Folding Handles

Folding Handles

Popularly known as collapsible handles, folding pull handles have a wide range of applications in both domestic and industrial settings. You can buy a folding handle for drawer, collapsible handle or even folding chest handles.

As the name suggests, folding handles will give you maximum flexibility especially when it comes to their usage. They are compatible with different attachments and for different pieces of furniture. You can buy folding door handles or even go for the folding window handles.

Are folding handles beautiful? Yes, folding handles can be visually appealing. Just like other premium handles, collapsible handles come with different finishes.

Some of these finishes include nickel, chrome, oxidized black, pewter, sandblasting and matter.

As expected, you are free to choose folding handles that have your favorite finishing.

What is the best material for the fold-down handle?

Most fold-away handles are made from stainless steel. This material is known for its immense strength and contemporary appearance. If it is on a drawer, you will find that it is easy to maintain folding pull handles.

Collapsible handles come in different sizes, design, and styles. You can choose to buy a large folding handle or a recessed folding pull handle. You are also free to request a folding handle manufacturer to customize the design and specifications of your folding handle. For instance, you can buy folding pull handles with a mounting plate.

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The Definitive Guide To Folding Handles

folding handles

When it comes to maintaining the convenience in accessing enclosures from limiting space environments, folding handles provide enclosure solutions.

Fold away can be used in a wide array of ways. It comes with a variety of designs or styles. All you have to do in ensuring that you will be able to experience the complete benefits of these industrial folding handles is to find a reputable manufacturer.

If you successfully find a one-stop source of folding bar handle, you can be sure that you can get the perfect piece for high quality, excellent service, wide selection, and reasonable price range. From door application to the industrial solution, you have the best opportunity to obtain flexibility, convenience, and efficacy through chest handles.

Here, you have the chance to discover essential facts about fold away handle as well as the particular applications. You can determine what the materials used to manufacture these flush mouth handles and the proper way in choosing the right size are.

You will learn the different shapes, vital characteristics, and techniques on how to install. Thus, you can gain an idea of where is the best place to buy chest handles. As a result, you can become a smarter buying customer.

If you know the essential things about hinged handles and ideas about the manufacturers, you can easily find the ideal piece for your unique needs and preferences. You can also save a great amount of money and effort since you can be sure about the quality and long service life.

Now, consider a definitive guide to folding handles and obtain the perfect piece to match your needs.
Access a thing or location without any hint of trouble with the help of hinged handles!

What is Folding Handles?

Are you having some issues opening your door and gate or a cover? Then, you are in need of a folding bar handle.
Maybe, you have already heard about industrial folding handles and get some ideas of where you can use them. But, what exactly foldaway handle is?

Folding Handle Meaning

A folding handle is used in a place where the handle must not stick out. You can notice that after releasing the fold away handle, it will immediately return to the starting point through the spring-loaded return. Meaning, you can achieve a significant convenience whenever you want to access enclosures with limited space, including doors, gates or covers.

Through folding crank handle, you will be provided with ample handle when aiming to open doors, drawers, or compartments. Interestingly, these industrial folding handles can be folded down into a compact shape when not in use.

Hinged handles give you the freedom to choose from a broad selection of sizes, lengths, finished, shapes or material used. You can be satisfied as they offer a wide range of efficient enclosure applications. With the help of the built-in mechanism, it can keep the folding handle in the desired position, from fully opened up to completely stored without a clue for ratting and falling.

Industrial folding handles are considered as durable handles providing a decent aesthetic look and significant advantages regarding space-saving designs. When you use a recessed handle, you will be provided with ergonomic grip in a variety of widths and clean look due to concealed mounting hardware.

Since a fold away handle comes with space-saving design and robust, affordable enclosure solution, it becomes easier for you to achieve efficiency within your living or working space. Fold bar handle made it possible to combine enclosure application, aesthetic look, and space-saving design.

Whenever you want to access your door, compartment, cover or drawer, always consider chest handles. They will provide you with convenience and clean look without sacrificing the quality and your budget. They are perfectly designed to be flexible with space and requirements of the user when it comes to efficient movements.

When you become efficient in accessing enclosures, you are making better sense in conveniently keep what you are doing and help you stay productive for the entire. From grabbing applications to industrial purposes, you know hinged handles will always provide you dependability and efficiency.

Applications of Folding Handles

Are you planning to buy a fold away handle? For sure, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “folding handle” is easy access to a door or easy grabbing. But, recessed handles have something more to offer.

