Aluminum handles

Aluminium cabinet handles and aluminium door handles are widely used in commercial and home properties for their durability and strength. These handles are becoming the preferred option for both modern home and commercial spaces.


There are many advantages of aluminum handles making them the preferred choice for property owners especially in industrial and commercial buildings. Modern homes are now using aluminium handles to have an industrial look. The strength, durability, and stability of aluminium door and cabinet handles are becoming a major advantage since they can last for decades. They outlast other handles made with different materials such as plastic.


Handles made with aluminium can blend well with any structure establishing an attractive finish that lasts longer. This type of handle is available in the majority of retail and online dealers and is a huge advantage for everyone. There’s no need to look for too long since it is globally available.


The most notable advantage of aluminium handles for residential and commercial property owners is that there is no need to maintain them regularly. These handles can resist corrosion and rush making them perfect for outdoor use, even in areas near the sea. Once you have decided to go for aluminium handles for your doors, drawers, and cabinets, you can find reputable and reliable suppliers.

Essential Features of Aluminium Handles


The benefits of aluminium handles are a modern, effective, and efficient attachment to buildings and furniture. Check out these essential features of handles made from aluminium.

DurabilityAluminium handles are typically made with alloys that are corrosion resistant and weatherproof as well as immune to the harsh effects of UV rates. It’s durable and can ensure optimal performance for decades.

FlexibilityThe combination properties of aluminium mean that can be shaped easily making it perfect for any industrial metal works processes including forging, extrusion, and casting. Because of this, aluminium is highly flexible and virtually limitless design potential.

LightweightAluminium is lightweight making it affordable and easy to handle.

StrengthThe application of aluminium to buildings help architects and engineers to meet the required performance specifications. A high-quality aluminium handle can be as strong as steel, but lighter.

Resist CorrosionThe natural oxide coating of aluminium provides a protective barrier from wear and tear elements of weather on metals.

RecyclabilityAluminium is 100% recyclable. In fact, almost all metals used in producing aluminium handles are recycled.

Thermal EfficiencyUnpainted aluminium reduces high-temperature transmission because of its thermal insulation properties. This means that having aluminium handles at home can help to reduce the cost of air conditioning. Also, the inherent insular efficiency of aluminium resists corrosion.


Other Notable Features of Aluminium Handles


Fire SafetyAluminium is considered as a non-combustible metal.

Minimal MaintenanceAluminium is durable and sturdy so there is no need for regular cleaning and maintenance just to make sure that the handle will not corrode due to wear and tear.

Where to Use Aluminium Handles?


Whether you’re upgrading or replacing the handles of your patio door, or kitchen cabinet handles, aluminium handles are perfect for your needs. Changing your old door handles with aluminium is a new way of giving your space with rejuvenated, fresh look. Since aluminium is durable, you’re guaranteed that it can last for years before you make another renovation.


Finding the ideal handle to replace your old patio door handle and style is essential. Therefore, it is a must that you check the type of aluminium handles you already have. This is required for you to make sure that your handles have the right fit. Also, you must consider the location of screw holes on your door or cabinets, this way, you will not need to drill for new screw holes to install your aluminium handles replacement.


Aluminium handles are now becoming a popular choice for sliding doors due to its advanced safety and security features. Handles made with aluminium is perfect for sliding patio and cavity door applications. With a wide variety of selections available, you can get the ideal look for your needs. Furthermore, since aluminium is recyclable, it reduces the carbon footprint on cavity doors and sliding doors.


Cabinet handles nowadays are also available in aluminium materials. Your kitchen cabinet has served its purpose for many years, and now it’s looking outdated and worn out, so it’s time to give it an upgrade. Using aluminium handles allows you to use your cabinets with ease and comfort as well as update its design too.  Cabinet handles and knobs are durable and have high resistance on high and low temperature.


Gates can also have aluminium handles. It can provide a better grip for convenience in opening and closing on any residential and commercial applications. The gate is an essential part of the property and is used day and night. Having aluminium gate handles assures you that you’re getting a reliable material that can last for decades.

What is the Best Aluminium Handle?

There is no definite rule in determining the best aluminium door and cabinet handle. Probably, the best aluminium handles are those that offer both style and functionality without being too expensive. Aluminium is naturally strong and durable, but it’s still not safe from the damages caused by harsh weather conditions. Regular care and maintenance are still necessary to ensure that aluminium handles can be functional and stylish. Regularly cleaning the aluminium handles of your kitchen cabinets, dressers, and patio doors can lessen the chances of dirt accumulated on them. This will allow you to maintain the handle’s shiny finish and retain its stylish appeal. Also, it must be easy to operate and suit the room it is intended for. You must consider who will use the aluminium handle as not all parts of the house that use handle are adults.


Aluminium has exceeded the expectations of just being a trend to becoming a critical part of doors, windows, cabinets, drawers, and even equipment. In residential properties, aluminium has proven its superiority in various aspects.


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