Aluminum Handles

Aluminum Handles

Aluminum handles have evolved to be part and parcel of many different pieces of furniture. They are commonly used for making handle aluminum. Whether you want aluminum door handle, aluminum cabinet handle or aluminum drawer handle, brushed aluminum door handles, you will be able to find them.

Aluminum handles are special types of handles. They are strong and resistant to corrosion. These two properties make it durable and easy to maintain. You can easily wash your aluminum door handles and it won’t corrode or fade.

Aluminum handles are compatible with different finishes. The most common ones include nickel, chrome, sandblasting, pewter, matte, antique brass, oxidizing black, and antiqued copper.

You can choose any finishing that you think will look good on your furniture, whether it is door, drawer or window. Aluminum door handle suppliers have a wide range of handles that will fit onto your door.

Aluminum pull handles come in different styles and designs. Whether you want modern aluminum handle or antique aluminum handle, you can still get one. It is also possible to request for customized aluminum handle from Rochehandle.

You can also choose different sizes of aluminum pull. The size that you choose will depend on the piece of furniture and comfort levels that you want when handling aluminum cabinet handles.

So, where can I buy the best aluminum handles? Buy from reputable aluminum handle manufacturers in China. At Rochehandle, we manufacturer a broad range of aluminum handles that will meet your needs.

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Guide in Choosing Dependable and Useful Aluminum Handles

Aluminum has exceeded expectations starting from being a trend in the furniture business to becoming a crucial part of most collections of brands. In the home furniture, aluminum collections have proven their superiority in different aspects.

Aluminum is a light and strong type of metal, and resistant to corrosion. It comes in cast form and tubular form. Aluminum was revealed in 1821, but it wasn’t accessible in industrial quantities until years later. Its uses are now endless, but we see it mostly in high-end gadgets, electronics, home furniture, especially on doors and cabinet handles.

Aluminum material

Aluminum door handles, and aluminum cabinet handles are widely utilized in the home and commercial properties for they add strength and durability. These aluminum alloy handles appear to be preferred option with modern buildings. So, if you are considering buying aluminum handles for you, this e-book might be perfect for you.

There are numerous advantages known in having such aluminum handles. It makes them the preferred choice for many property owners, particularly in commercial and industrial buildings. Modern homes are also utilizing them to add a sense of industrial look to it. The stability, strength, and durability of door handles and cabinet handles are their major advantage. Aluminum boasts of being extremely strong. It’s demonstrated by the quality and strength of its products. Products made from aluminum last for many decades. They outlast similar products which are made from other materials.

These aluminum handles blend well in structures which are fitted already with aluminum windows. They blend well together, establishing a beautiful finish which lasts long.

Did you know that these doors can endure any weather conditions too? Wherever you live, be it in a deep desert or a coastal region, these handles have proven to be weatherproof and strong.  They can endure constant changes and extreme temperature without any indications of wear and tear.

You can always find these aluminum handles from the majority of dealers. It’s a huge advantage for you. You will no longer be searching for them for too long since most handle suppliers globally have enough stocks.

A huge advantage to the majority of property owners who utilize these is that they won’t need to maintain them often. Aluminum handles resist rust. Its good news since it makes them perfect for use in any weather conditions, even in locations near the sea. Further, the salty air around coastal regions ruins various metallic products due to rust. Nevertheless, such doors are treated to guarantee they stand any climatic condition and weather element.

So, if you have already decided to go for these aluminum handles for your door, kitchen cabinets or drawers, then you’ll find a reputable and reliable aluminum handles supplier to supply and fix them for you instantly.

What Makes Aluminum Handles The Most Dependable Material For Door Handle And Locks?

aluminum handles

Aluminum kitchen cabinet handle is an excellent option for your kitchen if you have a modern interior design for your home. If you prefer to infuse your personality and unique preference, you can choose aluminum door handles and locks for easy customization of styles, designs, and colors. It can easily match your solid surface countertop and quartz.

Best Features of Aluminum Door Handles and Locks:

Aluminum door handles

  • Powder Coating

Powder coating is known as the preferred way to paint aluminum door handles and locks. It binds better than standard paint. In the past years, the majority of manufacturers’ powder coats aluminum electrostatically. That’s when they charge the spray gun with a charge opposing what they charged the piece of furnishing.

The opposing charges lead the paint to follow the aluminum uniformly with a little waste or residue. The piece is heated to make the paint create a skin which is hardly affected by bumps or scratches.

