Cupboard Handles

Cupboard Handles

You can only enjoy the convenience that comes with opening and closing a cupboard if you have functional cupboard handles. Otherwise, how will you open and close the cupboard door?

When looking for replacement cupboard handles, your aim should not just to buy any of these accessories that you come across. Instead, you should strive to buy cupboards handles. Of course, the surest place to buy the handles is from a reputable cupboard handles manufacturer.

Cupboard handles are made of different materials. The type of material. used determines the quality and feel of the handle. It will also go a long way in affecting the cupboard handle price.

At Rochehandle, we manufacture long cupboard handles that are made of stainless steel,  bronze, solid brass, pewter among others. Whether you want high-end cupboard handles or cheap cupboard handles, you will get from us. Wooden cupboard handles can also blend well with your cupboard.

Should I worry about the looks of my kitchen cupboard handles and knobs? Yes, the looks can mean everything when it comes to buying cupboard pulls. You should choose handles that have desirable finishes.

You have an option of choosing nickel, chrome, sandblasting, oxidized black, antique black and matte finishes. Buy cupboard door handles whose finishing you will love or is visually impressive. For instance, you need to decide the finishing that will look good on your kitchen cupboard handles.

One of the most important choices that you should make is choosing a cupboard handle supplier. This is why we at Rochehandle are available to give you the right solutions for cupboard hardware. We are a respected cabinet handles manufacturer in China that you can fully trust.

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Discovering What Cupboard Handles Can Do for Your Kitchen


With the style and creative appeal of cupboard handles, a kitchen will look as stunning as possible. These cabinet accessories play a vital role in a space which you cannot ignore. Despite their sizes, they can provide a plethora of benefits that are beyond your imagination.

cupboard handles

To name a few, they can enhance the appeal of your cabinetry or kitchen. They can also bring up the aesthetic value of your space. When your handles are no longer economical and efficient at all, replacing them with durable and new hardware is worth considering.

But before buying cupboard handles for your cabinet in the kitchen, there are things to weigh in mind. In this eBook, you will know and understand everything about cupboard handles from the best option, the pros, the right size, and others to the proper placement. Keep reading to explore everything about cupboard handles.

Different Cabinet Handles Explained: Which Is The Best?

Since the availability of cupboard handles, they have been creating noise in the market. The number of options has been growing. And the product manufacturers have been increasing. So, choosing the one that fits your expectations and requirements will be quite difficult.

cupboard handles

In this chapter, you will understand a few types of cupboard handles and make a good decision. Take a close look at the following:

Cabinet Handles With Back plates

Durable cabinet handles to minimize the need for repair or replacement. Still, they will look dull and old over a long time. And making an update is a great way to maintain the beauty of your hardware. It is not necessary to hire a specialist at once because it is just simple. Installing back plates around an existing handle can make it newer and more attractive.

What are Back plates?

Known as flat pieces of cabinet hardware that go between the handles and the door itself, Back plates are considered a washer. They are decorative and can make a small handle look large and expensive. Perhaps you have seen cabinet handles with Back plates before, but you may be unaware what you were looking at. Back plates are specially designed to blend with handles to create the seamless and striking look. Taking advantage of this type of hardware adds elegance to your home without breaking your bank.

Why Cabinet Handles with Back plates are Important?

Over the years, homeowners and other people have experienced countless benefits in using cabinet handles with Back plates. These are a few of them:

  • Make furniture hardware a beautiful focal feature. A cabinet with a glossy finish is good. But it will look better by using a handle with Back plates. It can enhance the look of your cabinetry and kitchen as well.
  • Cover the holes and scratches around the handle from previous cabinet hardware. Scratches or even holes decrease the aesthetic value of a cupboard or even the handle itself. Using cabinet handles with Back plates can help you put an end to such problems and make your investment a more meaningful one.
  • Accentuate the finish of the cupboard hardware for a better balance in the kitchen. Nowadays, handles are available in different finishes. There are bronze, silver, nickel, chromium, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, etc. Whatever the finish of your dreams, a back plate can bring balance to your kitchen.
  • Protect the area behind the cabinet handles from grime and scratches. A cupboard is prone to the buildup of grime and stubborn spots. Sometimes, you may compromise the time for your family to clean your cabinetry. With the use of cabinet handles with backplates, you can protect the area behind the handles from all these issues. Simple maintenance is enough. Plus, you can say bye to high replacement and repair costs.
  • Make your cupboard accessory new. Old cabinet hardware? Then, take advantage of handles with backplates. Instead of replacing handles, it is best to get a backplate installed into your cupboard. It is available at a reasonable price you can afford. It is of high quality that can last a decade or two.