Chest handles come with plenty of applications that you can ever imagine. They are not just plainly use for simple enclosure application. After discovering more recessed handle applications, you will enjoy additional efficiency and versatility.

Grab Applications

One of the best way to easily gran something is by having a handle – RV folding gran handle to be specific. Using an RV exterior grab handle, it becomes easier for you to enter and leave your space easily or safely. Also, you can open or close a container without exerting so much effort. Once that you learn how to install RV grab handle, you can hold it against the side of the compartment or door for safer use.

Transport Applications

With the help of folding pull handles with mounting plate, riding on a transportation system becomes more convenient and safer. They keep you safe from filthy handrails or sticky floor. They offer comfortable grip since folding bar handle can be covered with soft material.

Door Applications

Folding handles the same way with Hafele handles can be manufactured with stainless steel tubing known to be heavy-duty allowing you to mount it permanently into the door frame. Through the proper installation of door handles, you can be completely sure that opening and closing the door is just a matter of few efforts while keeping you safe all the time.

Equipment Applications

Telescoping handle offers a specialized fastening system that can help you prevent rotation of the handle. As a result, you can obtain a safe and firm grip on any equipment. You can choose from different finishes, shapes, size or lateral support. You can satisfy the varied requirements of your equipment. Thus, you are sure that you can utilize your equipment without delays or handling issues.

Front Panel Applications

When you consider a flush mount handle for your front panel, you can experience the ease of use, and you can be free any form of hassle. Make sure to choose a telescoping handle that that can resist greases, oils and any other chemical agents for longer service life. You might like to pick a folding handle with holes to mount the handles for easier and more comfortable grip.

For Railway Applications

Recessed handle is an amazing advantage when it comes to railway applications. Public transportation like railways are prone to accidents, but with the help of industrial door latches, people can have a safer and more convenient riding experience where they have nothing to worry about the slippery floor or discomforting handrails.

Emergency Break Applications

You can use folding pull handles with mounting plate for passenger spaces or even emergency brake operations and braking equipment. They come with switching elements that feature a positive opening operation for safety requirements. You can ensure a trouble-free operation for a long period.

For Measurement Applications

Do you want to add convenient to your measurement task? If yes, the recessed handle is an interesting option. They might come with round bar steel to ensure that you can grip them effortlessly. Their design feature can be spring-arrestment ensuring that it will perform well.

Industrial Applications

A hinged handle has already improved the operations in different industry sectors. From the ease of access for equipment to daily access to entry and exit points. Many people look for the industrial door handle to get an outstanding day-to-day operation while maintaining comfort and safety.

Now that you are already aware of the various heavy duty pull handles, you can be more confident that you can use them in the most versatile manner. You do not need to settle for one recessed handle applications, instead use them to advantages that are more valuable.

Materials of Folding Handles

Imagine, you are in the middle of the market for fold away handles. Do you already have the idea of which folding handle material can best match your needs? With a variety of materials used to manufacture hinged handle, it is important for you to discover the unique characteristics of each material.

Keep in mind that each folding bar handle material comes with benefits and interesting use. So, to give you a more valuable purchase result, you might consider the materials of hinged handles.


If you aim for a sleek and elegant look for folding handles, metal is known to provide this kind of advantage. One of the main reasons why metal is an outstanding material used to manufacture folding pull handles is because of their malleable characteristics. Metals are also known to be shaped without cracking or breaking in any form.

There are different types of metals, and all of them can play nice with one another. Meaning, it is possible for recessed folding pull handles to be manufactured with mixed metals. The folding handles hardware made of two or more metal types can provide real firmness for their applications.

Folding handles selection can vary steel or brass based composites, and some cases consist of mixed metal compositions like the zamac. Mixed metals can be plated or even powder-coated with the best quality, including Satin Chrome, Antique Bronze, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel and many more. Finish options are ideal for adding complementary colors while keeping the sophisticated and classic look.

When metals are used to manufacture folding table handles, folding door handles, folding window handles and others, you can expect for robust, aesthetic and long-lasting use.


Why use plastics in making folding pull handles with mounting plate? Plastics are considered as a single material. They are made up of interesting variety of materials the same way with metal that can be aluminum or iron. One of the significant advantages of plastics over other recessed handle materials is that they do not need to rely on the limited material types found in the environment.

