Cabinet Handles

Cabinet Handles

After installing cabinets either in the kitchen or in the bathroom, you have no other option but to buy the best cabinet handles. They are among the most critical cabinet hardware handles that you can buy. The primary role of a cabinet handle is to ensure that you can open and close the cabinet without straining.

However, there is one more function that the cabinet drawer handles do. They accentuate the visual appeal of the room. When you buy attractive cabinet furniture handles, it is apparent that you will enjoy how they look in the kitchen, bathroom, or dining room drawers.

High-quality cabinet hardware is defined by the materials that have been used to make them. Note; there are hundreds of cabinet handles manufacturers in the market today, who use both high and low-quality raw materials. But, at Rochehandle, we are cabinet handle suppliers that use different materials to manufacture high-quality cabinet handles. Some of the materials we use include stainless steel, bronze, solid brass, and pewter.

In addition to the materials, we use different finishing styles to give our cabinet handles the desired beauty and elegance. These finishes include oxidized black, nickel, chrome, pewter, antique brass, antique copper among others. Which finishing would you like to have in your cabinet handle? Let us know by contacting us.

For years, Rochehandle has dedicated itself in meeting the needs of our customers when it comes to furniture hardware. We are among the best China cabinet handles manufacturers. Are you looking for a place where to buy cabinet handles and knobs? Contact us today, and we will be available to give you the best short, and long cabinet handles to fit your needs.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Cabinet Handles

cabinet handles

Whether you are building a new home or replacing the hardware of your furniture, don’t forget to think about cabinet handles and knobs. With countless options available online and offline, it’s confusing which best suits your needs. However, knowing the factors to consider when purchasing handles will play a big role.

One consideration is to know the material of your choice. Today, product manufacturers use a variety of materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, iron, nickel, brass, and a lot more. With that kind of selection, choosing the material can be a bit difficult. But worry no more as this book will help you. As a shopper and a homeowner, it is wise to pick the one that is durable. It must not absorb moist to avoid corrosion. It should withstand extreme temperature and be long-lasting. It should also be able to keep itself from termites and ants.

Another thing to bear in mind is to opt for a stylish and clean-looking handle. If you aim to give a modern or an aesthetic look to your space, handles made of quality material would definitely be the best option. Typically, they come in various designs. So, it would be more convenient for you to match them with that of the design of your bathroom or kitchen. Also, look for shiny and easy to clean handles for your comfort.

Not only that, your knobs should be easy to install. Instead of letting a professional installer do the job for you, why not carry out the task yourself? This only happens when you choose a product that is easy to use and does not require complicated installation.

Chapter 1: Cabinet Handles Finishes

Another thing to take into account is the cabinet handles’ finish. Below are the most common finishes:

  • Chrome

As a classic choice for furniture and appliances, you can’t go wrong with a chrome finish. It is almost like a piece of jewelry for your cabinetry because of its vibrant shine and luster. Despite this, some people do not feel confident about it due to many concerns about fingerprints. Yes, of course after opening and closing your cabinet, cupboard, or door, it will leave your fingerprints on the chrome handles. But with proper cleaning and care, you can keep its polished and clean look over a long run.

  • Polished Brass

When looking for a standard shiny gold tone, polished brass finish is what you need. Even though it is considered classic, there are now more modern brass handles for you. They have more updated style, which is perfect for the personality of your residential property.

Unlike chrome, polished brass is much warmer. Thus, it is more beautiful and efficient in breaking up a cold and uninviting space at home.

  • Polished Nickel

Polished nickel handles and knobs are ideal to those who are searching for shiny silver finishes and warmer looks. Whatever the designs or style your home has, it will be a great blend. These will complement the personality of your space and enhance its ambiance. Unluckily, options in polished nickel are more limited than its counterparts. But with strong determination, you can find the best choice at the right time.

  • Satin Nickel

For over a decade, satin nickel cabinet handle finish has dominated the home design. Even with the availability of bronze and brass hardware, it remains the most popular finish available. But have you ever wondered why it had been the leading choice among people? It is because it coordinates nicely with appliances. It is also less susceptible to fingerprints than those shiner products. Compared to chrome, satin nickel has a warmer tone. It works great with a wide array of designs.