However, it all depends on the service provider of your choice. Here at Roche, you can have the peace of mind. Our products are durable and available at competitive pricing. We pride ourselves with our team of world-class professionals. Our people are capable of carrying out their job in a way that goes above the standards. Also, we use state of the art equipment, enabling us to develop our services.

  • Relocate the handle without worrying about covering the hole. Instead of using putty, you can utilize a backplate to cover the hole. It can reduce costs and provide great performance.

Adding a backplate to your cupboard doors can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. Best of all, it is simple to do and will never cost a high amount of money along the way.

How to Choose Cupboard Handles with Perfect Backplates?

When you need to choose a backplate, the important things to worry about are finish, size, and shape. You want to get something that enhances and complements your cabinet accessory. This means that the finishes should be similar and the size should be proportional. That is unless you want the opposite.

For example, if you have a crystal clear handle, an oil-rubbed bronze backplate is the perfect option for you. It can help a cupboard stands out from other stuff in the kitchen. But don’t forget that the choice still depends on you.

Furthermore, bear in mind how much room you have for backplates. Do they need to sit vertically? Or can you have a circular option behind the hardware? If you are putting a backplate behind a cupboard handle, select the item that has two holes. Then, check the spacing between the holes because some are larger than others.

How to Install Cabinet Handles with Backplates?

Installing a cabinet handle with backplate is simple. Unscrew the backplate and place it behind the handle. Check whether the front of the cabinet is facing the same direction as the front of the cupboard handle and reattach the screw.

If you want to change out your option or get a new product, you can make the switch without a burden. There you have it! Installation of cupboard handles with backplates is very convenient!

Brighten Up Your Kitchen Using Cabinet Handles With Crystals

For a sophisticated look of your kitchen, cabinet handles with crystals are what you need. With their luster, they can make your space vibrant and lively. No matter how dull your cupboard looks like, they can transform it into a more beautiful and newer one.

Here at Roche, we have a special collection of crystal cabinet handles, knobs, and pulls. We assemble our products in China using the latest and the most innovative facility. With different finishes and sizes, our handles offer a variety of choices for everyone. We also have colored crystals with a range of hues to choose from.

If a rainbow effect is your taste, our specially treated cabinet handles with crystals will never disappoint you. We’ve accentuated the knobs and pulls with special elements and developed them by our finest professionals. For more information, please free to keep in touch. From start to finish, Roche will assist you with ease.

Cabinet Handles With Bling: A Decorative Option For Your Space

Cabinet handles with bling are a flexible cupboard accessory. They can be used for a decorative purpose. They can provide a feminine touch to your kitchen furniture. They can make your space creative and unique too.

At Roche, we are proud to offer cabinet handles with bling. We make our pulls, knobs, and handles custom-made to reach individual needs of everyone. We have ready-made designs for you to select. When our list of products does not reach your expectations, worry no more as we have a pool of designers. Our talented staff can create original and special designs in real time.

Contact us for more information. We are much willing and ready to assist you. Give our services a try!

Cabinet Handles With Wood: A Traditional Cupboard Hardware You Should Not Miss

More handles have a beautiful array of cupboard handles with wood. Wooden cabinet accessories are the natural choice for completing the look of your bedroom wardrobe and kitchen cupboards.

Natural beauty

What is it that makes wooden cupboard handle so alluring? From its unique qualities of warmth, tone, color, and texture, it is special, stunning, and unique. Whatever the materials that will come out in the market, nothing beats the natural beauty of wood.

Traditional Style

The traditional designs of cabinet handle with wood have different options to opt. Here at Roche, we have a lot to offer. Each design has different finishes. And some are unfinished so you still can apply a paint color or stain that you like.

Modern Style

Aside from that, most people use a contemporary style with the natural beauty of wooden handle. At Roche, we have a growing number of designs. We mix the wood with chrome and steel metals for a Scandinavian feel. When it comes to the price, our products are affordable. In fact, we are known for competitive pricing since the establishment of our company. For other information, get in touch with Roche now!

Benefits Of Cupboard Handles For Your Kitchen

Cupboard handles are often overlooked by homeowners. They look an unimportant accessory for cabinetry because of their size. Maybe for some people, cabinet hardware does not have a use. Others may consider cupboard handles a waste of money, effort, and time.