  • Variety

Aluminum handling has transformed to become one of the most malleable equipment frame materials ever. Welding, twisting and bending aluminum has moved to new levels. Combined that with the different colors you can paint with it, you will find yourself with limitless possibilities. You have the option to get your aluminum handles in a variety of designs and colors. That is in spite of the common belief that aluminum door handles and locks come in boring metallic look.

  • Rust-Free

Aluminum particularly made a boom in the past years for one good reason; even though metal furnishing is old in the market. It’s because of its rust-free property. The scientific explanation to this is because on its surface. Aluminum fixes itself to airborne oxygen and creates a thin layer of oxide. That turns into corrosion resistant. It also makes your door handle furnishing safe once exposed to most conditions thrown at it. Apart from light wiping and removal of stains, your handle doors and locks remain self-sufficient for many years to come.

  • Lightweight

The unique aspect of the aluminum handle is that its light compared to what it provides in robustness and strength. Before being utilized in furniture, it was utilized in aerospace and motorsports engineering because of such attributes.

Everybody rearranges outdoor furniture several times a year. Whether for door rearrangement, cleaning purposes and or for general ambiance, door furniture should be light to be malleable. Aluminum door handles and locks are easy to move. It offers you the freedom to redesign whenever you feel want it.

  • Longevity and Strength

The most typically thought of things which make aluminum the ideal material as a choice for door handles and locks are its strength and longevity. Whether you live in places where the summer season is harsh or maybe in a location with soaking wet tropical conditions, aluminum is the perfect material for you. Compared to wood handles, water has zero effect on aluminum. Moreover, direct scorching doesn’t impact aluminum, but hits the paint or finish only.

  • Water-Proof

It is a huge plus for aluminum door handles and locks compared to other materials. Any spill will stay on the surface, and it can be cleaned with a simple wipe-off. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the spills getting soaked up and ruining your doors and locks.

  • Economical

Aluminum door handles are much resilient because they don’t break or warp like other materials. That makes it long lasting and get rids of the need for you to a replacement for a long time.

Well, the features mentioned above of aluminum make it an excellent material for door handles and locks.

Consider More Than Just The Looks When Buying Aluminum Handles For Your Home


After understanding the features of aluminum handles and the benefits it can offer, it’s time to consider other factors like how you plan to use it. Whether you’re remodeling your home or upgrading its look, give as much attention to your handle as you would in the flooring, appliances, furniture and more. Even though a lot of homeowners prefer handles and pulls solely on the look, other factors must also come into play.

You can use aluminum handles for different purposes. Given that they offer durability and rust-free (as mentioned in Chapter 1), be aware that it can be used in different parts of your home, too. So, to make the most out of your aluminum handles, we will provide you a list of locations where you can use it in your home.

Aluminum Patio Door Handles

Replacing or upgrading your patio door handles can often become essential, as they’re prone to wear and tear over time. Changing them with an aluminum patio door handles offers it a new, fresh look which will help guarantee they last for many years to come. Finding the ideal replacement to fit the measurement of your patio door and the style of your home is essential, too.

It is crucial to check what type of aluminum patio door handles you currently have. That is to guarantee your handles are the right fit. Specifically, you need to make careful consideration of where the screws fix to your patio door. That will avoid the risk of having to drill new holes for your new aluminum handles.

Aluminum Sliding Door Handles

An aluminum sliding door handle incorporates advanced security, safety features and unparalleled durability of aluminum. It is a perfect option for cavity door and sliding patio applications. With the vast collection and customization options of this handle, everybody can get the ideal look for any space. Furthermore, because aluminum is recyclable, it lessens the overall carbon footprint of any sliding door significantly. In fact, recycling aluminum needs only 5% of the initial energy consumed to produce it.

Aluminum Cabinet Handles

Your cabinets have served you and your family for many years. But now they are looking a bit worn and outdated. By using aluminum cabinet handles, it offers your cabinets the ease of use and convenience. Aluminum cabinet handles are durable and can withstand different exposure to the elements.

Aluminum Gate Handles

Gate handles are a general-purpose device made to fit all kinds of gate and gate materials. It provides convenient opening and closing on any household and commercial applications. Using aluminum gate handles, rest assured that you’re getting a reliable material that will last for many years to come.

Aluminum Kitchen Handles

It’s simple to get caught up in choosing the bigger items like countertops, flooring, and cabinetry for your new kitchen. Your kitchen handle must be kept in style with your kitchen. It must be comfortable to use, too. Aluminum kitchen handles are well known for its strong properties, particularly when it’s exposed to elements. It’s also unaffected by UV rays. Thus it will not bend, rust or rot.