Plastic materials used for manufacturing folding handles hardware can effectively combine multiple properties that offer the best-performing devices for various application innovations. Folding handles made of plastics are known to be resistant to corrosion, water, frost, flames or impact. Also, they offer advantaged like lightweight, hygienic, smooth, shape memory, flexibility and smooth.
As folding pull handles made of plastic continue to evolve, more efficiency and versatility to applications are still expected to come.

Other Materials

Apart from metals and plastics, more materials can be used to make high quality recessed folding pull handles.

Stainless Steel. Stainless steel folding handles offer resistance to stains and corrosions and durability. They do not stain, corrode or rust with water. They are highly recommended to areas with potential wet such as bathrooms, kitchens, hospitals or patios because they can be sterilized easily. They come with contemporary, stylish look while maintaining versatility.

Nylon. Handles for folding doors made of nylon offers strength, practicability and hygiene. They varies in different colors and can retain sharp brilliance. They provide great comfort and warm to touch. Also, they can be easily formed into different shapes.

Porcelain. Porcelain material is commonly used for internal folding handles. They provide low maintenance and very practical option. They are available in different colors.

Glass. Due to its increasing popularity, many people consider folding door handles, and folding closet door handles or folding basket with handles made of glass. They vary in clear, bright colors as well as combination colors.

With so many materials used to manufacture hinged handles, there is no way for you not to find the perfect piece to meet your requirements.

Size of Folding Handles

Not all the sizes of recessed handles are of the same size to provide flexibility of attachment. So, you have to be careful in choosing the size of your handles. So, what are the effective way you can do when choosing the right size of folding handles?

How to Choose the Right Size of Folding Handles

So, here’s how you can successfully end up with the right folding handles size.

Identify Recessed Handle that Complements Your Space

When you are at the point of picking the type of handle, make sure that you have already determined the design style of your area. Then, ensure that the folding pull handles will complement your overall design theme.

Choose the Right Handle Size

The sizes of folding table sizes, folding generator handles or folding crank handles with casement window will vary depending on your design preference. However, make sure that you pick the size that is both functional and stylish.

For example, you are working on your cabinetry, and you prefer using hinged handles for perfect gripping and comfort. Here are few pointers to follow.

For your oversized cabinetry having dimensions of 36 inches or larger, including drawers for built-in appliances, you can consider folding handles with a longer length. You can choose between 6, 8, 10 or 12 inches.

If you own a specialized, small cabinetry with narrow dimensions or drawers under 12 inches, including a built-in spice rack, you can use folding pull handles under 1-inch diameter.

Lastly, for your standard cabinetry having dimensions of 12 to 36 inches, the most common recessed handles sizes are 3 to 4 inches and 96 mm or 128 mm.

After having these ideas, you can easily proceed to your folding handle projects.

Shape of Folding Handles

One of the most interesting things about folding pull handles is that they vary in different shapes. Meaning, you can choose the shape of your preference.


Revolving kitchen handles and other handle applications feature internal bearings allowing the handle to remain fixed in hand, including a firm gripping while you are performing a turning task. They are available in different designs such as Rounded-Threaded, Square-Threaded, Rounded Press Fit, Rounded-Shoulder Screw, and Rounded-Shoulder Screw.


When it comes to the conical shape of the folding pull handles, you can choose from different materials used like zinc-plated, steel or thermoplastic. They offer a smooth hole with specialized fixing ribs that are deformable.


Typically, U-shaped hinged handles are used for door applications. They are equipped with a stop-in opening position and include a 90-degree stop.


Folding pull handles having a flat shape will lay flat when they are not in use. As a result, they can create a comfortable low profile while functionality remains. They are secured using quality nuts and are available in 2-position, 3-position, and free-fall options.


Profile-shaped collapsible handles are available in standard or desired dimensions. They can be made of aluminum together with the stain-finish polyamide. They provide ease of assembling and possible for alternate fastening.

With proper knowledge about the different shapes of folding handles, you can find the ideal piece that can suit your application requirements.

Other Characteristics of Folding Handles

To ensure that you will be able to choose the good folding pull handles with ideal functionality, size, and style, it is better for you to discover the other characteristics of the handles. This way, you will not be confused about which one to buy.


Folding pull handles having spring-loaded return are generally used in a place where the handle need not be protruded, including safety applications. They are commonly made of reinforced plastics and known to be a hardwearing and robust option. When you release the handle, it will return to the starting point with the help of spring-loaded return.