  • Antique Brass

Aside from satin nickel for the cabinet handle’s finish, then came the popularity of antique brass. It is an excellent solution for those who prefer the warmth of gold tones. However, it is worth noting that the color for this finish varies between manufacturers. Some are lightly brushed brass while others can appear as dark or brown as rubbed bronze. Furthermore, its texture also varies.

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze and Aged Bronze

Oil rubbed or aged bronze cabinet handle finish is also a popular choice for most homes. It has a deep brown tone, which is reminiscent of traditional finishes. As a result, it will provide a more sophisticated or traditional look to your place overall.

Just like antique brass, the finishes and tones for oil rubbed bronze handle or can vary. Therefore, be sure to select hardware from the same company within the same room. At Rochehandle, we’ve got you covered! Feel free to reach us through a call for further details!

  • Black Cabinet Handle or Knob Finish

Black cabinet hardware has become popular lately with the availability of modern farmhouse design. It is an excellent option for families because it doesn’t show dirt. Plus, it will not show fingerprints or scrapes easily either.

Chapter 2: Application: Where to Use Handles?

With the buzz that handles or knobs created over the market, it has its different applications. So, as a homeowner, you will never encounter trouble on where to use them. You can take a closer look at the following:

  • Cabinet Handles for Kitchen

In the kitchen, many furniture and appliances needed handles. The best examples of these are cupboards, drawers, refrigerator, oven, and faucet. Without an effective, functional, and hard-wearing handles or knobs, all of these things will not work at their best.

With partially damaged or broken handles, opening or closing them can be a bit challenging on your part. So, it is best to install sturdy, long-lasting, and corrosion resistant options for your convenience. For you to have a peace of mind, pick a product manufacturer that has been in the industry for years. At Rochehandle, you have certainly come to the right place! Our rich selections will ensure you to have the best product!

  • Cabinet handles for Bathroom

cabinet handles for bathroom

Cabinet handles are also seen in the bathroom. They are installed in the flush tank, bathtub, faucets, and bathroom drawers. Many homeowners overlook the utmost importance of getting sturdy handles to be installed in their bathroom. As a result, they encounter accidents that can cause you potential injuries, expensive replacement or repair.

Instead of purchasing those cheap options, it would be a brilliant idea to pick handles at high prices. Though you will spend a high amount of money at first, huge savings awaits you ahead. With durable handles in your bathroom, you can avoid accidents and replacements.

  • Cabinet Door Handles

cabinet handle for door

Cabinet handles are very flexible. You cannot only use them in the kitchen or bathroom but also in cabinet doors. No matter how elegant or subtle your cabinetry, it will no longer be the same without having the perfect handles.

When shopping, pay attention to those that match the style, design or personality of your cabinets. Consider its color and texture to make a good decision. Also, other stuff near the furniture takes a big part in your decision-making. Overall, your door handles should blend into the cabinet. They should complement everything inside your space.

  • Cabinet Handles for Laundry Room

cabinet handles for Laundry Room

Cabinet handles in the laundry room are prone to moisture, causing it to rust. Other problems include scratches from pants’ buttons and fingernails. This is why it is important to use those that are made of good quality. Cabinet handles for your laundry room should be resistant to corrosion, water, and other expensive issues.

Here at Rochehandle, we are proud to say that our products are made from superb materials. We also use state of the art technology, enabling our professionals to carry out their job well. Our products are available in a range of designs and sizes. For more information, contact us any time of the day!

Chapter 3: How to Install Cabinet Handles

Installing cabinet handles is not as complicated as you think. There is no need to hire a professional installer. With a little background, you can get new cabinet handles installed in no time. You do not have to be expert in using tools. A little experience and knowledge will be helpful.

Whether you want to avoid high installation expenses or perform the job yourself, the steps below will be of great use on your part. Are you ready? Keep reading to be guided with the installation.

  • Utilize the Door Rail as a Guide

The location of cabinet handles is not written in stone. However, there are standard practices. One rule of thumb is to line up a pull with the top of the bottom door rail. In case you will install door handles, line up its bottom with the top of the door rail. Remember to center them on the door stile.

  • Temporarily Attach the Cabinet Hardware

If you are uncertain about where the handles to be installed, stick a piece of reusable adhesive to them and try out various spots. Mark the one you prefer with a pencil. Then install the rest accordingly. The reusable adhesive is available at any art supply or hardware stores.

