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Furniture handle is a vital part or attachment of furniture that can be moved by hand and can be used with different types of furniture. This can include but not limited to kitchen drawer and cupboard. This is used to open and close furniture at home. Handles are available in different types and finish for any type of furniture. Finishes like nickel, chrome, matte, sandblasting, antique copper, antique brass, oxidized black, and pewter.


Handles primary function is to prevent dirt such as oil on your fingers to be transferred to the furniture. It is available in different styles to improve the design of the furniture. A right handle can provide style and perfect function to your home. If you make a mistake in choosing a handle for your furniture, you might be frustrated by just walking in the room or opening the cupboard or cabinet.


Furniture handles are available into two main types; pulls and knobs. Knobs are usually placed on doors whiles pulls are installed on drawers. There is no strict rule to follow when choosing between pulls and knobs. For large doors, you can choose a pull handle. Pull handles also work best with drawers since it allows you to grab the handles with your hand instead of just using your fingertips.


Furniture pull handles are great for drawers since they can get heavy with your plates, pans, and other containers inside them. It is common to see knobs in old style kitchen. You can use handles or knobs, but knobs can be unconventional and look dull.

furniture handles

Old kitchens usually use all pull handles. If you want to use pull handles in your kitchen furniture, you must consider how you will install it. If your kitchen cabinet has a vertical door, choose a lightweight pull handle in order not to add more weight to the furniture.


Also, it is a must that you consider the design elements of your house including but not limited to cabinet style, edges of countertop, and lighting fixtures. These fixtures may have square or curved lines. You must choose a furniture handle that matches these fixtures in your house.


Square style fixtures may have square and round shape contours. These can include shaker doors, flat panels, and modified doors. Curved style fixtures have soft edges and more intricate than the square fixtures. Examples are recessed panel doors, traditionally raised doors, and pillow-top doors.


Furniture handles are available in different styles and materials. The alloy is the most common material used in furniture handle, but it also available in different materials such as the following.


Glass or Crystal – This furniture handles help to create a vintage appeal.

Bronze – Handles made with bronze are perfect for cupboards made with thicker woods. Has Not only stylish but also antimicrobial

Brass – Handles made of brass typically have lacquer or plating applied on the surface to make it durable. Brass antimicrobial properties help to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Stainless Steel – Of all furniture handles, steel is the most durable and can be aesthetically appealing too.

Furniture handles are also available in other materials such as pewter and nickel.
Essential Features of Furniture Handles

furniture handles

Wide Range of Choices – Handles such as knobs is available in different shapes and sizes such as round and birdcage. You can find handles made with different materials such as stone, ceramic, glass, brass, pewter, nickel, crystal, steel, and more. Novelty pulls are available allowing you to personalize your home.


Aesthetic Appeal – Furniture handles can improve the look of the furniture inside your house. Pulls can provide a modern look. It is perfect if you want something sophisticated.


Affordable – Knobs are affordable. There are various choices of knobs suitable for your budget.


Easy to Install – Knobs and pulls are very easy to install to any furniture. Since they are attached to the furniture with a screw, you can just unscrew the old ones and replace them with the style you want. Also, it provides a comfortable manner of opening your cabinet doors and drawers.


Stability – Pulls can provide extra stability in installing the handle on the drawer or door since it has two attachment points. This means you do not have to worry that the handle or door can break if the content becomes too heavy.

Where To Buy Furniture Handles?


It is a must that you buy only furniture handles from reputable manufacturers to make sure that you get the best quality pulls and knobs for your furniture. You only want the best to install in your house, and you do not want to waste money on something that can break after a couple of days or weeks. If you buy from a reputable manufacturer, you don’t have to look for another handle for your cabinets and drawers.


Look Online


If your schedule is too busy and does not have time to go around the town and show, you can look online for furniture handles. Online stores provide you with a huge selection of pulls and knobs, so you’ll definitely find what you need and something that meets your style. Whether you’re looking for steel handle or brass handle, online stores will have what you need.


The best thing about looking for handles in online stores is that you don’t have to deal with salesmen that are trying to sell their products hard. You can freely browse different online stores and make your order online. Also, prices are a lot lower compared to brick and mortar retail stores since they do not have a physical store to maintain. In fact, online stores are allowing their customers to make trades, sell, and buy their furniture hardware.

Look in Local Retail Stores

Buying online saves you time in looking for the furniture handle that will work best with your furniture at home. However, if you want to see the handle in person, there is no better way of looking at your local hardware or home depot stores. You can also ask help from the salesman in finding what you need.


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