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Whether you’re replacing hardware or building a new home, do not forget cabinet handles. Cabinet handles not only make your furniture functional but can also improve its design.


There are countless cabinet handles designs available at online stores and brick-and-mortar retail stores, and it can be confusing what to choose. Although there is no generic rule in choosing cabinet handles or knobs, there are few considerations you must make.


Cabinet Handles Explained

First is to know the kind of material. Nowadays, manufacturers use different kinds of materials like copper, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, iron, brass, and more. With various options available, it can be challenging to choose what suits your needs. There’s no need to worry as Roche handles provide you with the best cabinet handles for your needs. You can find an array of handles that are sturdy and can last a lifetime. Some handles can absorb moisture and prevent corrosion while others can withstand extreme temperature.


Second is the style of the handle. If you’re aiming to give your cabinets with aesthetic looks, you must choose those that match the color and design of your kitchen cabinets and countertop. Typically, handles and knobs are available in various designs, so you should be able to find something that matches your furniture and interior décor. Also, choose for easy to clean knobs and handles for your convenience.


Finally, search for handles that are easy to install. Why would you hire and professional cabinet handle and knob installer when you can do it yourself? Choose products that are easy to use and does not require complicated installation.


Essential Features of Cabinet Handles  

furniture handles

Cabinet handles have many applications so you will not have a problem where to use them.


Kitchen Handles– Many furniture and appliances in your kitchen require a handle. These include drawers, cabinets refrigerator, faucet, oven cupboards, and so on. Without a functional and effective handle, all these will not work at their best. Broken or partially damaged handles can make it hard to open and close your kitchen cabinets and appliances. To make sure that you get the highest quality handles, make sure to choose a manufacturer that offers the best quality handles available like Rochehandle. You can find various selections of handles and knobs that best suit your needs without sacrificing the quality.


Bathroom Cabinet Handles –Cabinet handles can be found in the bathroom and can be installed in the bathtub, flush, faucets, and drawers. Unfortunately, may homeowners disregard the importance of installing sturdy handles in their bathroom and as a result, handles broke easily and can cause accidents. Not only broken handles are expensive to replace but can cause injuries too. Instead of going for cheap cabinet handles for bathrooms, it will be a good choice if you pick handles at the competitive price. This may cost you more than a standard handle, but you can be sure that it will last longer. Durable handles can help you save from replacing them each time they broke.


Cabinet Door Handles– Cabinet handles and knobs are very flexible. They can be used in bathroom, kitchen, and cabinet doors. Regardless of how elegant your cabinetry is, it will never be the same without handles. When looking for handles, make sure to give detailed attention to the style and design. Go for handles that match the aesthetics of your cabinets. Consider the color and texture of your cabinets before deciding. Also, other items near the cabinet such as the countertop and cupboards play a huge role in choosing handles. Your cabinet door handles must compliment everything inside your room.


Laundry Room Cabinet Handles– Cabinet handles inside your laundry room are exposed to moisture and prone to corrosion. It is also prone to other damages such as scratches from buttons, pants, and fingernails. Therefore, only choose handles with high quality for your laundry room. Make sure they are resistant to rust. Rochehandle offers you a wide selection of laundry room cabinet handles that are not only sturdy but functional too.


Other Notable Features Cabinet Handles

furniture handles

Cabinet handles are easy to find and available in varieties of hardware, materials, and finishes.


Hardware – The hardware of the cabinet handles you choose should complement the overall style of the room. There four types of cabinet handle hardware including contemporary, traditional, electric, and transitional.


Materials – Handles and knobs for cabinets are available in different kinds of materials. The most common type is made of alloy. Brass handles typically have plating, or lacquer applied on the surface to make it sturdy. It also serves as antimicrobial and the same time of appeal. Brass handles are perfect for cabinets made with wood. Nickel and pewter are the most popular choices, and stainless-steel offers durability. Handles made from crystal and glass offer a vintage look.


Finishes – Once you determined the kind of hardware you need, it is easy to look for the right finish. There are different choices of finishes for cabinet handles including but not limited to brushed, polished, tarnished, oil-rubbed, burnished, matte, antique, satin, and more. Stainless-steel cabinet handles offer a polished finish look and perfect for contemporary kitchens. Brass and pewter are perfect for the kitchen at hoes with traditional setting while bronze offers mature appeal and can make a bold statement in your kitchen. Whatever your choice is, Rochehandle can provide you with the cabinet handle you need.


Where to Buy Cabinet Handles?


The most important thing that you need to consider when looking for cabinet handles is not to grip. Regardless of how appealing the handle is, it is no use if it does not provide a good grip to open and shut your kitchen cabinets. Also, it must be functional aside from being stylish and sophisticated. At Roche, you can find handles that offer good grip and the same time stylish and functional.

For high-quality cabinet handles, choose Rochehandle. You can for more information about their products or call customer hotline number.



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