  • Templates Make the Job More Convenient

If you have more than a few handles to install, it is best to utilize a template. It makes the job faster and easier than you think. It increases uniformity and reduces your risk to commit expensive mistakes. Like reusable adhesive, it is available in stores near you.

  • Cover Unused Holes with a Good Tape

Well-used homemade or store-bought templates have a lot of holes that you will not use on a single job. Be sure to avoid the wrong hole. You can stick tape over the template. Then poke the holes you highly need. Mark the location of the hole on your cabinetry thru a pencil and an awl. Because of that, your drilling tool will never skate off.

  • Hide Old Holes Using Back Plates

Whether you are switching from a knob to pull or selecting the one with a different hole pattern, just cover the old holes than new ones. If there are damaged surfaces, hide them with back plates. Also, there is a huge selection online these days. So, purchase from a store any time of the day.

  • Superglue the Handles

Cabinet handles that is fastened with a single screw twist over time. Thread sealant will keep it tight. However, it will not stop the hardware from twisting. To address the dilemma, add a drop of glue to its back before installation.

  • Create a Drawer Template

A template is important when installing cabinet handles. In case you don’t have one, create a drawer template. It consists of two pieces of wood, which takes a minute or two to make. You can use it for any door size and hardware as well.

  • Two-Sided Templates Avoids Tear-Out

When the wood tears out every time you drill a hole, it is best to make a two-sided template. Be sure that the spacer wood is close to the size of the cabinet doors. Remember that the tighter the fit, the less risk to tear-out.

  • Utilize Thread Sealant to Keep Screws Tight

Over a long time, screws in cabinet handles work themselves loose. Sometimes, you may think unflattering thoughts about whoever repaired them. Put an end to the problem by adding enough thread sealant to all screws you install. Be cautious when buying an adhesive to make sure you’ll have a worthwhile investment.

  • Mix the Putty until You Achieve the Perfect Result

Not all the time backplates can cover old holes. If this happens, take advantage of putty to fill them. The wood grain on doors and fronts of a cabinet typically vary in color. Therefore, you should purchase various colors of putty. Buy those that are a perfect match to the darkest and lightest grain. Mix them and achieve the right color to fill the holes.

  • Install Handles Higher on the Lowest Drawer

Most cabinet handles are centered on the drawer fronts. But there are some that have two or more drawers of different sizes. Install the bottom handle higher than the center of that particular drawer front. Get it installed, so these handles are spaced evenly. This configuration is cool and catchy. Also, there is no need to bend over just to open the bottom drawer.

  • Excellent Finish Touch-Ups

Right after finishing the handle installation, set aside a container of finish or paint for touch-ups. If your product manufacturer did not include one with the furniture, you could make one. Clean out a bottle of nail polish and fill it with paint.

  • Adjust Hinges on Doors

Whether your cabinet doors are out of whack or your hinges are in European style, don’t worry; you are just in luck. Euro hinges are specially designed for hassle-free adjustment. Never allow their complex look to overwhelm you. All you have to do is turn screws. Other mistakes are simple and can be easy to correct. If everything is burdensome, feel free to seek help from a relative or a close friend.

Other Tips When Installing Cabinet Handles

When you’re working on a home improvement project, simple things can be tricky. The best example is the installation of cabinet hardware. Installing the handles on cabinets does not seem complicated at all. However, it is something you have to get right the first time to avoid permanent damages to your furniture.

Here are other tips to keep in mind:

  • Collect All Necessary Tools

Having everything you need for cabinet handles’ installation will help prevent you from getting a headache and save time. For installing this and other hardware, you need a drill and drill bit, a hammer, a tape measure, a screwdriver, and a pencil.

  • Decide Where Your Handle will be Placed

Most common placement is centered installation. But having some hardware off-center looks better than expected. Depending on the hardware of your option, you may decide if you’re installing it horizontally or vertically. Many homeowners make a template out of scrap wood or cardboard to ensure that their holes are the same. Whether you utilize a template or measure each spot, you can mark the center with a pencil.

  • The Right Size Drill Bit Should not be Overlooked

If the hole is big, your cabinet handle will be loose. When the hole is small, the screw will not fit thru. For you to find the right size of drill bit, put the tool into the hole in the handle where the screw will go exactly.

