Drawer Handles

Drawer Handles

Different pieces of furniture have different types of handles for drawers. For example, desk drawer handles, chest drawer handles, cabinet drawer handles, bedroom drawer handles, kitchen drawer handles, dresser drawer handles, and many others.

Remember, the easiest way to opening and closing these drawers is by using drawer handles. Although this is the primary function of drawer handles, there is more than you can benefit from having both short and long drawer handles.

When buying a brand new piece of furniture that has drawers, it is crucial to take your time and choose the right furniture drawer handles. Try to know the raw material that was used to manufacture your preferred drawer handles. For example, at Rochehanles, we produce both replacement drawer handles and new ones which are made of different raw materials.

We have handles for drawers that are made of different raw materials such as;

  • Brass drawer handles
  • Metal drawer handles
  • Ceramic drawer handles

The most common materials that are used to manufacture Rochehandle drawer handles include aluminum alloy drawer handles, zinc alloy drawer handles, stainless steel drawer handles, among others.

Drawer handles at Rochehandle come in different designs and sizes. Some are large, mid-sized, while others are pretty small. The design and drawer handle sizes that you choose will depend on your specifications.

What if I have my preferred size and design of drawer cabinet handles? Worry not regarding where to buy drawer handles, at Rochehandle we manufacture both customized as well as standard handles for cabinets and drawers.

The appearance of the drawer handles is determined by the finishes that you choose. You are free to choose different finishes, including oxidized black, matte, pewter, chrome, nickel, antique drawer handles, among others.

At Rochehandle, we specialize in manufacturing the best drawer handles in China. We are always more than ready to meet the needs of our customers.

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Valuable Tips to Select the Perfect Drawer Handles

drawer handles

Everyone is sure that you have lots of small appliances, pans, pots, and crockery at home. While it is good to put them in one area in your kitchen, they can affect or limit your space. Pretty sure, your place would look disorganized and messy. The best investment you can ever have is to take advantage of drawers. The good thing about drawers is that you can keep your place organized. You can also locate your cooking equipment more efficiently.

When you don’t have enough drawers, it’s time to purchase more online. But shopping would not be as easy as eating a pie. In fact, it is a bit overwhelming and burdensome. The great news about it is that there are still effective ways to have a hassle-free journey.

Since there are many options out there, all you have to do is to pay attention to the best products online. How are you going to do that? Choose the ones that are durable. Be sure they are made of the highest quality materials. Also, you should buy them from a trusted company in the city. Pick those that have stunning and sturdy finishes. Along with the best choices are chromium, copper, brass, and a lot more. Also, opt for the items that have the right size for your living space. Whether you need short or long drawers, select the one with the ideal size.

Another consideration to bear in mind is installing the right handles. Sometimes many homeowners are not cautious when choosing drawer handles. When buying this type of hardware, make sure to opt for the best for your furniture. Like what you do in purchasing a drawer, take long-lasting and aesthetic handles into account. By doing that, your furniture will look at its best. It will appear expensive, stylish, and fashionable, bringing up the value of your home or property. From opening to closing a drawer, it will also be a breeze. Handles will be easy to grip. They can also protect themselves from scratches, stubborn stains, and other potential issues.

A Wide Variety Of Drawer Handles For Easy Selection

Similar to hot spices, drawer handles are little things that exercise a significant impact. While looking for one, you will discover a plethora of options to match and add to the personality of your space. When you decide to add them to your kitchen and other parts of the house, it is going to be effortless.

Drawer handles are one of the most exquisite illustrations of a utilitarian product. You will conclude these accessories to be a significant investment helping you to open a drawer effortlessly. But you also need them to be presentable. Plus, their position on a drawer must appear relevant to the frame.

Though drawer handles are imperative hardware items and used throughout a property, everyone will agree that these are handy and innovative pieces as well. However, not all people know that there is a wide variety these days. Each category pronounces its unique function and creative design.

All of them are used for the utility purpose. Homeowners consider them as enhancing pieces and for safekeeping purposes. Take a closer look at the following.

Passage Handles: These handles for drawers are what their name refers to. The cabinet hardware allows suitable passage and is known as hall or closet handles. You can enjoy effortless and stress-free passage without using a key.

Replica Handles: These are known to be exploited for decoration purpose. They enhance the creative value of your interior. You will discover that these accessories could hardly be turned. And they are meant for aesthetics. Typically, you can use them in drawers, cupboards, and wardrobes. Moreover, you won’t regret installing these handles because you will find them necessary to add to the look of your space.

