic kitchen where you don’t like your zinc alloy kitchen handle pulls sticking out and getting in your way. It offers your kitchen a utilitarian and commercial feel. Glass doors, stained wood doors, and bypass doors are a perfect match for this kitchen handle.

Flat Bar Pulls for Strong Linear Feel

Flat bar pulls are the pulls ideal for modernist who wants linear elements and square edges. It may appear like a silly distinction to some; however, in modern design, such tiny statements establish a huge noise. It adds a strong linear feel which highlights strong rectangular and square elements. These also work well with long horizontal drawers, tile backsplashes, and wood grain.

Tubular Zinc Alloy Pulls for Free Kitchen Appeal

It is one of the most sought-after kitchen cabinet hardware styles for many years. You will see these on those classic Shaker-style cabinets as on contemporary flat-panel ones. They often make the major statement when they are run as long as possible on the drawer or door. Its style features an end caps which are flush. You don’t have small bits which stick out or catch your pants’ pocket. Anyone who has a ripped pocket while walking hurriedly through the kitchen knows what this means.

Tubular zinc alloy pulls add an industrial and fresh appeal to the kitchen. These pulls have a pragmatic feel as if they are made for a science-lab cabinet.

Zinc Alloy Vs Stainless Steel Handles: Which Is Better?

Stainless steel and zinc alloy are general materials utilized for parts in most applications. Choosing zinc alloy vs. stainless steel handles as a material would vary on the certain applications every alloy is suited for. The finished product will have its physical and mechanical properties which determine its strength, overall functionality, durability, and longevity.

The casting process of any alloy includes injecting molten metal into a mold to generate a specific shape. The procedure is perfect for the manufacturing of high volume parts due to its highly complicated geometries. Further, choosing zinc alloys vs. stainless steel handles will be determined by such factors. These factors include size, costs, volume, and usage among other reasons identified by the marketplace.

What is Stainless Steel?

stainless steel

Selecting stainless steel is an alloy of carbon, iron and a minimum of 10.5% chromium recognized for its corrosion and strength resistant. It comes with different grades which are identified by the combination and degree of elements combined with chromium, carbon, and iron.

Modern stainless steel handle may include such elements like titanium, molybdenum, niobium, and nickel. That is to increase corrosion resistance, add ductility and strength to weather environment factors which are seen in climates. These climates include temperate cold, dry and polar found on sea and land.

Common Stainless Steel Applications

The known type of stainless steel is Type 304, an austenitic stainless steel grade. It has a wide array of industrial applications. Major uses are for architectural paneling, maritime equipment and of course, kitchen equipment such as door and cabinet handles.

Pros and Cons of Stainless Steel Handles


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Rustproof
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable
  • Strong


  • Expensive

What is Zinc Alloy?

zinc alloy

Zinc is rarely utilized in its pure form, but it’s used to create different metal casting alloys. Some of these are soft solder, aluminum solder, spring bras, German silver, nickel silver, bronze, and brass. Sought-after zinc alloys are also known as ZAMAK, for copper, magnesium, aluminum, and zinc.

The best known all of the zinc is brass. It is made by adding at least 55% of copper to zinc. Further, brass is typically utilized for its corrosion resistance. If zinc is exposed to air, it reacts naturally to the carbon dioxide in it and creates a layer of zinc carbonate. The layer serves as a protective coating from additional reactions with water or air. That is why at least 1/3 of all metallic zinc manufactured today is utilized to galvanize metals to avoid corrosion.

Pros and Cons of Zinc Alloys


  • Versatile
  • Rustproof
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Durable
  • Cost efficient


  • Less aesthetically pleasing

Choosing Between Stainless Steel and Zinc Alloys Handles

When comparing the two alloy according to cost, the cost of stainless steel is a bit expensive due to its chromium content. On the other hand, zinc alloy is much affordable. Thus zinc alloys are less costly compared to stainless steel. Although much costlier, the stainless steel is extremely strong, a durable material known for its corrosion resistance.

However, zinc alloys are durable and strong too. It is a heavy element and once alloyed along with other materials; it offers better dimensional strength, stability, corrosion resistance and impact strength. Further, because of its lower casting temperature, zinc alloy offers a much longer life. It adds to decreasing production costs, too. Regarding casting components with tight tolerances and locations with thinner wall sections, no other alloys can be compared to zinc alloys.

Zinc Alloy Interior Door Handles For Different Functional Features

It’s an unquestionable fact that door handles are one of the vital parts of your home. Apart from doing the most practical uses, the interior door handles might add a unique sophistication when selected with little care. Beautiful zinc alloy interior door handles are perfect to be installed in your living space, bathroom, dining room, or kitchen, making your place can transform into a modern fashion statement.

Identify the Types of Handles for your Home

Choosing a handle that doesn’t match your room interior can ruin the impression of your visitors. Remember that the way your rooms appear to reflect your sophistication or taste. So make sure that you understand the different types of zinc alloy interior door handles to fulfill with your taste.

  • Contemporary or Traditional Zinc Alloy Interior Door Handles

Traditional handles offer antique finish for achieving the conventional look. While some people choose traditional door handles, other might choose the contemporary curvy zinc handles. Did you know that zinc alloy handles have a shimmering effect or matte look? If you want to opt for a door handle that is coated with artificial layers, you should maintain it to prevent frequent polishing.

  • Fancy Interior Handles

A fancy interior handle is accessible in a wide array of dimensions and different shades. It’s true particularly for the modernized rooms where it accommodates fancy furnishings. You might also consider the choices of picking those bearing special spy holes, latches, knockers, locks and several other choices.