However, in reality, cupboard handles have a plethora of benefits. You may not notice them at first. But once you think about it, you will realize that the hardware is no doubt useful. And they are worth considering.

For sure, you are now curious about what cupboard handles can do for your kitchen. Take a close look at the following and discover the advantages of these furniture accessories.

Easy Opening and Closing of a Cupboard for Optimal Comfort

Imagine using a cupboard without a handle. Do you find it convenient? Of course, not. Though opening or closing furniture in the kitchen sounds as easy as eating a pie, it is going to be difficult. It will be burdensome and overwhelming. It requires much effort and time that will affect your schedule.

When opening a handle-less cupboard, it may hurt your finger a lot. But injuries can be avoided using cabinet hardware. Once you get one installed in your furniture, opening and closing will be stress-free. You will never feel worried every time you get the dishes, cup or food from a cupboard. You can always expect a convenient experience.

Additional Aesthetic Value: Bringing up the Curb Appeal of your Cupboard

cupboard handles

Disorganized kitchen? Or unpleasant cooking space? Whatever the case may be, an update is a brilliant idea. One of the best remodeling decision is to replace an old cupboard handle. Getting a new accessory may sound easy but make sure you choose the best. With the thousands of products out there, selecting cupboard handles will be a breeze. Nevertheless, it will not be like that. Narrowing your choice will be tougher than you think.

Guided and careful shopping is key to have a brilliant decision. To be a cautious shopper, consider the style of your cabinetry. How does it look? Does it have a contemporary style? Or is it available in modern design? Whatever the outcome it may be, it will give you an idea which handles to pick.

Of course, you want something attractive to the eyes. No matter how aesthetic an item looks, it is important to pay attention to something responsive and relevant. Opt the one that aligns with the color and appearance of your kitchen furniture.

Making style a priority is great. But it is much better to look at the materials of cupboard handles. Is it more worth it to purchase a stunning handle than a sturdy one? If you only take the curb appeal in cabinet accessory into account, it is not a good investment. When you consider both, you can expect a meaningful and worthwhile decision. Not only can you increase the curb value of your cupboard but you can also use a handle that lasts a lifetime.

A cupboard handle at a low or expensive price does not measure its aesthetic value. You can still buy stylish yet decorative cabinet hardware at a cheap rate. The same thing goes with handles that are available at a high cost. But there is one thing you may not know. The stunning appeal of those with low price will not last. When it comes to hardware at a reasonable and fair cost, it can withstand wear and tear within a long span of time.

Make Cupboard Awesome Kitchen Furniture to Place your Food

A cupboard is a perfect place to put dishes, cups, or food. With a loose or damaged handle, it will not be safe to put something in it, especially food. Sometimes, insects or pests may go in the cabinet. Thus, it may cause diarrhea and other diseases.

When your kitchen furniture does not have a functional cupboard handle, never leave it unsolved for days. Take action as early as possible. Look for an accessory that suits all your needs. With the options in the market, you may see them as an advantage. Yes, it’s true. But, making a decision will be quite hard and confusing.

Here at Roche, we can be of great help as we offer an extensive line of handles. We have modern, vintage, and many more. We can give you a hand to identify your best option. We are also proud to have a team of amicable and courteous professionals. Our people treat our clients valuable. We understand and care for your comfort. So, be one of our customers today!

Balances the Look of the Kitchen

All homeowners dream to have a sophisticated kitchen. They ensure to have a fully furnished space and consider glossy finish in their cabinetry. Some also pay attention to cupboard handles. Others do not. Sometimes, you may ignore the importance of carefully selecting cabinet hardware. It is just normal.

Once you started to exert effort in making a purchase, a lot of benefits are possible along the way. Installing a decorative handle can balance the overall appeal, blend to other stuff, and transform your kitchen into an attractive place.

Make your Kitchen a Comfortable Place for Bonding Moment

No matter how small a cupboard handle looks like, it has a huge impact. It can transform your kitchen into a place that’s ideal for family gathering. It can also contribute to the proper and clean organization of stuff in your space.

A special occasion is best done when everyone has rules to perform. With effective and economic handles, all of you can finish the job without hassles. Hence, a simple family event is going to be fun, memorable, and special.