Cup Handles: These are specially designed for use on drawers. And they get their name from the recessed grip that is similar to a half cup shape. These furniture accessories have a unique and special mounting method. Sometimes, they have mounting poles rather than screws. They are typically mounted with the open side facing down that allows for a cabinet to be opened by pulling from the bottom of the cup handles. They are not stuck in the traditional design. They can also be rustic and contemporary.

Common Drawer Handle Styles

Drawer knobs are the small details of a larger design. They make a huge difference in the overall appearance of the furniture. Designer cabinet hardware is no doubt striking that even carefully planned décor can be thrown off by low-quality pulls or mismatched knobs.

Everyone wants a drawer accessory that goes best with the kitchen décor, providing a beautiful finishing touch to your space.

Below are a few styles you can find in drawer handles:

  • Glass and ceramic drawer knobs: These handles have a classic look. They usually come in glossy white glass knobs. They can be colorful that work well with a Victorian style kitchen. They are also an ideal match for other ornate or classical themes.
  • Plain drawer handles: Nowadays, these knobs might be the most popular option. It is not because people are boring. The ones without stamping or filigree come in different shapes such as square and round. They are perfect for those with simple and contemporary kitchen. They can also be incorporated into country style or classic spaces. Just select some antique finishes, including cast iron, and oil-rubbed bronze.
  • Ornate drawer handles: There are various styles of ornate knobs. Some have raised circles while others have vine motifs. In case you are trying to strike a balance between decorative classic and simple modern, these handles might be the best way to go.
  • Elongated drawer knobs: Need a beautiful finishing touch on your kitchen décor? A good motif can be of great help on your part. With decorative handles, you can combine a range of themes such as sports and foods in a unique way. These can be the final and amazing touch of a well-laid design in your kitchen and other spaces in your property.

Every day you spend more time in your kitchen. That is why it should be a place that makes you feel energetic. If its style looks dull, you owe it to yourself to innovate it. Installing either of the given styles is a wonderful way to revitalize or modernize your interior space.

A Wide Array Of Applications For A Flexible Use

Drawer handles are available in different styles. Whatever the personality of your kitchen, you can find the best match in real time. Aside from the kitchen drawer application, you can use knobs in other parts of your home too.

Here are the other applications of drawer handles:

Drawer Handles for Dressers

drawer handles

Drawer handles can also be used for dressers. When you want to have this furniture at home, never forget to get drawer handles installed for convenient opening and closing. Also, please be sure that they are easy to grip for your comfort and satisfaction. In case you already have dressers, and their pulls are of low quality, switch now to Rochehandle. We have a rich selection dresser handles for you, from designs, styles, colors, shapes, to competitive prices.

Drawer Handles for Antique Dresser

Drawer Handles for Antique Dresser

It is said that drawer handles are ideal for dressers, more particularly the antique ones. Installing a handle to this cabinetry is the easiest improvement you can ever have. The perfect option for such furniture is a vintage set of pulls. Most of these products are widely available in glass, bronze, brass, and Bakelite.

One impressive match for antique dressers is teardrop drawer handles. They are made of wood. Every time they knock against your dressers, they would not cause as potential damages to the surface as what a bronze teardrop provides. These wooden handles can be stained. They blend into a piece of furniture. You can also opt porcelain or glass drawer handles in different colors to turn your choice into instant design accents.

Another popular type of drawer hardware for your antique dresser is the bin pull. Typically made of bronze, or cast iron, bin handles have a flange on each side. Brass handles are attached in two places as well. But they require bolts, making the installation more complicated.

In case your dresser is mid-century modern furniture, there is replacement pulls for you. Because of the demand from the public, high-finish metal options like chrome is convenient to find. If your cabinetry is modern Danish furniture, replacing the handles can be a big challenge. Let a professional handle your project with ease.

Drawer Handles for Bedroom Furniture

Whether the knobs in your bedroom furniture are inefficient or of poor quality, why don’t you give drawer handles a try? These products have been a number one option among many homeowners across the globe. But prepare yourself because making a decision will not be simple. For you to avoid all the hassles, consider the style in your bedroom. Think about the other stuff available in your room. And, make sure that your option will complement to the overall appeal of your furniture and space.

Drawer Handles for Oak Furniture

Drawer Handles for Oak Furniture

In a house filled with oak, it can be a huge challenge to update things stylishly. This is especially true when it is about your kitchen cabinetry. Instead of spending so much money on renovating the entire space, it is better to consider the installation of cabinet knobs.