Zinc Alloy Handles for Safeguarding Hygiene Factors

Since door handles are subject to bacteria and germs exposure, it is vital to check the material of your door handle, particularly if you have children in your home. In case you didn’t know yet, zinc alloy door handles to avoid the growth of bacteria that other metals like aluminum and stainless steel can’t do. It is done through electromagnetic, chemical effect. That is the main reason why a person might find zinc alloy handles on the majority of doors in a hospital. Zinc alloy handles safeguards the place from the infectious bacteria in all possible ways to secure the patients.

At present, there are many different manufacturers and installers of door handle accessible online. Rochehandle is one of those leading company that offers high-quality and durable zinc alloy cabinet and door handles. If you want to purchase from us, it’s best to check the functionality of the product you prefer to buy first. You need to consider the shape and color, too.

Are Zinc Alloy Handles Good? How To Know If You’Re Buying A Good One

The majority of people don’t give a second thought while picking a door handle. However, picking a door handle which goes with your home is surely a big task. Door handles come in many varieties these days like egg-shaped zinc alloy door handle or decorative zinc alloy handle or other fancy materials used to manufacture it.

Here are tips you must bear in mind while picking the best zinc alloy handles for you.

  1. Considering the Type of the Door Handle

The initial decision is to pick the type of zinc alloy handle you like. The fundamental ones are the oval or round door handles. It works on any door, but if you wish to try something new, you can consider which kind of door handle will suit your door and the décor of your room.

  1. Picking the Lock

Picking the kind of lock is also crucial. While you may need a key insertion lock for your exterior doors, it is known that interior doors with a button lock are far more convenient. You will find a wide array of locks accessible for your exterior doors. Some of these are mortise lock which is utilized on things like doors that have a cylindrical lock and cutaway pocket for doors with no lock preps and circular holes.

  1. Finish & Material

Finish and material of your door handle is part of its overall style. For a better impression, every door handle in a specific section must have the similar finish. There’s always a wide array of finish and material to choose from.

  1. Choosing a Style

Lastly, the style of your zinc alloy handle is what you ought to ponder upon. That’s because it will be an addition to the décor of your room. There’s a wide array of styles accessible for zinc alloy handles like long handles, egg-shaped, levers and round handles. The oval and round shape handles are the classic ones, and they work well with any décor. On the other hand, egg-shaped, sleek bar style and curved lever door handle offer your door a modern touch. If you wish, you can also go for a rectangle or square options.

Zinc alloy handles are a regular part of your home and your lives. They don’t just add to the décor of your home, but it also offers a good impression on others when they complement your door and the décor of your home. These mentioned points above might guide you in selecting the ideal zinc alloy handles for you.

Choose the Perfect Source for your Zinc Alloy Handle

While you are looking for a proper source to get the cabinet handles for your needs, you need to be sure that the manufacturer you choose can supply the appropriate quality of metal. That is the zinc alloy which is suited ideally for making your door handles. Then you need to consider the size of the handle you wish and the particular design to be picked.

It’s possible; you may like more than one design. When you go through the catalog of Rochehandle, you might discover the design you love. Further, if your requirement is high enough, the manufacturer might make an exclusive handle as per your specifications and designs.

It’s essential to call for a few samples too and have them fitted on your doors. That is to check the features as mentioned above. Once happy, you must be able to place your order after dealing with the terms and prices.

Door systems which can establish huge expansive openings are proving to be sought-out features in different coastal properties. That is to make best of use of the external spaces and views. Nevertheless, because of different environmental factors like in coasting environments, the extra case ought to be taken when adding such structures. It’s because weather conditions might affect the hardware and components utilized.

Rochehandle provides an array of zinc alloy door handles perfect for use to guard against elements effectively.


Zinc alloy door handles will improve the elegance of your door or cabinet. It also provides them a high-quality and remarkable superiority. Nevertheless, not all manufacturers can design those handles, the way they’re supposed to. It leads to not serving their customers as planned. Spectacular zinc alloy handles from Rochehandle require a high level of professionalism to make a superb design. It also comes in magnificent finishing, which will be both full of quality and spellbinding. Zinc is no doubt a precious metal thus; molding the handle must be well done.

Here at Rochehandle, we perform a meticulous production of our zinc alloy cabinet handles; zinc alloy kitchen handles and our zinc alloy handles. We use high-quality raw materials for all our handles. The zinc alloy we utilize is high grade which allows our handles to be resistant to every harsh condition. We address zinc alloy for its quality before it’s deployed in the making of our handles.

Apart from that, we have remarkable designing skills too. That is to facilitate a sophisticated appearance of our handle which will make your door, drawer and kitchen cabinet mesmerizing. From coloring to coating, everything is done in a way which will offer your handle more attractive look. It will offer an amazing look to you and your future visitors.

We also add special features to every zinc alloy handles we create so that they look contemporary. Sealing them with a hard shinning material could make them more resilient to harsh conditions. We ensure that our handles are protected from the harsh conditions.

To sum up, zinc alloy handles will only serve well, when made using the right resources and knowledge needed. From the quality of zinc alloy to the art of designing, each of them determines the type of handles you get. So, are zinc alloy door handles any good? Well, after reading this eBook, perhaps you now come up with a conclusion if zinc alloy is a good option for you.

For more information about zinc, alloy kitchen and door handles, visit Rochehandle today!