Bring Up the Value of your Kitchen

Dull-looking kitchen? Or an unorganized space? Then, an update in your kitchen is a great idea. Aside from repainting your cabinets, replacing cupboard handles is brilliant. It can boost the value of your place and make you proud of your investment.

Here at Roche, we have handles that are perfect for renovation or innovation. With a call, you can speak with the best professionals from our company. Whether you have something to ask or verify, feel free to keep in touch with us. Serving our clients for years now, we have wide experience and flexible knowledge in the industry. Thus, Roche has got you covered!

How To Choose The Right Cupboard Handle Size

Cupboard handles are no doubt beneficial. They can give life to a boring kitchen. Transform your space into a striking one, and more. When selecting cabinet handles, there are things to take into account. Apart from long-lasting durability, impressive finish, aesthetic style, and decorative design choose the right size. How are you going to do that?

cupboard handles manufacturer

Choosing the best hardware size requires a balance of style and function. Compromise one for the other, and you perhaps will never be happy. You will always feel disappointed every time you try to open a cupboard. Or probably, you will be frustrated whenever you walk into your kitchen. Narrow down the wide selection by identifying which size opens or closes your cabinetry effectively. With that, you can pick the accessory that reflects your taste.

Here are the other tips to help you select a reliable cupboard handle size:

Getting the Right Hand Fit

Of course, you want a cupboard handle that looks great and works efficiently. However, you need an option that fits your hands. If yours are small or large, select the pieces you can wrap your hand around with comfort. Also, size can be a problem if your hand dexterity or strength are affected by arthritis and other health issues.

While selecting the hardware, pay attention to the distance from the cupboard surface to where you will be gripping the handle. A piece that is small to fit your hand makes opening and closing inconvenient. If your hand always touches the cabinet finish, it is more prone to wear and tear.

Selecting the Hardware for Your Existing Cabinets

When replacing handles on cupboards, drawers, or cabinets, people often utilize existing holes. But sometimes you’ll want to fill or finish unused ones. To switch out the cabinet accessory, determining the right size is important.

  • Find the correct size for a cupboard handle. To do this, you have to measure from the center of a hole to the center of the other. When the cabinet handle is sold, the center-to-center measurement is shown in millimeters or inches. Common CC measurements include 3 inches, 4 inches, and 96 millimeters. Whether your measurement is in one unit or you need the other, take advantage of a handy conversion tool online.
  • Depending on your cupboards, the mounting screws that come with your handle may or may not be the relevant and perfect size. The best length for a screw is the distance from the inside of a cupboard to its outside surface. Then, add one-quarter inch.

Choosing Handles for a New Cabinet

Selecting cupboard handles for new cabinets can be exhausting. That is why it is important to narrow down your options and follow the steps below:

  • For a standard-sized cabinet, 96- or 128-millimeter handles are the most common. Other typical sizes for cupboard handles are 1 1/4 – and 1 3/8-inch. Standard size does not necessarily mean one-size-fits-all. Usually, wall cabinets and standard base run from 12 to 36 inches.
  • Larger cabinets require larger handles from 6 to 12 inches.
  • The width of a drawer is necessary. If it measures 18 inches or less, a single handle, knob or pull is enough. Many people find larger cabinets to be moved or used more smoothly with two pieces of handles. An extra-long choice is suitable when you want to use one hand.
  • Handles that measure an inch are excellent for specialized pullouts, including cutting boards, apothecary drawers, spice drawers, etc.
  • Larger handles of 1 ½ inches are great for larger cabinets. They are useful if a dramatic appearance is a goal on your part.
  • If you want handles on doors and drawers, utilize the same size for balanced appeal and creative style.

Other Things to Consider

Doors with a special decorative accent raised panels, five-panel construction, and rounded edges greatly affect your hardware choices. Cupboard hardware needs to be flush to the surface. For example, if a 3-inch handle won’t fit properly, give a smaller or larger size a try.

All these guidelines on how to choose the cupboard handle size will steer you in a good direction. But these are not fast and hard rules. For cabinet handle that will make you happy, listen to your preferences most of the time.