Aluminum Drawer Handles

Aluminum drawer handles is a material suited especially for different climates. It handles harsh sunlight, rain, and damp well. It won’t rust, rot, discolor, warp or crack. The aluminum handle for the drawer is also fireproof which offers further safety for you and your family.

Aluminum Drawer Handles

Imagine yourself showering using a high-end finish and long-lasting aluminum drawer handle. Any high-end range of aluminum drawer handles should have a sleek powder coat finish. That denotes they don’t need to be painted as its finish provides impressive longevity.

Review The Different Types Of Aluminum Used For Making Strong Aluminum Handles

When in the process of buying aluminum handles, you may come across the different types of aluminum. Whenever shopping for handles, it can be difficult to see the difference between the materials utilized for every set. There’s iron, wood, wicket, steel and some different types of aluminum handles. In this particular chapter, we will go into the different materials used for making an aluminum handle that is strong, durable and long-lasting.

Aluminum Alloy Handles for Convenient Using

Metal materials such as aluminum alloy are processed through a series of mineral resources. An aluminum alloy handles are made with a metal plate with long-lasting strength. Such aluminum handles can meet any functional requirements you need after several bending processes. It saves space and is convenient to use.

Anodized Aluminum Handles Offer Extreme Resistant to Weather Conditions

Door handles with anodized handles have made aluminum one of the most widely used and most important materials today in the production of handles. It offers minimum-maintenance, attractive and highly-durable door handles, kitchen handles, and handles for drawers throughout the world. Anodized aluminum handles offer extreme resistant to sunlight too, making it an excellent material for your door handles.

Aside from it can withstand heat; it can also withstand the effect of moisture. There’s no comparison with solid wood handle or plate handles.

Cast Aluminum Handles Feature Lightweight

Cast aluminum handles, in spite of its affordability, still beats other types of handles in many aspects. For example, cast aluminum is durable, and it can sustain the integrity of the handle for years on end. Wood may rot, iron may rust, but your cast aluminum handles will not yield easily to harsh weather environments. Indeed, you can enjoy your handles for a lifetime!

In spite of its durability, cast aluminum handles are lightweight. It’s even lighter than wrought iron and stainless steel handles. The remarkable designs and colors which cast aluminum handle come in to ensure you get the aesthetic you want for your doors or kitchen cabinets.

With those great features and advantages of cast aluminum handles, you might think it’s going to cost you more than other hardware made of other materials. However, that is not true. Cast aluminum handles are an elegant, durable and affordable solution for your remodeling needs.

Brushed Aluminum Handles Are Cost-Efficient

Elegant as decorative hardware, brushed aluminum handles are lovely. Outdoor and indoor, aluminum looks remarkable. Strength and durability while also lightweight, the metal handles are cost-efficient. That is why many homeowners prefer these types of aluminum for their handles.

One of the things which make this aluminum handle perfect for your home is that its anti-corrosion. You will find different designs accessible to fit the taste of your requirement and style. Brushed aluminum handles with wood kitchen cabinets or wood doors are quite famous in the modern design trend of furniture. The door handle provides a less hard surface to grip with.

Extruded Aluminum Handles for a Modern Look

Extruded aluminum handles are hollow; lightweight aluminum handles which make them perfect to open and close the drawer or door. Door or kitchen handles made from extruded aluminum is the new trend today. During this process, aluminum is drawn through die-cast, offering it a specific shape. The result is a clean, durable surfaced and long-lasting handle material. If you want your home or room to have its modern looks and clean lines, extruded aluminum handles are the best way to go.

Whatever your needs or preference are, you can find all these aluminum types at Rochehandle. We have our handle designers and a team who can help you find the right aluminum handles for your home.

Checklist For Buying Reliable Aluminum Handles For Doors, Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers

aluminum handles

Now that you are aware of the features, types of aluminum, common applications and other important things about aluminum handles, it’s time for you to buy for one. When renovating your home or planning for a new one, you need to have a checklist prepared for getting it done. While doing the checklist, we often forget minute details that are critical in the day-to-day operations. Door handles and knobs are as essential as the door itself.

When we talk about high-quality aluminum handles, Rochehandle is miles ahead of the competition. Our company is commended by some of the most trusted builders and architects of our legacy in creating high-caliber products. For many years, we continue to generate durable and stylish door handles, latches and locks which are made to last.