  • Make Sure the Cabinet Hardware is Snug

When it is about time to install the handle, hand-tighten the screws. Once you switch to the screwdriver, a couple of turns should be followed. Remember not to over-tighten it to protect the wood from expensive damages shortly.

Some tips you can view below youtube video

Chapter 4: How to Center Cabinet Handles?

Changing out your cabinet knobs or handles can create a new and pleasant look in your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Switching out brass for brushed nickel creates a more interesting and modern look. Or adding wood handles brings a natural element to your space.

There are some that have a single screw holding them in the center. No wonder why they are easy to install. Others have two screws, making a centered installation more overwhelming or stressful. But worry no more as the following steps are written to help you!

Materials You Will Need:


  • Place your ruler diagonally across the front of the drawer.Be sure it starts from the top-left corner to the bottom right side. Then trace the diagonal line using a pencil. Be cautious when doing this step to avoid mistakes.
  • Repeat the first process but this time, do it in the other direction.Trace the line of your ruler thru a pencil. To which the line should be at the center of the drawer.
  • Place a level on the drawer.Adjust it so that the bubble is in the center. Then draw a horizontal line thru the center.
  • Through the center point of the drawer, drill a hole.But this is only applicable when you are installing a pull with knob style. Hold the cabinet handle on the front of the hole. Then drive a screw thru the other side.
  • Place a large compass on the drawer front to identify where to drill holes perfectly.Adjust the compass when the need arises. Next, to that, place the compass point in the drawer center point to draw a circle. Where the circle intersects, drill holes.
  • Place the cabinet handle on the outside part of the drawer.Remember to line up the pull with the holes. Plus, drive the screws thru the drawer backside into the pull attachment holes.

Chapter 5: How to Drill for Door and Drawer Handles?

Drawer and door handles add decorative value to your cabinet. They also have a lot to do with the look of your space. Homeowners often add handles to cabinets though they are not important to the mechanics of opening. They can coordinate to the color of other hardware. They can add a finishing and stunning touch.

But handles are usually added after cabinet installation. So, installing them is a skill that you have to learn. When it’s about time to drill for door and drawer handles, it requires accurate measurement. So, ensure that the handles are centered or level. Correct and error-free placement is vital for the overall look of the project.

Go over the steps below and have an attention to details before putting tools to wood.

  • Identify the size of your handle. Perhaps, it will be marked on the packaging. If it is not, you have to measure it. Start from the center of a screw hole to the center of the other.
  • Decide where you like the handle to be located. It should be added to the center of a standard drawer. When it is a large one, the handle can be closer to the top or in the center. If you like two handles on a particular drawer, center them from the left to the right edges. Be sure to employ a level so that the holes are properly aligned.
  • Measure the horizontal distance of the drawer and mark the center point using a pencil.
  • When it comes to the vertical distance of the drawer face, you also have to measure it. Just move your mark up or down to find the center point.
  • From that point, measure half the distance of the handle.
  • Place the tip of a nail on the mark. Push it to make the first hole. For you to know whether or not the holes are in the right place, use a level.
  • Drill the holes based on your handle holes.
  • Place the handles on the holes. Put the screws in from the back drawer face. Finally, screw the handles on tightly.

Materials That You Will Need:

Tape measure
Sharp nail or awl

Chapter 6: Cabinet Handles Cleaning

Many homeowners have a universal approach to cleaning their cabinet handles. This means that they use the same solution or process when cleaning pulls of different materials. What they do not know that a cleaning mixture may be great to some but not to others. This is why this cabinet handles cleaning guide is written to give you reliable and useful ideas.

Stainless Steel Cabinet Handles

Stainless steel can make your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom sparkle. From cabinet hardware to appliances, it is the new sleek look in your space design. However, when it comes to keeping them clean, it may be different.

Stainless steel is a resilient material used for cabinet handles and other household items. It has chromium film that makes it rust and tarnishes resistant. But its film can be damaged by grease, dirt and other contaminants. This is why it is imperative to clean it properly. Follow these guidelines to keep your handle shining.

  • Be Gentle With It

Scouring powders and harsh chemical cleaners can scratch the surface of stainless steel cabinet handles. These cleaning solutions can make the hardware dull. So, avoid cleaners that have chlorine. And do not use bleach on the handle since it can potentially damage the finish. Once there are damages on the surface, you cannot restore its original shine and appeal. As a result, you will be considering a replacement option.