Any hardware makes a great difference in the style of the room and the bones of the cabinetry. After painting it with more vibrant color, clearing the counters, and laying down a rug, don’t forget to change its accessory. Direct your attention to handles made of full plastic, overly ornate, embellished, brass and ceramic inserts

Drawer Handles for Children’s Furniture

Drawer Handles for Children’s Furniture

Drawer handles are not only used in furniture for adults. They are also utilized in children’s cabinetry. As a parent, it is hard to choose the handles for your kids’ cabinets. Pick the ones that have a child-friendly design. They should have a creative style. And they should be colorful.

Along with the other factors to take into account are durability, size, shape, and price. Your option should also be free from harmful materials for your children’s safety and comfort. Moreover, relying on a trustworthy company like Rochehandle should also be your top priority. With our flexible and versatile people, we can help you from start to finish. Whatever the problem you have at the moment, we are the handle manufacturer you can trust throughout your journey.

Office Drawer Handles

Office Drawer Handles

Boring office? Dull cabinetry? Or perhaps, unappealing décor? Whatever the case may be, renovate your working space. How are you going to do that? Simply repaint the room, clean the furniture, and replace drawer handles. Select durable, striking, affordable, or long-lasting knobs. Though it is not a big update, you can see a difference. From the ambiance, style, to design, you will be more energetic, productive and competitive.

A Comprehensive Guide To Drawer Hardware Placement

After deciding about where you want to use your drawer handles, whether in the office, bedroom, dresser, or children’s furniture, now is the right time to know about the hardware placement. Sometimes you may think that the process only requires pure common sense. But it is not going to be like that. There is a need to know the basics for a fun journey.

For upper drawers, you may place the handles above or below the face frame. You may also install them inside the face frame. For the base drawers, position the knobs above the center mark for a balanced or modern look. For a 24-inch or wider cabinetry, install two knobs. When you want to utilize pulls, they should be about 1/3 width of the furniture. For a 24 inch drawer, it is a brilliant idea to use 8-inch pull.

Other Fun and Effective Tips

  • If you are designing your space from scratch, it is advisable to use inset cabinetry where doors and drawers close flush with the face frame opening. Unlike other styles, it offers a clean and seamless look to your kitchen furniture.
  • Of course, you want your installed cabinet accessory to have a balanced look. Handles should be about 1/3 of the drawer width. When your drawer measures 12 inches, take advantage of a 4-inch pull. In case you prefer shorter pulls, then it is better to employ the one that is the ¼ width of your furniture than the longer ones.
  • When your cabinetry is inset, do you consider the drawer width or the actual cabinet width? It is recommended to go by the width of the drawer. This will help you avoid creating tiny gaps. Thus, it is best to center the hardware within the frame.
  • For drawers that measure 24 inches or wider, use two knobs. Before installation, divide the width of the drawer frame into thirds. And place the knobs of your choice to left or right marks.
  • For your shaker style cabinets, you may place a drawer knob inside or outside the frame.
  • When installing drawer knobs on the corner of the face frame for cabinets, just leave 2 1/2 inches of space between the bottom and at the top.

Proper Placement For Drawer Handles

Replacing hardware on a piece of furniture is an easy and quick update. It is a practical choice for refurbishing drawers. Just tie your cabinetry into the rest of your home décor by selecting decorative handles with design elements and coordinating finishes.

Drawer handles come in a plethora of finishes, shapes, and sizes. They also require a range of hardware. That is why you need to be sure to have the proper tools, drill bits, and screws for a drawer handle placement.

A lot of people find drawer handle placement easy. But, in your case, you can expect a different experience when you are unaware of how to make the process right.

Below are the other tips you should apply:

  1. Mark the center of the drawer: Before finding and marking the vertical center of your drawer, prepare a tape measure ahead of time. Seek help from someone if necessary to avoid expensive mistakes. Aside from that, utilize a strip of tape to help you connect the two marks. This will aid you in identifying the best placement of your handles.
  2. Identify the handle placement: Hold up drawer handles in line with the center guide. This will help you get a sense of where you can place the knobs. When it comes to the distance, it may vary. It depends on the shape or style of your cabinet hardware. Just be sure to space them evenly on the face of your cabinetry.
  3. Don’t forget to mark and drill the holes: Right after identifying the estimated position of your drawer handles, mark the top hole using a pencil. Then, drill a hole for the pull’s hardware of your option. Also, find the vertical and the horizontal measurements of this point from the drawer edges with the use of an L square. Whatever the results, use them to mark the exact location of drill points on the other drawers.
  4. Secure Drawer Handles With Hardware: For you to secure the handles to the drawer or drill holes for your knobs, employ the most appropriate screws. Always remember that the process requires tightening with a bolt.