With our wide array of world-class handles, you’ll never run out of options when you shop on our store. Without further ado, here’s a list of the things you need to consider when buying a reliable aluminum handle for your home.

Handles or Knobs – Which Should I Choose?

While choosing your aluminum kitchen cabinet handle, you must decide first whether you prefer to install a knob or handle for your kitchen cabinet doors. Aluminum flat bar pulls, aluminum recessed pull and aluminum long bar pulls are different kinds of aluminum handles or pulls accessible in the market. If you have a modular kitchen, aluminum recessed pulls are a great option.

Quality Must Be Over the Price

The initial thing you need to consider when buying an aluminum handle is your budget. You should set a price range of the maximum and minimum price which you’re enthusiastic to pay. Consider choosing a brand or product which isn’t much affordable. It could mean that you’re also compromising the quality of your handle.

You will be utilizing aluminum door handles at virtually tons of times a day. So you need to make sure that it will not wear easily. Sacrificing the quality over price could denote that you’d be wasting more money having to change the door handle sooner than later. Rochehandle’s door handles could be a bit dear, but given each product’s high-quality and durability, you will realize you’re saving more if you choose our aluminum handle products.

The Style is as Vital as the Quality & Price

How your aluminum handle can make or break the design of your home or kitchen is the next thing you need to consider. A door handle’s stain brass design may not complement the rustic design of your home. Perhaps a distressed oil-rubbed bronze handle might look too classy for the laid-back finish of your apartment.

Choosing the door aluminum handle color and style could be a bit overwhelming, particularly when you are in front of an aluminum handle collection. That is the reason why it’s best to guarantee that you have a design in mind before choosing any stores.

Shape & Size for Better Look

The size and shape of your aluminum door handle must be decided as well. You must feel at ease while you open or close your doors and kitchen cabinets. Bin pulls look lovely, but you might not feel good using it on a daily basis. Thus, think first about its everyday use and then make your decision.

Choosing the proper handle style and color might not be the most thrilling part when building or renovating your home. However, that does not denote that you must take this step for granted. By picking the right door handle color and finish, it can turn the design of your home from a simple look to another level of elegance.

Don’t Forget the Screws

Although a small little hardware to look at, it is the one that holds your door and handles together. While buying door handles or pulls, you should also check the quality of the screws together with it.

After your checklist is covered, you can now move forward and buy the kitchen handle or door handle you want. Remember, it is not needed to use one type or aluminum knob or handle throughout. You can mix and match two or three selections to offer a combined look to your kitchen cabinets and doors.

Now that you already get some idea on how to select the best style and color for your door handle, it’s now simpler for you to buy a new one. Do not forget to check out Rochehandle for a wide array of aluminum door handle colors and styles.

Choose A Dependable And Trustworthy Aluminum Handles Suppliers

black aluminum handles

Now that you’ve finally found the aluminum handle of your dreams and ready to make a purchase, there comes another dilemma you need to face. That is finding a reputable aluminum handle supplier to supply you with your needs.

You will find lots of reliable and established aluminum handle suppliers out there. However, how would you know if they are reputable or not? Remember, the quality of aluminum handles from your supplier can make or break your furniture look. Overpriced supplies can also ruin your budget before the doors even open. On the contrary, cutting corners on quality can destroy your plan and leave you looking for better quality somewhere else. It will never be worth your time, effort, and money to be spent on.

Finding the ideal balance between quality and affordability can be essential to the success of your remodeling plan. That is why this chapter will arm you with everything you need to know to get on your best foot possible.

Determine Your Needs

Before opening your doors literally, you will need to be prepared with a list of your supplies. That denotes making a list of every single stuff you’ll need to purchase to keep your door and kitchen cabinets working. No detail is too small to include. Include what materials you want in your aluminum handles, where do you want it to use, its color, size and more. Bear in mind; minor obligations can leave you in the lurch if ignored.

Plan your Research Properly

You need to do your research. Before making any significant buying decision, make sure to do your research and planning first. Begin with a simple online search for aluminum handles suppliers. This query will yield your basic or most typical factors like screws, handle types, handle materials and more. It will also offer you an idea of the needed items you will need before you purchase and the cost as well.

Moreover, do not forget to perform a local search, too. Check if there are any aluminum handles suppliers near you, which you can check out personally. The internet is an excellent resource; however, often you need to talk to somebody and see things in person to get you throughout the decision making process.

