Manufacturers are vital to every industry. Without a manufacturer, businesses cannot have a finished product to sell or resell and be successful in their area of business. Manufacturers can also act as your partners, helping you lower the production costs, develop better product designs.

Manufacturers play an essential role as a source of information, helping you analyze the potential of new products, track your competitors’ actions and identify potential opportunities.

As of now, there is countless number of handle manufacturer’s available in the current market. So any business would prefer a manufacturer that specializes in this kind of product, as opposed to one that makes it as a secondary business.

So how do you narrow down to a suitable option?

Ratings and reviews – One must visit online business directories and should crosscheck about the ratings and reviews of any handle manufacturers.

Manufacturers with business in several countries – These types of handle manufacturers will normally have first rate quality standards, and over the time they have proven to satisfy the different expectations of businesses in different countries.

These manufacturers will be well efficient with the process of shipping products internationally and also are more familiar with the rules and regulations in order to clear your manufactured goods through customs without difficulty.

Honesty – Any reputable handle manufacturers should be willing to present you with their production license, documents of their quality control system and any other necessary certifications.

What kind of handles you should choose?

Types:It is important to decide on the shape of the handle before buying them. It is important to ensure that they are comfortable to use and does not create any annoyance. The best option is to try testing the handles before buying them. There might be a small edge that might make using it difficult on daily basis.

Some cabinet handles come with a very stylish and refined surface while there are others who may have edges in their design that makes them difficult to use. The texture of the cabinet should be easy to use. Handles come in a variety of shapes and give a great look to your house, for instance, you can get palm tree handles for your beach home or apple shaped handles for the kitchen.

Before buying handles make sure you have done in-depth research on your requirements or design. Handles are made from expensive materials like pewter, or inexpensive cabinet handles that are produced from stainless-steel. Focusing on the final look can ease your decision-making process.

Handles come in wide array of styles from traditional handles, transitional handles to contemporary handles, rustic handles… and the list goes on.

Because of their different shapes and sizes, handles can be used for different purposes. For instance, small handles such as the 97015 series and the 100-20 series are seamless for small applications such as pull-out breadboards and butcher wedges. Oblong-shaped handles such as the elliptical 105 series and B721 series and the quadrilateral 149 series are brilliant choices for doors with thin moldings, or for long, thin doors. If you are searching to cover up marks on a cabinet left by another handle, knob with a wide base or linked backplate, such as the 158 series or the 161 series, will be an appropriate option.

There is a type of cabinet handle which is designed especially for refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, and other things with wood-panel layovers often called panel kits. Since they are designed for specific purpose these handles are tested to check if they can withstand heavy usage and suction power of refrigerator and dishwasher on daily basis.

Difference between appliance handles and cabinet pulls is typically determined by size. Apart from length, appliance pulls are usually much wider and thicker than cabinet pulls to give additional strength. For instance, the T305 series stainless-steel bar pulls measure ⅜ inch in width. The correspondingly designed D85 series bar-style appliance pulls portion 1 inch in diameter – nearly three times the chunkiness.

Material: To choose the right material for your door handles and door knobs it is helpful for you to understand the effect different material can give. For example, with modern home designs, polished brass goes well with the wooden doors made from beech or pine. Polished chrome is also very popular for the more modern side of home design. You can different material and see which one is to your liking.

Size: Now every door or every cabinet has different lengths and dimensions. So, for every door the size should be different. There are three different ways to measure a door handle: distance from center of handle to center of keyhole, centre of top screw to the centre of bottom screw and length of handle plate from top to bottom.

Finish: While most people will choose chrome or brushed nickel, there are many other finishes accessible to add interest to your cabinet. You don’t need to match to your faucet, as long as the finish compliments other finishes in the design, including the faucet. Finishes that will go well with a brushed nickel faucet or brushed stainless faucet or finishes that will go well with a chrome faucet are more limited, such as white, black, dark bronze, pewter or clear glass.


Price: Now, these different door handles comes in different sizes and shapes and in different designs. The most important thing is the quality that set the price of the door handles. So, be sure to check the price everywhere, before you buy any.


Choosing the right handles rely heavily on your personal taste. However, make sure you have considered every practical issue that comes with them first, because this will help you cut out some of the terrible options and make your decision a lot easier.

You must remember this small part of your business can make a big difference to the whole impression of the house you create.


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