Indeed, use the placement method on kitchen drawers. Measure and mark the cabinetry before drilling. If you are not certain about your job, do not hesitate to rely on a professional company near you.

How To Install Handles On Drawers?

So, are you now aware of the proper placement of drawer handles? If so, next thing to learn is about installing the knobs in cabinets. Have you ever imagined using drawers without pulls? Even though your option has a sleek and minimal look, expect to experience a bit of frustration. When you have been grasping at straws for months, this chapter will help you install drawer handles with comfort.

Here are the materials you need to get started:

  • Drawer handles, pencil
  • Ruler & drill bit
  • Small screw & hammer

Step 1: Before you begin, lay down a cloth or newspaper to catch falling debris. After that, measure the point where you like your drawer pull to go using a ruler. You may want to offset it a little or be totally centered. One of the best ways to get a feel for what a drawer handles will look like is to ask a relative or a friend to hold it up. Just step back and then look from a good distance.

Step 2: After marking off where the screws will go, create a pilot hole. You have to tap a nail into the right spot using a hammer. Make sure the nail goes in deep. But it should not be so far, penetrating thru the other side. The hole prevents the wood from splitting. Plus, drilling will not be burdensome. It is going to be easier than expected.

Step 3: Next, place the drill bit into your drill. In case you are not confident about the size of the drill bit to utilize, place different sizes into the hole of your drawer handle. The tool that fits is typically the best option. Most handles will require you to use 3/16 or 5/32 drill bit. Always bear in mind that if you drill a too small hole, it is possible to make it larger. But you cannot make a large hole small. The moment you set up your drill bit, drill your hole. Repeat the process in case your handles have multiple screws.

Step 4: After that, place the screw into the hole. And then, thread it into your handle. Use a screwdriver to tighten it. Avoid over tightening as this can cause undue pressure and other damages. Seek assistance from someone if possible.

Step 5: Clean up the mess. That’s it. You already get a new drawer handle installed. Perhaps, you may feel proud of your handiwork.

Maintenance Tips: Drawer Handles

After the installation of drawer handles, they require regular maintenance. Even though they look clean, there are dirt and rust invisible to the eyes. If you get drawer knobs installed in the kitchen cabinet, they will be exposed to grease and scratches. To prolong the longevity of your investment and avoid a high replacement cost, clean them on a day to day basis.

Follow the steps below to make the cleaning process right:

Do not Use Abrasive or Sharp Objects

Cleaning or caring for cabinet accessory made from brass or bronze is not that difficult. The first rule to remember is to handle drawer knobs with care always. Of course, accidents may happen in the kitchen from time to time. Keeping sharp objects, including peelers and knives away from the hardware is typically no issue. However, contact with such things may take place occasionally.

Other sharp objects to watch out for are those made of metal such as wedding rings. Too much exposure to metal objects can lead to the wear and tear of your drawer handle. You also have to consider high replacement expenses.

When opening your drawers, use your fingertips or the pads of your fingers. Avoid wrapping your hand around the handle. By getting behind a pull, you can already open your furniture without hassles. The same thing applies to your appliances. Just reach in it with your fingers and pull with care, avoiding direct contact with your jewelry.

Never Take Advantage of Soaps, Cleaners, and Other Strong Chemicals

Possibly, the most important rule is not to use any chemical agent on the drawer hardware. Most manufacturers say that you can utilize furniture polish to clean your handles. Others say that you should employ cloths with soap and water. There are also some that recommend special cleaning solutions.

However, none of them are safe for your hardware. For starters, polishes often have a high level of wax. This will cause a stubborn build-up on your knobs, affecting their striking appeal. Even orange oil and other natural essential oils contain acid that can badly hurt your investment.

Most homeowners believe that mild dish soap would be a safe solution to clean brass door handles. But, it is not always the real scenario. Any soap will potentially damage your drawer hardware. From mildest soaps to abrasive kitchen scrubbers, these have a direct impact to your lacquer.

Soaps can be considered derivatives of various types of acids. And as mentioned earlier, high content of acids in a solution can dissolve or even separate the lacquer plating. As a result, the core metals will wear and tear after a short period.