Another alternative is to explore by looking for pre-owned handles. If you know any home properties which have sold their homes recently, see if you can get in touch with the owner and find out the kinds of handles they have. Doing this will give you some idea where they purchase their handle doors.

Setting Your Budget

While elite designs and décor are necessary, unless you have thousands to pour, you are going to find a way to balance your needs and wants in the beginning. So, speaking of your budget, make sure to set your maximum and minimum price. If you prefer cheap aluminum handles, you need to make sure that its quality isn’t compromised as well.

Assessing your Options

After you determined what you need, it is time to contact your aluminum handles supplier, get price quotes and start placing orders. Like we said before, research is crucial when assessing your options. Preparing to build a new home – or to upgrade or expand your kitchen needs massive time and analysis.

If you’re searching for a reputable aluminum handles supplier that offers dependable and useful aluminum handles for doors and kitchen cabinets, Rochehandle can help you. For many years, we’ve been supplying our clients with only the best, and highest-quality aluminum handles around the world.

How To Replace Aluminum Door Handles?

Now, after you’ve purchased your new aluminum door handle from a reputable aluminum door handle supplier, it’s time to for replacement aluminum door handles. A door handle might need to be replaced when it becomes worn out. You might also want to change it for some decorative reasons. Whatever your reasons may be, replacing a door handle can be made easy if you have your step-by-step guide to follow. This last chapter will tackle the necessary steps you need to do to install a new aluminum door handle to your home.

Step 1. Remove the Faceplate Screws

Before connecting your new aluminum door handle, you need to take off your old one first. It can be quite challenging, particularly if it has been a long time and been well secured.

Make sure to unscrew every screw of the faceplate while holding your aluminum handle in place. You will find some handles that are different. Some might need a pin to be inserted thru a small hole under the handle. The knob ought to be released then.

Step 2. Detach the Back Plate

You can use a flat screwdriver to remove the back plate. Make sure to search for a spot where there is a small gap between the door and the plate. Then, force your screwdriver firmly inside the hole and force the plate to be removed from the door.

Step 3. Attach and Secure the New Aluminum Handle

For the last step, don’t forget to secure your new aluminum handle in place along with its screws. You can tighten them using your screwdriver. Prevent screwing too tight because it can result in warping your precious door. Check your door to see if it works properly. You can try locking and unlocking it a few times to guarantee it’s in complete working order.

You will find different kinds of door handles accessible. The most common type is a doorknob. However, door levers with a long horizontal handle are available, too. You might prefer the convenience and appearance of a lever. However, no matter what you are replacing, either a door lever or doorknob, the replacement aluminum door handles process must be the same.

Conclusion:Is Aluminum Handle Right For Me?

One of the essential features of any door or kitchen cabinet is the handle. Aluminum handles are no doubt sought after amongst property owners around the world. They’re exotic accessories which add beauty to any door or cabinet. These handles are perfect for both exterior and interior doors. They are readily accessible from almost all door accessory manufacturers like Rochehandle.

A lot of people are attracted to such handles because of their simplicity. They are an ideal example of accessories which are simple, while still offering an elegant look. If you prefer a regular and simple design, it will complement with any door including those which have complicated designs.

Are you a property owner who wants the simple look of handles, but worrying about their reliability and effectiveness? You must know that handles made of aluminum have proven to be dependable and effective in doing what they’re supposed to do.

You will find lots of customers who want to have a unique style and versatility when buying handles. Aluminum ones are perfect for those people. That’s because it’s simple to find a highly-stylish and versatile handle which are made with aluminum. Such unique features make them ideal for any interior designs. Some of these interior designs are modern, traditional and simple designs.

A key concern for most individuals when shopping for handles is the price. When we talk about the cost, such handles are the most excellent choice. Their lower cost, if compared to other materials makes them impeccable for anyone who is buying with a tight budget.

Aluminum boasts of making handles which have a hygienic and clean look. More so, it’s simple to install in any kitchen cabinets, doors, and drawers.

Another wonderful thing about them is that they’re simple to maintain. Maintaining these aluminum handles is just easy. Plus, they demand hardly any stressful upkeep. In case they have permanent damages, looking for a replacement is simple with Rochehandle. Replacing them isn’t that complicated, too.

To conclude, aluminum handles have proven to be perfect public buildings, office doors, and residential uses. Their use in social housing is increasing substantially as well. That makes them the ultimate option for the door in any building. To know more about our range of aluminum handles, visit Rochehandle.