Placement Of Cupboard Handles

After identifying the right size, it’s about time to understand where to position cupboard handles. Remodeling your space can be a cumbersome undertaking. There are decisions to make that can overwhelm and bother you. When the end of an update is in sight, a contractor may ask where you would like the cabinet hardware to be placed.

cupboard handles

Perhaps, it never occurred to you that there are many placement options for your handles. Similar to most design choices, placement is based on effective or tested solutions. Let us explore ideal hardware placement. Take a look at the following:

Lower Cabinetry

  • The most popular placement is to center the handles in the middle of every cupboard front. Aesthetically symmetrical and pleasing, the disadvantage to this placement is that the bottom drawer can be hard to reach because the cabinet hardware is too low.
  • Centered on top.In this placement, cabinet hardware is only centered in the middle of the top drawer. For every low drawer, it is typically placed on the top rail. Some find this unbalanced, while others appreciate it a lot.

This centered on top placement has a blend of function and form. Instead of centering the hardware in the middle of the cupboard front, place it on the rail. As a result, opening the lower drawer will be hassle-free. Plus, taller member of the household will never have a difficult time.

  • All on top..For functionality and symmetry, all on top configuration is what you need. Cabinet hardware is placed on every rail when the drawer fronts are five-piece.
  • Top one-third.For slab drawers, place the hardware in the top one-third for every drawer. Since the fronts are a slab, there is additional flexibility to place the handle in the top one quarter. But you can center it as well. So, the option depends on you.
  • Two-handle placement.Is there a perfect way of placing two handles on a drawer? Well, there are ways. What you should do is to divide the drawer in half. And don’t forget to center the hardware in each half, making it balanced. For instance, if your drawers are 36-inch wide, half of it is 18, and half of 18 is 9. Thus, each handle is centered 9 inches from the left to the right edge of the cabinet front.

Upper and Lower Cabinetry

Hardware placement for door cabinetry is more subjective than drawer cabinetry. The handle can align with the rail. It can be higher or lower. There are no specifics that you should follow, except for the hardware spacing of the wall kitchen furniture. Generally, you should align them with the base cabinets.

  • Horizontal.For a modern and aesthetic placement, position your hardware horizontally. You can contact us at Roche to know more. We can help you throughout your journey!
  • Vertical edging lower rail.Center wall cabinet handle on the top edge of the lower rail. The hardware placement for the lower doors mirrors the upper placement.
  • Vertical extending into the rail.In this placement option, extend the handles into the bottom rail of your wall cabinets. And never forget to top rail the base cabinet. This is a convenient location to reach higher wall cupboards.

Other Important Tips

  • In traditional spaces, there is a general rule to follow. It is advisable to use pulls on drawers and knobs on doors. But you can break this rule for cupboards and other furniture.
  • For transitional or modern cupboard, knobs pulls, and handles can be used interchangeably. Sleek cabinet handles are an awesome solution to achieve a modern look.
  • When drawers in the cupboard are 24 inches wide or even wider, people double up on cabinet handles, pulls, or knobs. To place them correctly, divide the drawer into thirds. Then place the cupboard hardware in the right and left portions of the cabinetry.

Rochehandle – A One Stop Company To Buy Cupboard Handles

Since you are now aware of the size, pros, and placement of cupboard handles, your next journey will be the shopping process. Where to buy cupboard handles is the question you have to answer. With the thousands of product manufacturers in the market, you will never encounter trouble finding the right one. However, narrowing down your options will be arduous. It requires time and effort before you can find the right company.

cupboard handles

Here at Rochehandle, there is no need to experience such hassles. We are the right company for you. We have the years of experience. We have been serving China, Europe Australia, and other countries across the globe. With our 11 years of service in the industry, we have been a part of success in many people’s lives. Because of that, we have become a more trusted handle manufacturer than the competition.

Aside from a decade of experience in this business, we are proud to have an extraordinary design team. We are surrounded by qualified and talented professionals. They are capable of creating new, fresh, and unique designs to reach all your specific requirements. We also take pride in our mold manufacturing factory that includes top-class die casting technology, polishing technology, surface treatment technology, etc. Our most innovative equipment supports us to provide the highest quality of handles in the country and other places beyond Asia.

At Rochehandle, we are also known for extremely fast delivery. We will ship the cupboard handles, pulls, and knobs immediately for your convenience. For more information, do not hesitate to give us a call at 0086-13380155275. Or send us a message at Our Roche support team has been ready to accommodate your needs. Be one of our valued clients today and anticipate a fun and stress-free experience ahead.


So, you are already familiar with the cupboard handle! Get one installed into your cabinetry as soon as possible. Since installation can be easy, you can do the process yourself. But counting on a reputable installer is much better. Enjoy the fun, function, and style of cupboard hardware from Rochehandle! And expect our exceptional customer service.