Recessed folding pull handles with revolving characteristics are known to provide a complete comfortable grip in different applications. They require continuous operating element use. Meaning, whether you want to turn, pull or push in operating the mechanism, the recessed handles will provide usability and comfort required by the applications.


Handles like folding screw handles, folding door handles, folding table handles and more with screw vary in knurled, socket head, latch, and bar-handled screws. They also come in varying finishes including stainless steel, cast-iron, phenolic, thermoplastic and more.


Rugged folding handles hardware can be manufactured using plastic that can offer heavy duty approach. They are perfect for assembly on a sheet metal that is thin-walled. Also, they can be made of thermoplastic with sleek fine-grain structure.


Recessed folding pull handles with built-in characteristics can keep the handles in the desired positions without exerting effort. Whether you want to open the drawer or fully stored fully, you can effectively act without falling and rattling.


Concealed folding pull handles with mounting plate provide a perfect space saving solutions using folding down into a low-profile storage. They come with built-in friction that can ensure consistency of handling the position, including folding, extended and in the middle without rattling.


When choosing folding handles hardware, you need to consider the ergonomic design. This way, you feel comfortable and convenient whenever you will be using the handles. Ergonomic grip is an advantage feature you might like to take consideration.


Products that come with the internal magnets within the handle like folding pull handles primarily help you install them easily to any metal surface. Through a magnetic grip, provide your application that is more convenient or even allow you to store them easily.


The operator generally uses fixed recessed folding pull handles on actuation levers or rods to easily facilitate a gripping action. Through the careful ergonomic and design, you will be able to experience a secure grip while offering a maximum comfort to your hands. You can also fold them into a resting position or automatic retraction for safety.


Folding window handles, folding door handles, a folding box with handles and more can offer adjustable features. This way, you can operate them according to your preferred comfort and convenience. Also, you can choose from varying sizes, shape, material and finish.


When it comes to offsetting folding handles, you can choose between horizontally and vertically mounted intended for screw-fixing and self-adhesive. You can achieve this using drilling the pilot holes within.


Finger characteristics for recessed folding pull handles are known for their distinct compact design. They can be conveniently operated through your index finger.

Other characteristics of recessed folding pull handles can help you become more familiar with the benefits and convenience they offer.

Manufacturers of Folding Handles

Maybe you have already the ideas about the folding handles, but you might lack knowledge of the manufacturers. Now, the next things you need to know are where you are going to buy recessed folding pull handles and how you can choose the best supplier of these folding handles.

Where to Buy Folding Handles

As online purchase become the new trend for convenient product acquisition, folding handlebar is available for online shopping. All you have to do is to look for an online store or visit the manufacturer website and pick the hinged handles of your choice.

Fold away handle manufacturers offer a wide array of sizes, style, finish or material. So, you have the best chance to select the ideal recessed handles for a particular application. You can order them online, or you might like to consider visiting a folding pull handle home depot.

There are plenty of recessed handle manufacturers to choose from. You can consider online research about their offerings together with the price range. Do not rush into purchasing, make sure that you carefully choose the manufacturer. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality, cost-efficient and product, and service satisfaction.

How to Choose the Best Folding Handle Supplier

When choosing the right folding handles, you also need to consider the supplier. So, how can you select the best folding pull handle supplier?

Variety of Choices

You need to determine whether the supplier of folding handlebar can offer a variety of choices. Their supply should vary from materials used, finishes, sizes, styles or colors. This can help you find the folding bar handle that can suit your application, budget and area design theme requirements.

Customer Support

Effective customer support is essential to both online and local purchase. This is because whenever you find an issue about the fold away handle, you will be provided with best solutions. Thus, if you have inquiries, you are aware of what to do in resolving your questions in mind.


There are folding pull handle home depot that offers affordable price range yet with the best quality. If you are conscious about your budget, you need to consider finding a hinged handles supplier that can match your budget needs.


Always consider a folding crank handle supplier that offers product warranty. This applies to both local or online purchase. This can help you ask for professional help when an issue arise and provide you with an effective solution.


Whenever you need to buy a folding handle, it is good to know that you can easily access the supplier. It can give you confidence and convenience that despite your busy schedule you can reach them anytime you want.

Choosing the recessed folding pull handle manufacturers is a difficult task because the quality of the application will be affected. When you pick the reputable supplier, you can be sure that you can get high quality and dependable function. Thus, you can choose from a variety of folding handles.

How to Install Folding Handles?

Whether you prefer to install folding pull handles by yourself or ask for a professional help, it is good to know how is a folding handle is installed. This way, you will know whether the installation is done properly and avoid any issues.