Other special cleaning solutions recommended by manufacturers also have a risk of dissolving your lacquer. If you are going to clean your handle to wash residue or grease away, then remove it first from the furniture. This is one of the best ways to keep your investment sturdy and aesthetic over the years. When doing the process, never use power tools. This will ensure that the accessory gets a lifetime use. Moreover, do not allow de-greasers or wood cleaners to come in direct contact with your knobs.

So, how are you going to maintain the cleanliness of your hardware? Anyone can learn the right maintenance of cabinet accessory. Metal handles for drawers are stress-free to clean. All you have to do is wipe the handle surface with a damp, soft, and clean cloth. Moisten the rug with water.

Bronze and brass are alloys of copper. The latter is blended with zinc while the former consists of tin. Due to the presence of copper, both of them are anti-microbial. Copper has been utilized for centuries to withstand the growth of bacteria, viruses, molds, and fungi. Recently, it has been tested as an excellent surface anti-microbial agent too.

Since these materials can kill off microorganisms, your problem is how to remove the build-up of grime and dirt. Use water to make your hardware a dirt-free handle. But it will not happen as fast as possible. It will be exhausting. Despite that, you will feel assured of maintaining and using your handles for a long time.

Caring for Stainless Steel and Zinc Drawer Handles

Zinc has anti-microbial properties. These components have been studied when zinc is taken internally. Experts still recommend you to utilize a damp cloth when cleaning the handles.

Similar to your stainless steel silverware, stainless steel hardware can be cleaned with dish soap more effectively. But let it dry immediately to avoid potential damages like water-spotting. The use of soaps in any drawer hardware is not covered under warranty. Since stainless steel is considered a core material, it is not a plated finish. The piece can protect itself against the effects of strong cleaning solutions.

Common Mistakes In Cleaning Your Cabinet Hardware

Using water to remove dirt and rust in drawer handles is effective. Sometimes you cannot get the most out of a clean and damp cloth when you always commit mistakes you do not know.

Here are some of the common blunders you may commit when cleaning your hardware:

  • Let your handle dry more quickly: After cleaning your drawer accessory, let it dry immediately to eliminate water-spotting and other damages.
  • During maintenance, remove your rings and bracelets: They may cause damages such as scratches that you cannot afford to experience. You can wear gloves if necessary. And cut your nails ahead of time.
  • Mixing with cleaning chemicals: Household cleaners use a strong mix of chemicals to remove stubborn buildup and stains. When mixed incorrectly, they could affect the longevity of your investment and pose health risks.

In case you have been using bleach and vinegar, the latter solution is enough. Also, remove ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and other potent chemicals from the list of your cleaning solutions.

  • Cleaning from side to side or bottom-up: This may seem not important at all. But cleaning drawer handles in the correct direction plays a vital role in ensuring a spotless surface. Improper cleaning can affect its vibrant and beautiful look.
  • Putting off cleaning. Cleaning should not be a top priority: However, never wait too long to clean because the task could be more time-consuming and tougher. This is true with the hard-to-reach and smaller furniture accessory. Over time, build-up, grease, and stain can become primary filth magnets.

The solution is to create a calendar about maintenance. Dividing up to-dos into chunks will eliminate stress. It guarantees a consistent and error-free cleaning cycle. Also, it ensures that all of your drawer knobs receive adequate and proper attention.

  • Not cleaning drawer handles well: Knobs are a frequently overlooked source of gems. Ignoring to wipe down all these areas will contribute to the spread of diseases such as cold and flu. Keep sanitary wipes in your kitchen or bathroom to eliminate the buildup of germs. You can install hygienic and anti-microbial pulls in your space too. The best options are those made of copper. They have anti-bacterial properties that can prevent the growth of molds and fungi.


Having durable handles on your drawers will help you forget the required and proper maintenance. Sometimes, you may believe that cleaning these small cabinet accessories is not necessary, but eventually, you will come to the point realizing that regular maintenance is imperative. And all that you know that it’s already too late, so the most effective thing to do is to replace them. If you are going to switch to another handle supplier or company, Rochehandle is ready to serve you!

From years of experience, spectacular customer service, a wide array of options, to affordable prices, we are a one-stop drawer handle manufacturer for you. We follow strict manufacturing standards, enabling us to provide the highest quality products in the country. For queries and other information, please feel free to give us a call any time of the day! We are available 24/7 to handle all your concerns and need! Be one of our satisfied clients today. Our people are committed and motivated to serve you with a smile to give you total convenience!We got the best selection of Drawer Handles!More details please contact us as soon as possible.