  • Use Vinegar for a Vibrant Luster

A very frugal and effective cleaner for your stainless steel handle is vinegar. As a household staple with a thousand of uses, it is an excellent cleaner for handles made of stainless steel. Take advantage of undiluted white vinegar and pour it into a bottle. Spray the handles and wipe with a clean and soft cloth.

This method is no doubt a great solution because of the high content of acetic acid. It cuts thru the oil left by your fingertips. Aside from vinegar, lemon juice is an excellent alternative. It can give a similar effect. Soak them for a minute or two and wipe dry using a cloth.

  • Utilize Microfiber to Avoid Damaging Scratches

Micro-fiber cleaning cloths also work well on stainless steel cabinet handles. They leave no streaks and are lint free. Unlike paper towels, they will never make a scratch. To get the most out of it, you can use them with vinegar or plain water. They will not only make your pulls shine but also help you save paper towels.

  • Wax On and Wax Off

Stainless steel cabinet handles are prone to streaking. You may wipe in a circular fashion. After applying vinegar solution on the pulls, give the mixture a minute or two. After that, use a sponge to clean the handles in a circular motion.

  • Grab the Rubbing Alcohol to Remove the Grease

In case you are dealing with stubborn grease spots, rub it with alcohol. Wet a clean cloth with alcohol and rub on the grease. Continue rubbing until you achieve a great result. Bear in mind to rub it in one direction, eliminating potential scratches.

  • Let Baking Soda Deal with the Tough Jobs

If your handle has burnt food, employ baking soda with a little water to make a strong paste. Rub the spot with the solution and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing with a cloth. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid a film from the paste.

Chrome Cabinet Handles

Technically called chromium; chrome is a hard or brittle metal that serves as a plating to go over metals. It is often used in cabinet handles. Cleaning or removing rust from chrome cabinet handles is quite simple. It does not require an expensive cleaner. But, they can look dull and dirty easily. So, regular maintenance plays a crucial role in keeping their luster.

  • Mix Some Water and a Liquid Soap

Before anything else, clean the chrome cabinet handles to remove grime, marks, or dirt. This is a good way to expose the rust. Just fill a bucket with water and add a few drops of liquid dish soap. Then, swish your hand in the water for some suds.

  • Wipe the Chrome Cabinet Handles with the Solution

Dip a microfiber into the water and squeeze to remove the excess water. Scrub the pulls using it and ensure you cover all parts of the metal handle. Dip the microfiber into the water to clean it off and stay saturated.

  • Rinse the Handle Well

When the chrome cabinet handles have been cleaned to your satisfaction, dump the solution. Rinse the bucket and fill it with clean or plain water. Rinse the microfiber under running water and go over the handles to remove the residue of the cleaning solution.

  • Cut Squares of Aluminum Foil

Tear off a strip of aluminum foil and cut them into three pieces. Use them to rub the chrome cabinet handle to remove the rust or tarnish. Aluminum foil is perfect for cleaning this kind of handle. It is a softer metal and will never scratch the hardware.

If you have steel wool, it is not a good alternative. It requires a lot of effort and can affect the shiny look of your cabinet hardware. Use aluminum foil instead of steel wool.

  • Fill a Bowl with Plain Water and Scrub the Rust with Foil

Grab a bowl from the kitchen and fill it with clean water. The water will serve as a lubricant between the handle and the foil. However, it is the chemical reaction between the metals that removes the tarnish.

Dunk a piece of foil into the small bowl of water. Rub it against the chrome surface. Do not press hard or use elbow grease. It only requires minor friction to produce the aluminum oxide that will remove the stubborn spot.

  • Rinse and Dry the Handles Properly

When all the rust has been successfully removed, then it is time to use a hose to rinse away the brown paste. After that, dry the area with a microfiber cloth. Do not let the handles air dry because it will just form water spots.

  • Buffing and Polishing

Buff the handles with a cloth. Apply gentle pressure and rub the handles in a circular motion. This is a good way to remove any leftover dirt, rust, and water. Next, to that, apply baby oil. As a mineral oil, it is a fantastic polish for metals and wood. A few drops are enough for a vibrant luster. After that, rub the area using a cloth. And repeat the process until you see the shine you like.


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