Instruction for Installing Folding Handles

For example, you want to install a folding door handle, so here is what you are going to do:

1. Measure the intended height for the folding door handle

2. Mark the area you will perform the drilling

3. Drill the pilot holes in your door

4. Insert the larger drill to create larger pilot holes

5. Drill the hole intended for the spindle

6. Drill the hole intended for the barrel

7. Mark the faceplate around the area

8. Chisel out the hole for the latch

9. Attach the latch into your door

10. Start installing the striker plate

11. Drill the hole intended for the striker plate

12. Draw around a striker plate

13. Chisel out the recess for the striker plate

14. Start attaching the striker plate

15. Attach the folding handle

Tips When Installing Handles

Below is the list of pointers you can use when installing folding handles

1.When measuring the height of your handles, you can use the other door handles in your home, read the instructions from your folding handle kit or use the standard door handle height which is 1050 mm off your floor.

2.You can use the folding door handle kit provided when marking the drilling point

3.Never drill right through your door because it might cause the area to splinter

4.When drilling, make sure that your door is not moving and is properly wedged

5.Before starting the drilling tasks, make sure that you are square into the door side to drill at the right angle.

So, are you ready to install your new folding pull handles?

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Folding Handle?

The same way to other types of the construction project, one of the main concerns is the cost of a specific installation. If you are planning to install a recessed folding pull handle, how much it will cost you.

The cost to Install Folding Handles

For basic folding pull handle installation project, the cost to install will start at $71.81 to $156 per set. The actual cost will vary according to the job size, size options, and conditions.

It will always be ideal to contact reputable professionals to provide you accurate assessments of the required work together with the project cost. This is applicable before making commitments or decisions.

The folding handle installation cost might include the cost of local equipment or material delivery, cost to prepare the worksite and cost to protect your existing finishes, structures or materials. Also, you need to consider the labor setup time, minimum hour charger and mobilization time.

So, before anything else, you need to ensure that you are already aware of the cost you have to include into your budget. It can help you start the installation process free from issues.

However, if you decide to install the hinged handles by yourself, you need to invest in the needed tool. These tools include door wedge, drill, drill bits, hammer, pencil, safety glasses, tape measure, spade bits, sharp utility knife, sharp chisel, set square and screwdriver.

Buying Guide When Choosing Folding Handles

So, you might ready now to buy folding pull handles. However, you need to learn first the things you need to consider before going to folding handles purchase.

What to Consider When Buying Folding Handles

Here, you the chance to make sure buying experience worthy and effective. Consider the following tips to obtain a successful recessed folding pull handle shopping.

Your Area Design

It is a good idea to consider the design style area before buying a folding handle. After determining the design theme of your area, it is the time to decide on the style, color, finish, and size.

Folding Handle Finish

If you are working with a light or white color cabinets, it is ideal to use darker folding handles finish including brushed stainless steel with less luster. With regards to cabinets with darker colors, you can consider using lighter hinged handle finish like mirror stainless steel.

Right Size

Take time to determine the right size for your folding pull handle project. It will add to your convenience and improve the purpose of the applications.


When you worry about your budget, there are available quality folding handles that come with the cost-effective price range. You need to determine fist the price range available in the market and choose which one can make you feel comfortable.

Buying Tips

To complete a successful buying experience for folding pull handles, considering the buying tips are a great advantage.

1.Cheap folding options is a good idea. However, cheaper metals are prone to degrade fast and a higher risk of breaking.

2.If you prefer stainless steel material, you need to go for solid with durability and even finish.

3.For online shopping or local purchase, always consider hinged handles with warranty.

4.Do a thorough research about the manufacturer to ensure that you will be provided with a wide range of selection and high end folding handles.

5.You can ask for a referral of where you can buy the best-recessed handles from your family, friends or workmates who have already experience using a particular brand.

6.Before settling for commitment or decision, make sure you have already the idea of how much it will cost you to install folding pull handles.

Now, that you already know what you are going to do before buying folding handles, it becomes easier for you to avoid purchase issues.


Before diving into a purchase decision for hinged handles, make sure that you already know your needs and requirements; where to seek high end and cost-effective industrial folding handles. Always take time to discover the essential product specifications together with the technical features. This way, you are making most of your money, instead of being disappointed in the outcome.

Folding handles are amazing investing because they offer a variety of applications, so make sure that you are now smarter in purchasing the perfect piece!